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DVD Review: Car Heaven & Hell

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Jeremy Clarkson’s (of Top Gear and Motorworld fame) latest DVD is called Heaven & Hell and covers some of the best and worst cars of 2005. It does not include the new Bugatti as it was not out when the DVD was recorded.

Clarkson continues his love of all things Ferrari waxing poetic about the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. This, his best of 2005, is one of three he showcases. As a Ferrari agnostic I was rather disappointed to see so many included. However, he does feature the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the Masarati Quattroporte.

Inexplicably, he has a head-to-head contest between a Chevy Corvette (i.e. big engine in a plastic car) and the new TVR — the Sagaris. It is a given the TVR is a better looking car and better built, but why oh why didn’t Jeremy compare the car to the new Dodge Viper?

It being Clarkson, he destroys several rubbish cars with explosives (generally after mangling them in other ways), jousting (a TR7 vs. a Ford sedan), by stunt driving a hatchback around a multi-story car park, a skip (large rubbish bin for those who have never seen one), there is the Renault MPV he saws the roof off to make it a convertible, and of course his rapier wit.

All in all, this is an amusing hour+ to spend avoiding the rubbish telly on at the moment. I suspect that this type of DVD gets bought and shared around to a group of friends. I am sure that several friends of mine will be itching to get their mitts on this for a mellow night in after the New Year.

Let’s face it, you might not always agree with him, but Clarkson is great fun — whether it be in his column, books (collected columns), solo TV shows, and DVDs of Top Gear. No doubt people will be going through withdrawal symptoms while Top Gear is off the air until sometime this Spring.

There is one thing for sure: he is one of the few things that saves the sorry state of British telly.

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