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DVD Review: Brokeback Mountain

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Obviously, Brokeback Mountain is not for everyone, as evidenced by how many people were too nervous to go see it in packed theaters during its extended run. It’s not what you expect either, since it has no mincing fairies, no comic-relief limp-wristed lisping queens, and absolutely no preaching, hidden messages or agendas. In fact the main character-Ennis (Heath Ledger) is probably one of the most “manly” men ever seen in a movie.

So let’s start with the DVD basics. If you’ve never seen the movie, watch it first. If you have seen the movie, watch all the extra features BEFORE you see it again. They are all a joy, though I should warn you they take a while to root through, but it’s time well spent and definitely forth it.

I found only one fault with the DVD – and that was that it needed a “deleted scenes” section; that I know exists because they’re there taunting you in the trailer I saw online. Heath and Jake are said to have had to shoot the kissing scenes at the bottom of the stairs 13 times, and they also had to shoot and reshoot the lovemaking in the tent, and darn it all, I wanted to see those outtakes! Oh well maybe in the “collector’s” edition.

About the Movie:
First of all, visually it’s in crystal clear focus. The many times I saw it in a theater, not once was it completely focused, but on DVD it’s an absolute joy. Since this is a very quiet film, you don’t have to deal with muffled explosions coming from the theater next to you either.

About the Story:
Two young men, a ranch hand, and a up-and-coming rodeo bull rider (Jake Gyllenhaal), (the very definitions of the word “cowboy”) are so down on their luck, that they’re forced to do something no cowboy wants to do — herd sheep over the summer on Brokeback Mountain. (Some have criticized this, asking how it could be a cowboy movie if they’re herding sheep… read on)

Simply put, straight men who see this movie identify with the main characters, before they realize that they have… and by then it’s too late. There lies the problem. The movie hits a little too close to home. Jack and Ennis regularly go camping in the wilderness, were brought up to own and use guns. They hunt elk and wild game; they fish, carry hunting knives and know how to survive in the forest on their own. They own dogs, love life on horseback, tend cattle, are tough enough to ride bulls in rodeos, live on ranches, date women, drink whiskey and beer, get into bar fights, and own and repair old pick-up trucks.

[ADBLOCKHERE]The two young men never planned or expected to fall into the situation they found themselves in, and have no idea how to react to it themselves, once they’ve realized what’s happened. The concept of a man falling in love with another man is so alien to them, that they don’t even know the words to describe their feelings; Ennis can only call it “This thing”.

When the summer ends, they go back to typical Western ranching, herding cattle and horses, competing in the rodeo, selling farm equipment and existing in the standard cowboy life, fathering children, attending church, Fourth of July celebrations, and arguing with their wives.

Some women will get bogged down with the two men cheating on their marriage vows, and that’s very valid, but the point of this tragic tale is that the intolerances of the time, that still exist now, have forced these men to make commitments they never wanted. Jack and Ennis were committed to each other before their marriages, and that bond lasted long after the ashes settled on their straight facades.

As for the objectionable “explicit” sex scenes so many bible pounders are up in arms about — Huh???? It must be the scenes between the husbands and their wives, because in the intimate scenes between the men — hell they’re never shown with their jeans off together, and only one is shirtless! Jake and Heath are shown completely nude (separately) only once each in the whole film, with no frontal nudity at all. Heath’s scene is out of focus to boot!

If all you attend a movie for is sex scenes, you’d be better off straight, gawking at the women in their sexy attire and bare breasts in the bedroom or the back seat of a T-bird. With all the sex in today’s movies between men and women bordering on pornography, it’s actually disappointing in a way that you don’t see the men expressing their physical love for each other. In fact, the sex between the men is done in classic Alfred Hitchcock fashion and you’ll swear you saw more than you actually did, because it’s left to your imagination (and wonderment as to what all the fuss was about.) After you’ve played it a second time you’ll be astonished that no sexual contact is actually shown at all – except what you “thought” you saw!

And there lies the proof. This movie’s purpose was definitely NOT made to put the “Sex” in homosexual, and is just a damned good simple love story, and anyone too scared to see it, is probably just too unsure of their own sexuality to admit it to themselves.

If ever a movie made you walk in someone else’s shoes, this is it.

So go grab your masculine pride, your wife/girlfriend to put on your arm to prove you’re straight, and head to the nearest video store, or department store, and rent or buy it. You’ll be shocked when you laugh, and then cry while seeing a damned good movie…

As you hit STOP on your remote, you’ll know undoubtedly, why the two shirts worn by Jack and Ennis brought in $101,100.51 (!) recently at auction to benefit a children’s charity, and the beat-up and rusted GMC truck that Jack drove at the opening fetched $70,000 dollars.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, pay close attention to what happens to the shirts they wear up on the mountain, and to the horse and rider that Ennis whittles in the tent during the rain storm, you’ll see them again. Remember that this movie was made on a shoe-string budget, so ignore Heath’s empty pierced ear lobes, and the disappearing log that Jack almost splits, but then vanishes.

On a scale of five stars, I give this DVD ****** …Yes I can count, that’s six.

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  • To read my Brokeback Mountain ~ The Complete Long-Version

    Novel 1943-2006, click ~>here<~

  • Reports are going around that Jake Gyllenhaal was involved in a scuffle over Heath Ledger in Montreal over the weekend. The truth appears to be that Gyllenhaal had a blogger from DrunkenStepfather thrown out of a bar after the blogger harassed him.

    We’re told by sources who were present that the blogger in question said, ‘Hey isn’t that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?’ prompting Jake to yell to the bouncers ‘get these guys out of my face.’ The instigator and his crew were then thrown out. We originally read this blog post yesterday, where the site definitely had ‘killed’ not ‘kissed’ up until it was later changed. The post actually backs up this supposed kill claim by ranting in the item that if Jake was Ledger’s friend, he probably would have been there for him in his low point.”

  • I just can’t believe that Heath is gone… and it looks more and more like suicide. what a waste…

  • Australia native and prominent film actor and Oscar nominee Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment this afternoon, reports the New York Times. He was 28 years old.

    Ledger’s body was found by his housekeeper and masseuse. Police suspect a drug overdose, possibly as suicide.

    Born on April 4, 1979 in Perth, Australia, Ledger performed in Australian film and television before being cast as Patrick Verona in the 1999 romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You, with other roles in American cinema including that of Sonny Grotowski in Monster’s Ball in 2001 and Ennis Del Mar in Ang Lee’s 2005 box office smash Brokeback Mountain.

    Ledger leaves one daughter, Matilda Rose, born in 2005.

