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DVD Review: Disney’s Minutemen

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Last Tuesday was the street date for Disney's made for TV movie Minutemen. This is the latest "let's make this kid a star" vehicle for one of Disney's "costars"; this time, it's Cory In The House regular Jason Dolley (Newt Livingston in Cory, Virgil Fox in Minutemen).

The plot to Minutemen is pretty simple. High school outcasts build a time machine, go back in time helping the helpless, un-geeking the geeks. But things go wrong — the geeks get uppity, and it seems time travel creates some interesting side effects that could actually destroy the world.

One of the things I was waiting for in this movie was some kind of homage to the Back to the Future trilogy. Unfortunately, the only mention was fleeting — the club the three friends form to cover for their time travel experiments is the "Back to the Future Fan Club," and we find that out only in passing. It would have been nice for the parents having to watch this one with their kids if someone named McFly or Brown had shown up, even in passing.

As usual, this movie has been shown on The Disney Channel quite a bit since it's release in January. Fans have seen it repeatedly. So how do you sell the DVD? Bonus features. And this DVD has two bonus features to offer.

First, we have Corbin Bleu's video for his song "Run It Back Again," which appears on the soundtrack. Of course, we've seen an abbreviated version of this video on (you guessed it) The Disney Channel, so everyone knows the song. Having the full-length video will appeal to Corbin Bleu fans, though, so I give this one a plus.

Second, we've got the "Making of Minutemen" featurette. This is a fun behind-the-scenes look at the filming, though I got the impression that it wasn't as behind the scenes as it could have been – call me cynical. Still, this is something fans will enjoy; I know my daughter got mad at me on our first viewing of the DVD because I stopped it before this feature was played.

And third, there's a special extended ending. If you've seen the commercials on The Disney Channel for the DVD, you know a bit of what happens, but it's still an interesting addition to the DVD. My daughter liked it, so that gives it a plus from me.

All in all, Minutemen is a pretty fun movie. The acting is good, including a fun performance by Steve McQueen's grandson as Virgil's former friend Derek. Another good DVD to add to the arsenal for summer road trips.

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