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DVD Review: Daniel Tosh – Completely Serious

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Holy cow — don't try to drink beer and watch Daniel Tosh at the same time! Either you'll singe your nose hairs by spewing carbonated drink through your nostrils, or you just won't get the jokes. Where did this guy come from anyway? I hadn't heard of Daniel Tosh before Comedy Central or this DVD (yes, I'm ancient and not a college student, that could account for my density).

I caught a snippet of Tosh on Comedy Central before receiving Completely Serious, but that was nothing compared to the hour-long comedy on this disc. First, he's much more crude on the DVD, and there was a lot left out of the Comedy Central airing (with reason). Tosh has a dry sense of humor that digs on everyone — which I love. There seemed to be a time in comedy when making jokes of anyone other than a carbon copy of yourself (whites can only make fun of whites) seemed to rule the day. Those days are gone with the likes of Tosh and other comedians like Carlos Mencia (whose third season debut wasn't all that impressive – and last season I loved him – but I'll watch more and give him another chance).

But when did rednecks become the red-headed stepchildren of the comedy world? It seems like when comics are short on material they resort to bashing "rednecks" and it's getting kinda old. I mean really, now many redneck jokes can be out there? People in Nebraska don't really eat fried mayonnaise balls (do they?). Tosh is clearly rural-phobic and has issues with people who can survive outside the city limits. But other than his bias toward the country folk, the jokes were just downright good.

I loved that Tosh didn't use his standup time to beat some political dead horse, these were real jokes: this was no Next Comic Standing. This man has his hour-long shtick down pat. Although, I can fully see Tosh as the kid that was tortured and came home to cry on his mother's shoulder only to be told to suck it up and move on — so he put her in his act and slammed her.

Tosh takes a huge random joke and claims that he whittles that joke down till it only applies to about six people in the room — and the funny thing is, it's true. And he didn't shy away from anything: from abortion, Demi Moore, Bush (only one joke), wave runners, to Superman. But it's not for kids — don't even go there. He clearly has sexual issues with overtones of fearing God — and apparently a fat dick. Adults only.

Completely Serious is a must-have addition to your comedy shelf. His dry wit and sharp tongue are original and – best of all – funny!

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