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DVD Review: Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey

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Get ready for an adventure with everyone's favorite furry monkey, Curious George, in his latest movie, Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey. This fun-filled sequel will keep you entertained the entire time with the usual silly antics and some oh-so-sweet moments.

George and the man in the yellow hat, Ted Shackleford, visit the Piccadilly Circus and end up on the trip of a lifetime when Kayla, a zoo elephant turned magician's assistant, decides that George should take her home to her family in California. Not to mention that Ted has been offered the opportunity to become the museum's new director and should be preparing for a meeting with the board of directors.

Ted is focused on getting Kayla back to Piccadilly's so he can focus on his speech, but George and Kayla have other plans. By foot, bus, train, and truck, this cross-country adventure takes many bends, turning into a fugitive chase to find "the missing elephant." Of course it's just a failure to communicate, but nonetheless Ted and George realize they are on the run and have to decide between turning themselves in or keeping their promise and taking Kayla back to her family at the zoo.

This movie is filled with some great characters. Of course the lovable Curious George, as always, intrigues us with his sweet, curious nature and big heart. The man in the yellow hat, Ted Shackleford, voiced by Jeff Bennett (known for many cartoon voice-overs), brings accidental sensibility to this elephant chase. Lastly, Jamie Kennedy voices "Danno" Wolfe, an overboard private investigator who brings many laughs to the movie because he's just too much. You'll find yourself wondering what move he's going to make next. Other star voices in this film include Tim Curry, Matt Lauer, and Jerry Lewis.

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey focuses on the importance of family and shows examples between George and Ted, Kayla and her family, and Kayla and Piccadilly. It is a movie that will warm your heart and bring family together. This movie is suitable for children of all ages.

I won't give the full story away but Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, directed by Norton Virgien, has a happy ending for everyone, and Ted realizes what is truly important in life — his best buddy, George. This movie is one you'll want to add to your collection even if you haven't seen the first Curious George movie or any of the television or book series.

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