  • Alpha thanks for writing, I’ve moved the Brokeback novel to its own page. You can find it by clicking here

  • alfa13

    Hey Jet
    I haven’t write to you for a long time, sorry.
    I have had some little problems and I have moved to an other house. I’m living alone now, so…it was a little bit hard but now it’s ok, I think it’s ok… it doesn’t matter.
    How are you ?
    Yesterday I watched again BBM ; even if I have watched this film many, many times, it’s always a great moment of pleasure and dream, it’s a kind of therapy for me. When I don’t know anymore what to believe in, I watch BBM, when I don’t know anymore what to trust in, I do the same…

  • I’ve given my novel based on this movie its own web page, you can now find it at blogspot

    Thanks for all the e-mails, I didn’t think anyone missed it.


  • HBO will be showing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
    Sunday Nov 26 7:30PM
    Monday Nov 27 2:40PM
    Wed Nov 29 7:30pM
    Thurs Nov 30 4:15AM
    All times are Eastern Time zone

  • Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced ‘Brokeback Mountain (Collector’s Edition)’ will ride onto Combo Format HD-DVD/DVD on the increasingly popular January 23 release date.

    The disc should include all the as-of-yet extra features that will be included on the two-disc collector’s edition DVD, also arriving January 23. The HD-DVD presentation will be in widescreen 1.85:1 1080p video and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio, while the flipside DVD presentation will carry both DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks along with 480p video.

    ‘Brokeback Mountain (Collector’s Edition)’ will carry an SRP of $34.98.

  • Alfa 13
    Moi seront loin de voici pendant quelque temps mon amie , mais Moi vouloir réponse vous une autour de une semaine. je vous remercie


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    please, send me a few words.Talk me about you and your life in Colombus. I would like to know you more if you want of course.Do you like french cooking ? I could send you some receipts if you are interested in. Goodbye.

  • Thank you Just one Moron… I didn’t know you cared… Love hugs and kisses… Jet

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    CNN – Bush’s poll numbers up

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  • alfa I don’t know if the short story version of BBM is translated into french or not. I know they’re in negotiations to turn “The Front Runner” into a movie because of BBM’s success though, and it may turn out to be better than BBM if that’s possible as I’ve fallen in love with that book.


  • alfa13

    A reply to Nancy : Hello, thanks for your advice. It’s very strange you talk me about this book because I’m just starting to read it. I begun next sunday. I read it in french and it’s realy well written. I like this book.

    To Jet : Hello my friend. Thanks too for your reply.I’ve looked for the books you recommended me but I didn’t find them yet. How are you ?

  • Alpha, I’d recomment two author…

    Gordon Merrick wrote an incredible trilogy starting with a literary masterpiece called “The Lord Won’t Mind” which I’d wholeheartedly recommend along with its two sequels

    I’d also recommend Patricia Niel Warren’s “The Front Runner” and also “the Fancy Dancer”


  • Nancy

    Hello Alpha 13. I’m a friend of Jet’s. How about “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee? It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s one of my favorite books. Since the 3 main characters are kids aged 6 to 12, any ‘hard’ words are explained when the kids say “huh?”. It’s not a children’s book, though, by any means, and there are several levels at which you can read it. They made a movie out of it, but in I think the book is much better.

  • alfa13

    Hello Jet
    Could you recommend a novel to me, not to hard to understand in english ? I can read short stories, I can translate songs, but the last novel I’ve red in english was 1984 by G. Orwell, I was 18 years old and my english was better than today because I practiced it more.
    I’m French teacher, so I don’t speak english very often, except on internet.

  • Okay Alfa13, Maybe I can find a “Star Trek” universal translator that understands French. Until then, I’m glad you enjoyed the novel.

    I tried, and thanks

  • alfa13

    Hello Jet
    how are you today ? I’m coming back from work and I’m a little bit tired. But it’s always a pleasure to send you a few words.
    I have to be honnest with you, I don’t understand very well when you translate your message.
    I think we should create a new language that everybody could understand! Don’t you think so ?
    Hard job!

  • Alfa 13, My French comes straight from on line, I feed what I want to day in to a translator then copy and paste what it spits out… I’m glad you enjoyed the effort though.

    Which it translates to…

    Luzerne 13, Mon Français vient franc de one ligne , MOI nourrir se que Je veux le jour dans à une traductrice à cette époque-là texte et strass se que le salive éteint. I’m joyeux vous prendre plaisir à l’effort quoique.


  • alfa13

    I’ve forgotten to tell you : your french is so funny!!! But you’re making progress. Thanks.

  • alfa13

    well, I think your ending is optimistic and ironic, romantic too. Your vision is very interesting. I can’t imagine the story without Jack. Ennis can’t be satisfied without him. Well, I’m certainly too pessimistic. I’m a little sad today…sorry.

  • Alfa, J’espère que non ça c’est facile á lire à vous mon amie. I’m hoping thanksggiving vous semblable à mon terminaison thanksggiving Je choisissais pour Ennis’ vie et didn’t prendre trop de très cloudy lecture le dans Anglais. Prendre garde , et J’ai prendre plaisir à pénible à parler à vous à aujourd’hui technologie. souhaiter vous aimez chance et rires


  • Alfa, what did you think of my ending in the novelization? I’ll use the computer again and try to translate into French for you in the next message….


  • alfa13

    Don’t be sorry, it doesn’t matter. In fact, i reconize some french words in your message… you’ve tried and i thanks you for this. What i was trying to say is something like “we havent choice when love appears in ou life” (in fact we neither have not choice when it desappears!!!).
    What i want to say is that i would like to believe Ennis and Jack had choice about their way of life but they didn’t choose the easiest way. I suppose that’s why their story bowled me over. I read your novelization of the movie. Great job really! But it’s your point of vew ; it’s not so different as my own even if i don’t need to know so much details. Wasn’t it a way to satiate your phantasm. Anyway sure is this and i respect this. Anybody has phantasms. I have of course. I’m not speaking about sexual phantasms especially, but more about a phantasm of life. Do you understand what i mean ?
    Ennis and Jack have had luck. They lived a magic love affaire. I’m saying that but when i watch the movie i stop the DVD before the end. When i saw it for the first time on theater, i cried and i was angry against myself because i didn’t want to show my tears. It’s a such stupid reaction because i always go to the cinema to feel strong emotions. In fact, this day i was with my daughter and her boy friend ; they didn’t cry so i thought i hadn’t to do… So, i returned the week after and watched it again, alone. Not so alone bacause there were many people (very good for the movie but bad for me). I choose a place in a corner to be quiet, to preserve my vital space and… unfortunatly a couple came in and sat down by my side! Do you believe that ?!!!Do you know why it was so important for me being alone ? In fact, i think i wanted to be to create a kind of connexion between Ennis, Jack and me. Well, maybe i could tell this to my psychologist ???!!!!
    Brokeback Mountain is a great movie and since i’ve seen it i’m feeling a sort of peace mixed to a sort of sadness. Not really sadness, in french we could say “mélancolie”, melancholy in english, i’m not sure.
    As a woman i’ve never had any problem with men or women homosexuality and i think movies like this one are too rare. In France most of the people have an open mind about this subject, in theory, but in reality homosexuals are not so accepted, especially in little towns or in the open country. People are affraid by what they don’t know, what they don’t understand. I think it’s the same in your country… American people seem to be more, how to say, intolerant. I don’t want to offend you of course, i just want to discuss. French people are not better or worst that’s sure. In the movie , just before the first tent scene, Jack and Ennis talk about “to be or not a sinner” do you remember ? This notion is less present in our culture than it is in yours. Perhaps it’s just a question of faith.
    Tell me what do you think about this next time.
    PS : i want to learn you how to say “hello Alfa 13 how are you ?” in french : Bonjour Alfa 13 comment vas-tu ?
    Next time you could try to begin your message whith those words. And if you want, each time i’ll send you a word, i’ll learn you a new sentence. Just if you want. See you soon.

