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DVD Review: Christmas Story

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There are many stories and tales of Santa Claus, but few that I have seen, are as touching and heartwarming as Christmas Story. In this recollection, a young boy, Nikolas, unexpectedly loses his beloved family, leaving him alone and without a home. It is with this in mind, that the village in which he lives, decides that he will spend one year in the home of each of the village's families. So starts Nikolas' journey into his unforgettable life.

To repay the kindness of the families, Nikolas takes it upon himself to make toys, all year long, and on one special night, Christmas Eve, he delivers the gifts by sitting them outside the door of the villager's homes. It is when he is sent to his final home, with a cranky and non-compassionate man, who also happens to be a woodworker, that life is truly changed for Nikolas and his future is set in motion.

In Christmas Story, there is a tremendous and touching moral and lesson within.  Here is a young, basically homeless young boy with little to nothing.  Yet he makes the best of his situation, is polite and thankful for the help that is given to him.  Even when he is sent to the home of a very grumpy man who makes him clean, scrub and do the not-so-pleasant jobs, Nikolas is still gracious.  It is this young, humble boy that turns into a man, who is blessed with the gift of grace, gratitude and incredible unselfishness.  This is a man who is truly magic.

Even as age claims him, Nikolas will not give up and put aside his toy-making and delivering.  It is one fateful morning when Nicolas does not show where he normally does, that his friends fear that his end has come.  However, it is not long before they are in for an incredibly unforgettable surprise.  

Christmas Story is such a warm, believable and delightful story that can easily  be enjoyed over and over again, by families everywhere.  My seven-year-old daughter enjoyed the movie as much as I did and wanted to watch it again, once the closing credits were rolling.  My three-year-old son instantly knew that it was "Ho-Ho" on the screen, well before Nikolas did indeed become "Ho-Ho."  What a perfect holiday tradition Christmas Story will make.  As a family cuddles up on the couch together with a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate, they will be able to revisit this unforgettable adventure of the jolly old man.  

The only downfall that was a bit distracting, at least for me, was the fact that the dialogue was originally in Finnish, but has been dubbed in English.  Therefore, lip movements do not match the words at all, which may not bother many, but did take a bit of time for me to get use to.  Of course children will likely not even catch this and it does not take away from the lovely meaning and effect of the movie itself.

I highly recommend Christmas Story and think that this DVD would make a perfect addition to any family's video library.  Do be aware that there are no extras or bonus features on this DVD, however the movie, in and of itself, is well worth the time and money.

4/5 Rating

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  • Can’t believe they were too cheap to offer subtitles.

  • lol, yea, it’s a great movie, but you can tell not overly budgeted.