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DVD Review: Castle – The Complete Third Season

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Beckett and Castle return for a third season of the exciting, dramatic, and always lively hit show, Castle. Every episode we get a new murder to solve full of suspense, mystery and of course, when Castle is around, humor.

Every episode this season was as good or better then the last. Castle takes your basic murder mystery premise and adds a fun twist to it, comedy. He does everything better than other murder mystery shows and it makes murder fun!

I absolutely love this show and hope for its continued success. Season 3 brings about more drama and fun then the last, but Season 3 was special. It continues the story of Beckett’s mother’s murder and her diligence to solve the mystery behind it. A dark secret from the past will bring about a surprise I don’t think anyone was expecting. If you haven’t seen Season 3, here is your chance, and you better get it because the finale will leave your jaw on the floor and eager for the fourth season. But consider yourself lucky, if you haven’t seen it, you won’t have to endure a summer long torture of waiting with bated breath.

Beckett and Castles relationship is really tested this season as the writes continue to tease us with their possible future romance. You almost want to kick Castle so he’ll finally say something to Beckett, and you can only hope that sometime soon in the future, we’ll finally see them together. It’s a beautiful friendship that truly just needs to take that step to becoming a relationship.

The season also continues to expand on the always fun and comedic relationship between Castle, his mother and his daughter. Especially in terms of his daughter, Ashley, who is wrestling with her own issues of young romance and trying to find her place in the world. The relationships between the three are very enjoyable to watch and give Castle another side to his personality beyond the writer. We get to see the father and family man he is. Though when it comes to his daughter, we sometimes are left to wonder which of the two is more mature.

The extras of the Season 3 set are definitely plentiful. Hopefully you have a lot of extra time on your hands to catch every last bit of what they have to offer. One of the most enjoyable parts of the extras is the bloopers reel. It is a hilarious five minutes that will leave you gasping for breath. The cast of this show is truly a group of fun, comedic people. This is one of the best blooper reels I’ve seen in a while, and one of the longer ones.

Also included is a wonderful feature that I enjoyed a lot: a round table discussion with some of the biggest mystery writers, and their involvement with Castle. They go into thought-provoking detail of what they do in their own mystery writing. This feature will be especially loved by amateur and professional writers as you get insight into what they do to get their thoughts and emotions on the page. This feature is more than just a sit-down-and-watch feature, it is also very informative. You don’t want to miss it.

Deleted scenes almost always garner a repeat opinion from me. They are deleted for a reason, and quite a few of them had no real impact on the storyline and won’t be missed. However, in this case a few of the scenes, though still not important to the story, are quite hilarious and would have been great additions to the episodes in which they belong.

“Castle Goes Hollywood” gives us an inside glimpse at the making of one episode where Castle and Beckett head on out to California in an effort to solve a murder. It’s a good feature that gives us an inside look at the work that went into this particular episode to give us a different look at both Beckett and Castle.

“Murder Board 101” follows the hard work, time and effort put into those whiteboards with all the info about the murder victims and possible suspects we see in every episode. What to us seems to be a simple whiteboard is really a lot of time and work that requires attention to continuity. You really learn to respect all the effort put into these simple whiteboards as you now see they are so much more than just a board in the background every episode.

There are cast and crew commentaries on a few select episodes and a music video that really doesn’t have anything real to add to the extras. I’d say these are probably the two bonus features that I enjoyed the list of them all, but I do see many Castle fans enjoying the commentary.

This is another wonderful, great season of Castle full of murder and fun. With tons of bonus features, this set is well worth what you’re going to pay for it and you won’t regret this one bit. Castle The Complete Third Season will be available on DVD September 20th.

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