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DVD Review: Dirty Sexy Money – Season One

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Dirty. Sexy. Money. These three words are really all you need to know to prepare yourself for this show. Each word exists in harmony with the others throughout the first season's ten episodes. Dirty secrets, sexy situations (not to mention cast members), and money. Lots and lots of it. The family at the center of the show, the Darlings, are said to be worth 35 billion and that can bring with it a lot of dirt.

The show is packed with secrets and lies, betrayals (both real and imagined), lust, greed… well, all the deadly sins now that I think of it.

Dirty Sexy Money is a show about many things. At its core it is about a family, not your run of the mill family, but an extremely rich family with a multitude of secrets. It is a trashy nighttime soap of course, but you can't help but find yourself involved with the characters' lives. At times you want to hate them — the spoiled rotten twins, the seemingly mean-spirited reverend, the drunk divorcee. At other times, you can't help but empathize with them. You like them against your better judgment. That's pretty much how I felt about the show. Against my better judgment, I found myself liking it. A lot.

While the Darlings are the focal point, the show really revolves around Nick George, the new attorney for the family. He has known the Darlings all his life. His father previously held his job but died under suspicious circumstances. It's now Nick who apprehensively takes the job, not only because of the opportunities (money for himself and for charity) but also so that he can find out what really happened to his father. It falls upon Nick's shoulders to carry the burdens of the Darlings, while trying to remain unchanged by them.

Let's get something straight. It's probably not going to be winning any Emmys any time soon but Dirty Sexy Money is a flat out enjoyable show to watch. It's addicting and even touching at times. I always enjoy when a show takes characters you should loathe and makes you feel exactly the opposite towards them.

The entire cast is perfect. Donald Sutherland plays patriarch Tripp Darling superbly. He has a complicated role here and each nuance of his character is displayed perfectly. If anyone on the show does get recognized by the Emmy folks, it will probably be him. Another cast member that stands out is transgendered actress Candis Cayne. I hesitate to give details on her character for fear of spoiling it. I will say that her plotline is handled with realism and care that makes the storyline extremely believable and important. 

The show was hard hit when the writes' strike happened. They had a tough chore with only ten episodes with which to hook an audience. Thankfully, the story of the Darlings will continue this fall on ABC.

Let's talk about the DVDs. Each episode is presented with crystal clarity and sound. It's a three disc set featuring all ten season one episodes and some cool extras including a blooper reel, deleted scenes, and a well deserved short bio on Candis Cayne.  It's pretty heavy with features considering most TV box sets recently are pretty skimpy on extras.

Is it worth your money? Absolutely. I'd grab it fast so you can catch up in time for the season premiere on October 1.

Here are a few clips to whet your appetite:

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    With the financial crisis, somehow this show seems even more relevant than ever. I found darlingtower.com when I was looking for an update about the new season. So perfect.