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DVD Review: DanceX Total Body Cardio – Everybody’s Workout

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I love to dance, but I have to admit that I’m not particularly talented. Many of the complex dance-oriented exercise DVDs hitting the market in recent years feature complicated steps, maneuvers that require extensive conditioning and practice to perform, and a sense of coordination that many of us lack. So what’s a girl to do who loves to move and groove, get her heart rate up, and listen to some upbeat music when so many of the workouts available are beyond her skill level?

That’s where former street dancer Kenn Kihiu comes in. His workout DVD DanceX Total Body Cardio – Everybody’s Workout is quietly building momentum as home exercise aficionados discover it. Designed with the average adult in mind, Kihiu has created simple movements drawn from a wide variety of international dance styles that anyone can perform. He then cycles through these steps at a rapid fire pace, preventing boredom, and alleviating muscle fatigue. Just when you’re about to tucker out one muscle set, it’s on to the next move.

This guy just doesn’t let up; it’s non-stop motion resulting in an intense, primarily low-impact aerobic workout that can be done in a small amount of space. Utilizing non-traveling movements, the whole family can participate in the average-sized living room. My children prefer to work out with Kihiu on his DanceX for Kids DVD, where he provides a nearly story-like narration to accompany the workout. On both discs he’s full of energy, enthusiasm, and his unforgettable wide grin. And if you don’t think he’s feeling it, watch for the sweat — that in itself is enough to convince me that this workout is adaptable to any fitness level.

It’s straight into motion as the workout begins with an integral, motion-filled warm-up. The main cardio segment features a wide variety of moves such as the twist, disco roll, Irish kicks, John Travolta point, and the hitch hike – there are simply too many to list. The warm-up includes static stretching and is followed by a killer eight-minute bonus section.

Viewers can either work through from front to back, jump to any of the 13 workout sections listed under Workout Options in the menu, or flip forward through the chapters internally. DVD chapters are set at intervals of about one per minute, and that is how often the songs change and movements switch as well. The entire workout (excepting the abs section) clocks in at around 40 minutes.  Kihiu also includes a selection of tracks that motivate and give basic nutritional advice.

While there’s nothing flashy about the DVD or workout backdrop (expect the standard set-up), Kihiu’s deceptively simple moves will get everyone huffing and puffing regardless of their current fitness level. It might look easy, but once you get into it the workout will give you back as much as you put in. Beginners will have to take it easy or Kihiu’s pace will wind them quickly, those with a larger cardiovascular capacity will still find themselves challenged if they move through the movements energetically and to their fullest extension. The best thing about DanceX is that it’s simple and fun, yet challenging for all skill levels.

DanceX exercise videos are available exclusively through the DanceX Fitness website. There you can listen to music samples, watch the promo video for a glimpse of workout participant feedback, or purchase the DVD for $24.95.

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  • Janet

    Hi I love dancing and I’m from the Philippines, Is there any DVD or VCD tape of DanceX that could find here in Philippines? If so, where? Please inform me. Thank you

  • Hmm, I don’t know if there is a retailer in the Philippines Janet. It seems like the best way to get DVDs is to purchase directly from the DanceX website. Hope this helps!