  • I ran it though another translator and got this… Anyone translate French?

    that fuss m’a particulirement abutted by her size dramatic , that espce about destiny epic. Ds him start on sentence as the things ne will be not easy , as these a couple of character n’ont not chose him lane most frugal. but drove – them indeed chose? Her cogency about the love lead t – her indeed him choice? I believe as thanksggiving feeling muscle in ourselves. He is l and hopeless ground n’intervient , single the passions dominate. Although all their efforts Jack and Ennis ne are able cheque that cogency. Than it is to well into penses – thou?

  • Alfa I ran it through a universal translater and got this… Anyone speak french? on comment 136???

    that fuss m’a especially abutted by her size dramatic , that breed about destiny epic. Dès him start on sentence as the things ne will be not easy , as these a couple of character n’ont not chose him lane most frugal. but drove – them indeed chose

  • Sorry Alfa13, I don’t speak a word of French. I took her short story and turned it into a novel exploring all of the inner thoughts of the two main characters.


  • Non, je ne parle pas français. Mais je fais le baiser de Français !

  • alfa13

    Hello, do you speak french. Sure, it would be easier for me but for you i don’t know… perhaps you can try… i don’t know.
    I’ve read the short story by A. Proulx in french version and in original version.
    The two characters are so different and it’s what it’s really amazing. Tonight i’m not sure about my english, not at all so i’ll write in french. Next time tell me if you have understood : cette histoire m’a particulièrement touchée par sa dimension dramatique, cette espèce de destin épique. Dès le début on sent que les choses ne seront pas faciles, que ces deux personnages n’ont pas choisi le chemin le plus simple… mais ont-ils vraiment choisi ? La force de l’amour laisse-t-elle vraiment le choix ? Je crois que ce sentiment s’impose à nous. Il est là et nulle raison n’intervient, seules les émotions dominent. Malgrè tous leurs efforts Jack et Ennis ne peuvent contrôler cette force. Qu’en penses-tu ?

  • Alfa13, thank you for your kind words. If you’d like to delve deeply into what happened in the characters minds, click my URL and in the index click on my Novelization of the movie, complete with how Ennis’ life goes on without Jack and how it ends.


  • alfa13

    I’ve read that you’ve writen with a lot of interest. I’m found of this movie, that’s the one of the best i’ve ever seen for a long time.I baught the collector edition and it doesn’t contain any deleted scenes. I was a little desapointed because i would like to see more. I would like to see all in fact. I think i’m a little bit addicted to this story.This real beautiful love story make me feeling myself better because of this tragic fate. Excuse me for my english, it’s not perfect, i’m french.

  • Annie Proulx says that Brokeback Mountain was the hardest of her stories to write, the author told a gathering at Davidson College on Thursday night.

    It was harder than her novels; harder than all of her other short stories put together, she said.

    “To move from an elderly female into this mind-set was not easy,” she said. “For six months, I worked on it solidly.”

    The story, “Brokeback Mountain,” was turned into an Academy Award-winning movie last year. The film added some scenes that Proulx said she didn’t like, and some that she did. “But the fact is,” she said, “the film touched a lot of people. It changed some minds. And I feel lucky it happened that way.”

    Proulx, 71, appeared at Davidson to give the annual Joel Conarroe Lecture, one of the college’s top literary events. Book-lovers filled a sold-out performance hall; many carried copies of Proulx’s novels, which include “The Shipping News,” winner of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize.

    At a news conference before her lecture, Proulx said she didn’t expect “The Shipping News” to win such praise.

    “I was all prepared for savagery and cruelty of every description,” she said. “No one was more surprised than I was (when it won the Pulitzer).”

    Proulx began her evening talk by discussing her current writing project — a book about Wyoming’s fragile Red Desert, due to be published in spring 2008. She read an essay about wild horses, followed by a humorous short story about three men who seek refuge at an old man’s house on a cold Wyoming night.

    When she finished, she took questions from the audience. One listener asked if Proulx, who lives in Wyoming, thinks it is necessary for writers to live in one place for a long time before they write with authority about the area.

    “I feel it’s necessary to have a good firm grip on the geography before you start sashaying around writing about it,” she said. “You owe it to the story.”

    Someone else asked about her evolution as a writer, and Proulx described how she “painfully and slowly” wrote her first stories, then began to send them out. “To my amazement, they got published.”

    She also described her love of writing, of playing with words. “The sheer act of making something come out of your head and onto paper was a fine thing to me.”

    How did you get into the mind of a 19-year-old gay cowboy, one person asked.

    “We have some secrets,” Proulx answered. “If you’re going to write fiction, you have to learn how to do that.”

    The author admitted she felt unnerved standing in front of a large crowd. She described herself as “intensely withdrawn” and said she likes to spend her days walking or fishing or sitting in a corner scribbling.

    Still, she seemed to be enjoying her visit.

    “This is the only place I’ve ever been,” she said, “where everyone is happy.”

  • Silas!!!!???? You’re alive?

  • Little Bobby Twist is sitting on a mountaintop lake sure picking his banjo to “Dueling Brokebacks”

  • JUST when I thought I’d seen all the Brokeback parodied headlines comes Nicholas Cage set to play Liberace with the headline “Brokeback Piano???”

  • Actually Eddie I’m into Norman Daniels, and Charles Amerman.

  • It would be like the e-(Http)address of your personal blog. What time is it there in Scottland-the sun should be up now shouldn’t it?

