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DVD Review – Christopher Titus- Get a Real Job, Numbnuts

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The insanity all started with a bleeding Norman Rockwell, then the End of the World came into question, which showed how Evol love really is, which led into the Neverlution. I can certainly say, without a doubt that no one puts the fun in dysfunctional quite like Christopher Titus. Titus has spent 10 years telling the world about just how crazy his family and his world views. Titus’ new release Get a Real Job, Numbnuts, is a collection of all four of Titus’ stand up specials from 2001- 2011.

The entire collection of works had me laughing the whole six hours. People, you will not be disappointed by this collection. Even though some these DVDs lack a lot of special features, they’re still worth having. There are special features on the first DVD Norman Rockwell is Bleeding that has interviews with both Titus’ father and brother, which are pretty entertaining to watch. The other DVD in the set with some special features is the third comedy special Love is Evol, which is also on the original DVD release, but still fun to watch as part of this set. The really cool part about this DVD collection is that the second comedy special The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour is seen here for the first time in its entirety, which makes it that much funnier.

The collection is all tied up in a neat little bow that bears the title Neverlution, Titus’ most recent comedy special. This last special is a Titus rant about the disaster that was the last ten years. He has the gift to tell the truth about our society and make us laugh at the same time. There is no one better to call us out on the truth about ourselves in joke form.

Get A Real Job, Numbnuts is out on DVD now. Get more information on Christopher Titus on his website.

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