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DVD Review: Charlie Murphy – I Will Not Apologize

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Apologies are overrated. Instead of wasting time on apologies, people could be more mindful of what they do and then maybe they wouldn’t keep doing things for which they’ve got to apologize. Charlie Murphy has a very simple mantra — I Will Not Apologize. In 63 unapologetic minutes Murphy rips through an entire range of topics from the Dog Whisperer to Dog the Bounty Hunter, taking shots at some of popular culture’s favorite icons.

I Will Not Apologize comes with a warning: “contains explicit language.” Many comedians fail to entertain because their use of such language is the bulk of what is supposed to be funny in their routines. Murphy’s use of explicit language is the equivalent of his use of the English language; it’s simply a collection of words that reinforce statements. We don’t laugh at the explicit words any more than we laugh at articles such as “the” and “an.” It’s the concepts that are formed when the variety of words are joined that make us laugh.

This is Charlie Murphy’s debut stand-up performance, and it is rough in many ways. Not all the bits are hilarious, but he’s on the mark with his Dog Whisperer shtick and the riff he does on how much more effective rehab would be if Jigsaw (from the Saw movies) was doling out the therapy. Also effective was his O.J. Simpson (and gang) material.

Some of Murphy’s other topics are fame, male ego, the best movie made in the last ten years (300), fast food, tabloids, Britney Spears (you can catch this bit on YouTube), Octomom, Johnny Cochran, and Obama. Because of the nature of his material, there isn’t too much I can quote here.

Murphy is also not concerned with political correctness (yay!), which gives him more areas to explore. One such area is “high functioning retards,” which are basically the people who are conspiring to make everyone else’s life more difficult.

While much of his material is funny, the unevenness of his delivery detracts from his performance. Murphy needs more experience in front of live audiences, as well as concentration on polishing and timing.

The special features on the DVD are "Leroy Smith," outtakes, and additional jokes.

Bottom Line: Would I rent/buy I Will Not Apologize? Yes, rent. It’s not a video I would watch more than once or twice.

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  • Dave

    I loved Charlie Murphy on the Chapelle show. Especially in the “Real real world”.

    I’m surprised his stand up act isn’t great.
    I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks for the review