    Just Click here and it’ll take you right to it. There are lots of BIG pictures from the movie that you can click on and make even bigger.


  • Eddie

    Hi Jet et al,
    I live in Glasgow but I’ve been to Edinburgh many times (46 miles East); I worked there for 3 years. Princes St station and the bridge are still very much there and your spy novel sounds interesting – have you read any Ian Rankin novels? I look forward to reading your URL info. Hopefully speak soon.
    Eddie. p.s I don;t have a URL – how do I get one?

  • Eddit from Scotland #122 Leave your URL next time you write, or leave a comment on my blog so I can write back


  • Also, please tell me the Princes St. Station is still there and the bridge. they play an important role in the story.

  • By the way Eddie, I’ve been working on a spy novel that takes place in Edinburg, I envy you, have you ever been there?

  • Thank you Eddie #122 from Scotland, If you really want to experience it first hand and get into the minds and motivations and x-rated love, click my URL and prepare to be amazed and how I brought the movie to life, and brought it to a conclusion years after the door closed on those shirts….

    I appreciate your thoughts here

  • Eddie

    Hi Jet and everyone – greetings from Scotland!

    I have read all your comments avidly and really enjoyed the discussions above. I have just seen Brokeback Mountain on DVD for the second time and feel compelled to add my thoughts (probably need to for the sake of my sanity!). The DVD quality is exceptional but, as someone else stated above, I was a bit disappointed that no deleted scenes were included. Anyway, its about the movie which is quite simply the most touching film I have ever seen. Up until now, my favourite film was ‘Some Like It Hot’ – I watched it avidly as a kid and I still know all the words. What a combo – the Valentine’s day massacre and fugitives on the run in drag in a band – genius! Well ‘Brokeback Mountain’ has now replaced it as my favourite film albeit with a completely different theme. I think I am slowly accepting the undeniable fact that I am gay.

    I went to see Brokeback at the cinema on my own about five months ago and exited it a crying wreck. It touched me deeply. Only last week, did I buy the DVD and I have just watched it for the second time. The movie is utterly gut wrenching and, for me, not easy to watch, but at the same time completely absorbing and beautiful. I recognise that it is the exquisite skill of the director, actors, the cinematographer, and score producers etc who have done such an exceptional job that enable the viewer to embark upon an emotional journey that is tortured and painful (not only for two lead characters but for the poor wives especially Michelle William’s character) yet a journey that is beautiful and touching (in the love and warmth and affection shown between two lead characters). I think the the imagery in the film reflects this juxtaposition. I think I will read the short story the film was based on, or am I taking this too far?! Has anyone read it?

    Each time (thats three times now) I watch this film, I have ended up crying like a baby: I think this is for a variety of reasons including deep sorrow for the two main characters in that there love can never be requited and remains so frustratingly out of reach, but also tears of frustration and possibly anger that I really do not have the courage to come out. This is why I can totally relate to both Ennis and Jack; Ennis in that he leads with his head, Jack with his heart. Jack is so heart-breakingly optimistic about securing a life together with Ennis and every time Ennis comes up with a reason not to, kills me (and Jack obviously). The emotion displayed by Ennis (so brilliantly portrayed by Heath Ledger)when he breaks down beside the lake in Jack’s arms crying that he can’t take ‘it’ anymore after their argument, really says it all and even now thinking about, makes me want to weep. I think watching Brokeback Mountain brings my withdrawn feelings to the fore and like one of your previous bloggers states, when a love story comes along that happens to be between two men, some tend to cling tightly. I think I am clinging tightly as the movie has really gripped and overwhelmed me with a gut-wrenching emotion I never knew I had in me. I suspect other people feel the same.

    Well thats enough for now – I wanted to portray how much this incredible movie affected me – there is no happy ending with ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and I’m not sure whether there can be a happy ending for me unless, that is, I find my own Ennis Del Mar or Jack Twist and create my own happy ending. Who knows, I might end up getting a ranch of my own…


  • Who will Jake Gyllenhaal be publicly photographed kissing first?

    Cyclist Lance Armstrong is 3/1,
    Mathew McConaugheyis 2/1
    and Natalie Portman is 1/3. Gyllenhaal did play an alternative lifestyle cowboy in the movie Brokeback Mountain.

    Armstrong, of course recently broke up with singer Sheryl Crowe. Gyllenhaal has been seen in the company of Armstrong quite often, so naturally the gossip begins.

    After all, they were being buddy bud at the Tour De France. Less gossipy word is that Gyllenhaal would love to play the cancer survivor Armstrong in a movie and that fact led to the friendship.

    Reports say a Sony biopic on the life of Armstrong is already a done deal.

    Obviously Armstrong’s endorsement would carry significant weight. Portman, who we think is going to win, is the former and now reports say, on-again sweetheart of Gyllenhaal.

    McConaughey was host of the cookout in which Portman and Gyllenhaal were seen back together.

    Do not totally discount Armstrong receiving the kiss. Afterall, they have joked about the rumors including on the ESPY Awards, so a little toungue in cheek—so to speak of course—kiss for the papparazzi would surprise nobody.

    Perhaps your next winning online wager will be sealed with a kiss.

    This article was written by Joe Duffy, sports writer for TheOnlineWire.com

    Originally published on July 26 2006 – TheOnlineWire.com

  • According to an article in USA today today, Airlines are scrabling to get the rights to show Brokeback Mountain on international flights!

    Alllllllllllll right!!!

  • Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! Go Brokeback Mountain!

  • Because of some technical problems, I've had to move the novel, the new link for it is:
    Brokeback Mountain: After the Shirts-After the tears

    Thanks for all your comments so far

  • Cue organ music-oops bad pun…

  • I’ve built a new title photo for the novel, but had trouble getting it downloaded, if you click on it, you’ll find a much larger and more clearer image…

    I tried

  • You know what, it’s just as annoying to me that I have to keep putting this back up on fresh comments just because there’s more than a few of you who’s opinion I respect enough to try to get your opinion of my work.

    Now if the damned spammers would stop making this thing vanish, I could stop annoying you too!

    So please anyone interested pleeeeease follow the link on 112 and give me your opinion on how I ended the story.

    The Masked Annoyance

  • Update: Everything has been edited-spellcheck and posted. Some of my favorite fellow-bloggers even got characters named after them.

    Would appreciate any comments you’d care to leave over there.

    Now I can get back to writing some articles here again.

