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DVD Review: Down Under the Sea

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Smithsonian Networks & Infinity Entertainment Group present Down Under the Sea on DVD on October 26th. Down Under the Sea is a collection of two documentaries that explore Australia’s marine life.

Disc one is The Big Blue and it explores the Blue Whale. The Blue Whale is as much as 100 feet long and can weigh up to 180 tons. Its heart is the size of a Volkswagon and its tongue weighs more than an elephant. The Blue Whale is the world’s largest creature. Smithsonian Networks follow a fisherman to a unique spot in the ocean off southern Australia where the Blue Whale is commonly seen feeding.

Disc one also includes a bonus feature titled “Footprints on the Water: The Nan Hauser.” Nan Hauser is an American Conservationist. “Footprints on the Water” follows her quest to remote regions on the planet to learn more about the behavior of whales and dolphins.

A few of my favorite things from The Big Blue are the shots of the baby penguins and watching the baby seals learn to swim and catch fish. The photographer really got up close and personal and they were just so much fun to watch. There were also some fantastic shots of the Blue Whale feeding and swooping through giant schools of fish. I had no idea that the Blue Whale could be that fast but they can actually outrun boats.

Disc two is titled Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef. The documentary is filmed at the more than 1200 miles of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. During a November full moon, you are shown an elaborate mating ritual when thousands of coral perform a synchronized dance. The result is absolutely amazing and it truly looks like it’s snowing under water. The documentary also shows you many of the amazing sea life that lives around the Great Barrier Reef including clown fish, parrot fish, sharks and a huge variety of coral.

Special features of the Down Under the Sea collection include subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired.

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