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DVD Review: CHiPs – The Complete Second Season

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Hot cars. Cool bikes. Crimes. Chases. Friendships. Family. Love. Those are some of the words and phrases that come to mind when I remember the series from the late '70s and early '80s, CHiPs. The series followed a group of California Highway Patrol officers in the city of Los Angeles, and if you were a fan you are in luck. Warner Bros. is now releasing the series on DVD. CHiPs: The Complete Second Season made its way onto DVD in a box set on June 3, and I was able to snag a copy all for myself.

I was born in the 1970s, and I remember this series fondly. I tuned in every single week to find out just what Officers Baker (Larry Wilcox) and Poncherello (Erik Estrada) had to deal with every week. These two rode their bikes all over the Los Angeles area, but they hit many of the freeways and streets that I lived around. They chased down bad guys and charmed the pretty women they came in contact with each and every week.

Now this series wasn’t intelligent television, but it was never meant to be. The series was fun. What show with fast cars and even faster motorcycles wouldn’t be? Yes, we had some bad guys, but things were taken care of each and every week with Jon and Ponch on the case. They had a group of friends and co-workers to help them along the way, and they always made new friends during their daily rides.

The DVD box set consists of four discs that contain all twenty-two episodes from the second season, and a special treat as actor Erik Estrada takes us behind the scenes to see the new central division as it is today. He introduces us to some of today’s faces in the California Highway Patrol. All in all, this DVD takes you back in time to when disco still ruled the dance floors and it was okay to wear clothes that tight. If you were a fan of the show, you sure do want to pick up this DVD.

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About Gina

  • I use to watch chips all the time in reruns and I never got tired of it. Its great to see it finally on dvd.

  • MArk

    Best music EVER on a TV show…scoring wise…Alan Silvestri did an amazing job…