    Just follow the link at 112

  • Update: Chapt 28 was revised this morning, making a happier ending. Dave Nalle has joined the cast as Prof. David Nails-a Political Science Professor in Austin who marries Lorene, then retires and opens a Dodge truck dealership.
    Follow the link in Comment 112

  • Fot those of you interested, here’s how I novelized how Ennis’ life turned out Click here

  • Jake Gyllenhaal took best performance and he and Heath won Best movie kiss. For a very hot and descriptive look at the scene that won click Here

    The MTV movie awards were held Saturday June 3rd

  • Gambling911 has just posted the odds and Heath Ledger & Jake Gyllenhaal are odds on (1:3) favorites for best screen kiss in MTVs awards on the 3rd.

  • Mark your calendars kids-June 3rd is the MTV awards to find out if best movie kiss goes to Jake and Heath!

  • Here you go Chris read this

  • An interesting responce from the NFL concering Brokeback Mountain came to light while researching an article on gays in professional sports. I came across this on Outsports.com…

    These are portions of an article written by Jim Buzinski for Outsports.com

    The NFL refused the makers of “Brokeback Mountain” use of game footage for a scene in the movie, but not because of the film’s gay theme, contrary to the impression left by one of the producers in comments to a group of colleagues and to Outsports. Instead, the NFL had a problem with the specific scene because of coarse language and that it painted football as a necessary step to manhood.

    …The scene where the producers wanted the footage to appear in the Oscar-nominated film occurs in the mid-1970s at the home of Jack Twist, one of the lead characters, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Twist, who has fallen in love with fellow ranch hand Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger), is serving Thanksgiving dinner to his wife, Lureen, young son Bobby and his in-laws when an argument occurs over a television set being turned on to a football game. The football footage in the film is actually from a Canadian Football League Grey Cup championship game (as the credits acknowledge), not the traditional NFL game that would have been televised in Texas on Thanksgiving.

    At a Jan. 21 Producer’s Guild breakfast in West Hollywood honoring the group’s 2006 nominees, Diana Ossana, who produced and co-wrote “Brokeback Mountain,” was asked what production issues the film faced and she highlighted the NFL’s rejection, which came in June 2004.

    “They wouldn’t grant us the rights or give us a reason why,” she told Outsports in a brief phone conversation a few days after the breakfast. When asked whether she thought the NFL’s action was because of the gay theme of the film, she responded: “What do you think?” adding that, “None of us are retarded.”

    …”Our decision to decline licensing NFL footage for this project has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it is ‘a positive and moving gay-themed love story,’ the letter reads. “It is based primarily on the manner in which you seek to use NFL footage — a manner that is detrimental to the very image with which the NFL chooses to associate.” …

    The Thanksgiving Day scene is filled with great tension between Jack Twist and his father-in-law L.B. Newsome (L.D. Phillips in the script the NFL quoted from). Twist tells his son Bobby to stop watching the football game on TV, and shuts the set off. L.B. gets up and turns it back on, saying to his daughter, Lureen: “You want your son to grow up to be a man, don’t you, daughter? [Then looking at Jack]: Boys should watch football.”

    Jack then turns the set off again, and when L.B. goes to turn it back on, explodes at his father-in-law for the first time: “This is my house!This is my child! And you’re my guest! So sit the hell down, or I’ll knock your ignorant ass into next week.”

    “We do not want to be associated with this scene for a variety of reasons which should be readily apparent,” the NFL said in its letter of rejection. “First, we do not want the viewing of our games to be portrayed negatively as it is in this scene. In essence, it is the focal point of a curse-ladened confrontation between a character and his father-in-law in which the character threatens to ‘knock [his] arrogant ass into next week.’

    “Second, we do not appreciate the implication of the statement, ‘You want your son to grow up to be a man, don’t you daughter? … Boys should watch football.’ We believe that the view that a boy who does not watch football will somehow grow up to be less than a man is narrow-minded and derogatory; we presume it is in the script for that very reason. We choose not to license our footage to be used as a vehicle to illustrate such a point.”

    The NFL reviews several scripts a month for use of game footage in films, TV shows and commercials, McCarthy said, and “we turn down numerous opportunities. … We want to protect the NFL’s image.” He cited big-budget films “The Longest Yard” and “Any Given Sunday” as two examples where licensing of NFL footage was not allowed. He said in the case of “Brokeback Mountain,” as is protocol, the rejection came over “the particular scene for which the studio requested” footage

  • Just when I thought I’d heard everything, we have this just in…

    Associated Press

    HONG KONG (AP) – In its latest contribution to Chinese popular culture, the movie “Brokeback Mountain” has inspired a new song about forbidden love.

    The Oscar-winning gay romance’s popularity in the Chinese-speaking world, helped by the fame of its Taiwanese director, Ang Lee, has already made the term “Brokeback” popular slang in Cantonese, the Chinese dialect spoken in southern China, including Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong lyricist Wyman Wong has gone further, penning a Chinese song whose title comes from the movie’s most famous line, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

    The song, performed by Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, is on her latest album, “Our Time Has Come.”

    “I can’t control myself / I have made too many mistakes because of you / I know if I look for you again I’ll have to give up my happiness,” one part goes.

    “Brokeback” is the story of a romance between two U.S. ranch hands, Jack and Ennis, who keep up pretenses as married men but maintain their relationship with occasional get-togethers disguised as fishing trips.

    Hong Kong media have used the term “Brokeback” to describe homosexuals or awkward relationships. Some gay activists consider the usage derogatory because it appears to treat homosexuals as exotic people. [5/22/06]

    I don’t care if anyone’s reading these or not, I just love posting ’em!

  • According to an article on WorldNetDaily, an English teacher in Kentucky is under investigation for showing her students a clip of “Brokeback Mountain,” the controversial film about a gay relationship between two sheepherders.

    The brief showing of a non-sexual scene– about two and a half minutes long – took place at Boyd County High School, where tensions have been high since a group of students petitioned to form a homosexual awareness club at the school in 2002, the Associated Press reported.

    The school district later settled a lawsuit that resulted in anti-harassment training for all staff and students.

    Parent Kelley Smith, whose 17-year-old son was in the senior cinematography class, said it’s “really bad time for all this to have happened.”

  • Comments Editor… somehow the link for comment 130 got miscopied, could you repair it to … http://www.nashvillecitypaper.com/index.cfm?section_id=9&screen=news&news_id=49863


  • Update: Tennessee primary race Republicans go looking for Brokeback Mountain! According to an article in the Nashville based City Paper Republicans have begun using parodies of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN in slur campaigns against eachother in movie trailers and doctored versions of the movie posters!

  • Nugget wrote:”In a year, no one will remember the movie besides the silly controversy that surrounded it.”

    Somehow I dowbt that

  • In fact, I’d say that kiss was on of the most memorable of all times.

    Of course that’s only my opinion!

  • NEWS FLASH! “Best Kiss” trophy at the MTV movie awards goes to Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger for “Brokeback Mountain”!!!!

    Predictions are that oddsmakers are already taking bets of that headline coming true with odds of 1 to 6.67

    Dude! that would be soooooooo cool!

  • With box office ticket sales grossing over $165 Million, and DVD sales of $83 Million, I’d say more than a few people disagree with you.

    I know there’s a good reason why you insist on going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about this…

    I just can’t figure out what it is?

    “Me thinks thou doth protest too much!”

  • nugget

    haha. Jet, you still won’t admit that you are biased because it is a movie about gay people? perhaps that’s why you like it more?

    You won’t admit it because you are trying to make this movie something that it is not!!!!!!!! It may have moved you, but it’s not that friggin’ influential. The only people talking about it anymore are you and me. My point is not that I didn’t like it. I’ve said many times that I enjoyed what the movie had to offer. It didn’t offend me. But you need to come to grips with the hogwash that you’re feeding yourself e.g. this movie is so great and incredibly influential. Bullcraaaap. IT”S NOT. If it was sooooo awesome it would have won the oscar and people everywhere would be going back to see it, gay AND straight. That’s not happening. In a year, no one will remember the movie besides the silly controversy that surrounded it.

  • Was he a babe back then, is he a babe now???
    Pictures… I want pictures!

  • If THAT doesn’t teach you to be diplomatic and level-headed, nothing will.

  • Well, Jet, as if being the president of a prominent sorority, being in charge of 73 women (the exact count during my term), I was also seriously dating
    the most hated anti-Greek on campus

    Yeah, surprise……

  • Chelsea #92 you wrote “If you want to shut up a room of 60+ women, I recommend that.
    My motto in life: “You can’t scare me. I ran a sorority.”

    Hmmmmmm I wonder if that would work on Arch Conservative?

  • Chelsea #92: Thanks for the smile, okay I’ll shut up.

  • Jet #83 (I know I’m behind but i’ve been working all weekend) — I was a sorority president. You want to talk about being forced to be level-headed, try listening to an hour-long chapter meeting in which the hot topic of contention was what color we wanted our fleece hoodies to be, only to be followed up by what font we wanted the text in.

    It was about at that point I slammed my gavel down and said, “I for one thing we should go with WingDings.” If you want to shut up a room of 60+ women, I recommend that.

    My motto in life: “You can’t scare me. I ran a sorority.”

  • Casey #90: Obviously not you, but millions of people now know they’re not alone in their feelings.

  • How the hell did he pull that off? Who has he influenced?

  • I’m happy to report that Brokeback Mountian director Ang Lee has been named to Time Magazines list of 100 most influential people!

  • Arch, you read the whole thing! I’m so proud of you! What took you so long???

    Just because I liked the movie doesn’t mean I’m on any high horse. Nor have I put down anyone who didn’t like it. Only those trying to spread hate propaganda like David Ben-Ariel, who sucks you into believing he’s on your side until about the third or fourth paragraph, then lets go with his bullshit.

    High horse?
    Like you have any room to talk!!!!!!!

  • Arch Conservative

    “Too nervous to go see it?”

    Has it ever crossed your mind that a person may actually not find a movie about 2 gay cowboys appealing Jet?

    Why don’t you get off your high horse and come down from buttfuck mountain Jet?

  • Suss #82. In that case you got what you deserved… you sexy thing

  • Nugget #80 OKAY OKAY OKAY, it’s not necessary to keep repeatedly pressing the point that you didn’t like the movie. I get it already.

    I respect you opinion, but I got it several comments ago, okay?

    I also told you REPEATEDLY that I’d experienced something similar to the end of the movie, and that it touched me deeply, and that it didn’t touch you.

    I get it already, I get it. Try renting or buying “Making Love” staring Kate Jackson, Michael Onkean and Harry Hamlin!

  • Matt #79, I guess that would make you the kid you warn not to put his hand on the stove and he was a brat and did it any way, and then got burned.

    If you’re gay, start hating and loathing yourself, of not then start hating and loathing me.

    I’ll mark it down on your report card “Doesn’t not take or follow instructions well”

  • Chelsea #78: Though surprising, I somehow find comfort in there actually being something known as a “level-headed” 21-year-old sorority girl.


  • Not only do I hate gays now, but I also loathe myself. Oh, if only I would have read the warning in time!

  • nugget

    matt t. suss.: you most assuredly hate gays now. No true?

  • nugget

    so chelsea what are you doing friday night?


    jet I didn’t miss out on anything. I saw the movie. I thought “The Notebook” was a better movie. Perhaps I’m biased because it tells the story of a straight couple. I’m willing to admit that. Are you willing to admit that you are biased because BB just happens to be about gays and, um, you’re gay? Think real hard about that.

  • Oops, I clicked on the URL that hates teh gheys. I read top down. What do I do now?

  • Hey, someone’s gotta be the level-headed moderate around here. May as well be the 21-year-old sorority girl.

  • Chelsea #76: Thank you, that’s the point I was trying to make when I said that Nuggets opinion was just as valid and valued as mine.

    All the rest is just subtext.

    If everyone agreed, we’d never learn from eachother

  • I don’t have a problem with gay people, I’m FOR gay rights, and I wasn’t caught up in the politics. I just didn’t like the movie. It was about at the point of “I wish I could quit you” that I was in the middle of a full-fledged hunt for split ends. I just didn’t like it. Some people just didn’t like it. That doesn’t mean we hate the gay or want to stifle the movie’s message or that we’re *gasp* Republicans. Some people JUST. DIDN’T. LIKE. IT.

    And not to worry. I had no split ends.

  • PLEASE PAY NO ATTENTION TO COMMENT 74 AND DON’T CLICK ON THE URLS. He is preaching hate and self-loathing and should be ignored.

    Thank you

  • Brokeback Mountain Blues

    I was recently visiting in West Virginia and my friend, a female senior citizen, was asking another senior whether or not we should watch the dvd of Brokeback Mountain (which was loaned to them by an 81 year old lady who liked it), and her sister answered that she heard it was “all about sex” and wasn’t “anxious” to watch it.

    I surprised myself by speaking up and saying that simply wasn’t true; that the garbage on television makes Brokeback Mountain look tame. Not that two wrongs make a right, but folks should just be honest about everything, eh?

  • Nugget, I thought I explained the tangent rather well by quoting you “That movie forces you to assume that they “love” each other so much, but it never CONVINCES you” and then used those examples to answer that.

    I will be honest with you. I llved through a relationship where I was kept from expressing myself until he died in a car accident, and then it was soo late.

    The point of the movie is to cherish and acknowledge what you have, because in a flash you could lose it. I lost my lover before I could tell him what he really meant to me. I recently lost my father before I could tell him I loved him too.

    Wanting the movie to sell well has nothing to do with any gay rights campaign, that’s a cop out, and I’m not all that political on that front.

    This movie touched my life intimately, and it was the first time I cried in about 5 years.

    Just because it didn’t touch you, doesn’t mean it didn’t touch others… millions of others. I’m sorry all you can see is a political agenda, because you missed a damned good love story.

  • Silas 69, you won’t be getting any from me.


  • #69 Chantal, should I be worried about him?

  • nugget

    jet: that’s all fine. You may have thought that was particularly powerful, but it wasn’t that powerful to me. I could give a crap if a straight couple never said “I love you” in a movie. It wouldn’t automatically make it more meaningful. I’m not sure why you chose that tangent. You can’t convince me that the movie was “so powerful.” I saw it for myself!

    If I remember Casablanca, I’m pretty sure Humphrey Bogart didn’t spew out “I love yous” to impress the audience. Casablanca was a tale of forbidden love as well. The difference between Casablanca and Brokeback is that Casablanca had GREAT writing. The nuanced relationships that all the characters shared was nothing short of brilliant.

    Let’s be honest jet. You WANT brokeback to be a great movie universally because you are gay. It’s that simple. I’ve never had a thing against gay people or seeing them on a big screen. I’ve always had a thing against overrated art. Brokeback was a mediocre movie. It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t particularly good.

  • Yes I am. Thanks. I am looking forward to another season of stirring up emotions here at BC. I’m longing for some hate mail.

  • Silas, you are diabolical…..I love it!

    good to see you posting again 🙂

  • For all those who are lamenting the evils of Brokeback Mountain, let me recommend the Velocity of Gary. The passion scenes between Vincent D’Onofrio and Thomas Jane are absolutely mind blowing (pardon the pun). My ultimate fantasy is to strap a dozen right wing fundamentalists to gurneys and force them to watch Brokeback, Gary and Kinsey in one evening. You know, ala A Clockwork Orange. It’s just too delicious for words.

  • Nugget, I don’t know how to put this without making it sound like a put down, because it isn’t, but to your comment… “That movie forces you to assume that they “love” each other so much, but it never CONVINCES you.”

    The prove of their love is that they never actually say “I love you” through the whole movie. It’s so strong they don’t have to keep repeatedly reminding eachother to make sure of it. Ask any happily married and truly in love couple when the last time they said “I love you” was, and if it’s deep and committed they’ll likely have no idea, because they don’t have to express it out loud, it’s known.

    For most people they say “I love you” hoping the other party will say it back. Jack and Ennis never had a need for that, it was known.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t be more wrong. So many movies today lay everything out for you so you don’t have to think. Brokeback Mountain makes you get inside the character’s heads, you have to dig for it as hard as Ennis does. You have to see how much Ennis is struggling to bury it so deep inside of himself and the want he feels so deeply that if only he could let go and love Jack openly. You have to understand the shame society is beating him up with and how much he’s hiding from it.

    When Cassie leaves him for another man, you can see how much he aches with guilt that he’d used her.

    Jack’s line, “Sometimes… I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.”

    It’s all there in Ennis’ face, when Jack’s father tells him that Jack was going to bring the ranch foreman with him instead of Ennis to “whip this place back into shape”.

    When he discovers on Jack’s desk the little horse Ennis was whittling in the tent during the rain storm on the mountian, or finds those shirts in the closet, if you didn’t cry, you don’t have a heart.

    Maybe you can find the short story it’s based on and read it before seeing it on DVD again. Unfortunately the movie couldn’t have a narrator to explain what was going on in Ennis’ mind.

    I want a move that makes me figure things out, and makes me think about it afterward, rather than one that laid out on a 4th grade level that you forget most of 10 minutes after you leave the theater.

    Thanks for your contribution, I think you’re thoughts are valid, but they don’t agree with mine.


  • PS, I’m more of a Pet Shop Boys fan, and can’t stand Indigo Girls. I guess that means I’m not allowed to be gay anymore?

    Alan Parson
    Pink Floyd
    Fleetwood Mac

    I’m not discarding your opinion, because it’s just as valid as mine. I’m not getting upset either. Just don’t invalidate my feelings because you disagree with them.

  • Nugget 62: I beg to differ. Having lived through an experience very similar to the end of Brokeback, I can tell you that it touched me like no movie has ever touched me before, and obviously many others as well.

  • nugget

    and before you go crazy…

    Listening to the music of the Indigo girls is listening to true song writing, harmonic and layering brilliance. The depth of their work is spellbindingly good. It makes a straight person (who may have had previous doubts about the depth and intensity of someone who is truly gay)……it makes a straight person think “wow, ya know they may be lesbians, but they really mean something. They really feel love. They have felt hardship and are quite resilient in their work.”

    When someone watches “Angels in America” for the first time, they may be a bit turned off by the butt sex scenes, but there is SOOO much more to the series that it is very easy to look past anything that is footnotish. You feel for the characters, understand their relationships, and many truths were disclosed about human nature in that series.

    For someone who liked Angels in America and loves the Indigo Girls, I can tell you that Brokeback Mountain is crappy compaired to the art I’ve mentioned. That movie forces you to assume that they “love” each other so much, but it never CONVINCES you. It screams “look look we’re soooo in love. look isn’t this weird? two masculine men in love? cowboys to boot? (no pun intended) how odd, yet perfect!?”

    Borrrring. It’s too obvious what it was they were selling. I understand the concepts. But the movie was forgettable.

  • nugget

    jet: BB was just not that good. It may have been for a “cause” and all that stuff, but it wasn’t that great of a movie. The indigo girls and Angels in America are the two biggest artistic triumphs rooted in the gay community.

  • News Flash: Jake Gyllenhall and Michelle Williams were named by the Teen version of People Magazine in their June/July issue as two of their picks for “25 Hottest Stars Under 25” in TV, film, and music.

    You didn’t have to tell me about Jake…

  • Well, it looks like Randy Quaid finally came to his senses and dropped his $10 million lawsuit against Focus Features!

    The details seem to be a little hazy, because Randy claims they agreed to pay him more, which he states he’ll share with other cast members he claims were under paid, but Focus Features denies any contact with him???

    This is a shame that someone like Quaid would let greed come into the picture. He plays one of the strongest characters in the film, but he should stick to his word and his contract.

    There was no way to predict this movie would be such a success, and he had the option to work for a percentage instead of scale, probably picking scale because he didn’t think it would make much money either.

    Stay tuned as more details become available!

  • Chantal #58. You’re one of the nicest people I deal with here, thanks.

    You may regret making the offer though.


  • Jet…..I’m really sorry to hear about your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Remember, if you need to vent, and get things off your chest, just write about it, and we’ll all be here to listen.

    Take care
    Love, chantal

  • My friends, my sister just called me to tell me my father passed away at 6:30 this evening, so I’ll leave you to fight this out on your own for about a week.

    More when I can

  • WTF #55 YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I have a bad habit of getting several ideas in my head at the same time that get jumbled together, and my fingers aren’t fast enough to type them out and keep up with me at the same time.

    You’re right, I meant coming out, and i meant facing my sexual orientation.

    thank you sir for watching out for me and pointing that out

    I appreciate it.

  • WTF?

    OK, I don’t have time to respond to everything you said because I’m about to go to bed. But, as much as I commend you for your honesty and your personal choices that you so bravely shared, I feel the need to bring up this sentence:

    “They say being gay isn’t a choice… but it is. It’s a choice to stop lying to yourself and to the people you love, just to make everyone in the world happy but yourself.”

    While I believe being gay is not a choice, it hasn’t actually been proven true (the lack of scientific evidence is a whole other post altogether). However, if I may, I believe what you are saying is coming out is the choice of which you’re speaking and the consequences you’re describing. There’s a HUGE difference between saying “being gay” is a choice and “coming out” (or “being openly gay”) is a choice, and I think that distinction needs to be made.

  • Scott #52 See #46

    It’s not reducing it to just sex. Straight bigots reduce it to just sex, as if that’s all there is to being gay.

    It takes into account your hormones.
    It takes into account the people you prefer to call your friends
    It takes into account the people you love.

    Working with other men is something you have no choice over, but you choose who you love, and you choose who your friends are. You have no choice who your hormones react to.

    Gay men hanging out with women falls under the catagory of kindred spirits, and is covered as an entire third of the scale.

    You know, I’ve been critisized as discarding anything I don’t agree with, but that’s not true. The fact that other points of view care enough to put down their thoughts here, means a lot to me, because it means that I haven’t been discarded.

    That’s why I take the time to stop and respond to everyone.


  • WTF 50 & 51. Thank you for that. There was a time in my life when I tried hard to love a girl. It broke my heart, I loved her emotionally, I loved her as a kindred spirit who shared my views on a lot of things, I loved her physically and often.

    But every time we were out enjoying ourselves, my hormones would start bubbling every time a good looking guy walked into my field of view. I prayed, I did my best to ignore it, but it didn’t work.

    I finally had to break it off with her, because I loved her, and didn’t want to face that I couldn’t love her completely and it wouldn’t be fair to her.

    I find women attractive physically and sexually, but men cause a reaction in me that goes deeper than my soul can overcome, and rather than fight who I am, and maybe hurt someone else, I yielded to my hormones.

    Now I’m happy.

    I’d never want to bring kids into that, because they’d know I didn’t love their mother completely and in the way she deserved. Kids can see a lot more than we give them credit for.

    I guess I’ve knew I was gay all my life, it just took that situation to face it.

    They say being gay isn’t a choice… but it is. It’s a choice to stop lying to yourself and to the people you love, just to make everyone in the world happy but yourself.

    I’ve poured out my soul, let’s see how many people spit on it now.


  • Scott Butki

    Jet, you’re reducing a person’s orientation to the physical act of sex and I’m not sure what that is accomplishing.

    Using an anecdote to back up the idea that a person can’t stand another’s presence is an odd foundation for the argument.

    So anyone who works with other men – namely almost all men- can’t be heterosexual because they are able to stand their presence?

    You also skipped my question about gay men and women hanging out.

  • WTF?

    That was supposed to be:

    “I’m not sure that someone’s friendships are a part of it.”

    Anyway, you’ve definitely given me something to think about.

  • WTF?

    Ok, Ok, Jet, calm down, no need to be defensive. I never said you didn’t know what you were talking about. But that one random example of that one random woman didn’t really mean anything, especially when taken out of context.

    Secondly, I love you gave me, oh, 12 hours to respond before being all “Where’s your argument, WTF?” Sorry, I have other things to do, too, like checking email and clipping my toenails.

    Thirdly, I have to admit, I have been under the impression that “heterosexuality,” “homosexuality” and “bisexuality” refers to just that: the “sexual” orientation of someone. I’ve never heard/thought about how one’s emotional or kindred attractions are a part of it. While I agree that most people are usually not 100?% homo- or heterosexual, I’m not sure that someone friendships are a part of it.

    If a man only wants to have sex with women, then to me, he’s hetero. If most or all of his friends are male, but he still, deep down, only wants to have sex with women, then I would still consider him completely hetero, because he doesn’t want to have sex with, or have sexual attraction to, his male friends. Being platonically attracted to another man isn’t the same as being sexually attracted to him.

    As far as this “kindred” attraction, well, I guess I’d have to have a definition of a “kindred” attraction because I’m not sure exactly what that’s referring to.

  • Thanks SteveS #48. It shows that certain people insist that everyone be labeled either by number or by an adjective.

    I can’t remember who invented the scale, but it works very well.

    Myself, I’m about a 8.9

    Thanks for being a kindred spirit

  • is that a kinsey scale? I won’t argue with it, but I’m of the belief that we are more complex than what can be put in a scale. I think at different times of my life, I would give different answers (numbers). Also, this (or any scale) wraps things up into a yes or no (of desire) based solely on gender. You put two women side by side though, and many guys can be attracted to one woman but not the other, know what I mean? Just playing devil’s advocate.

    However, if I were to take this test, it does seem to play out accurately for me….
    Hormonally, I would be a 5. Right in the middle.
    In terms of emotional love, I would be a 9.
    In terms of kindred, I would be a 1, I have all female friends, 0 guy friends.

    That’s 15 out of 30, or a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I would think that fits me accurately. But at different times of my life, there would have been different numbers, for example in high school all my friends were the freeks/goths and all but 2 were guys. In terms of kindred, back then, I would have had to give myself an 8 instead of a 1.

  • WTF, what no argument? I’m disappointed in you!

  • Okay kids, hear’s the scale.

    1. Hormonal sexual attraction
    2. Emotional attraction
    3. Kindred attraction

    1 on the scale is completely Heterosexual, 5 is bi-sexual-10 is completely Homosexual.

    Okay your a male…

    Example 1
    1) Hormonally you’re completely attracted to women on a physical level. 1 point
    2) On an emotional level, you love your brother, your father, your uncle, and you’re completely secure in your manhood. You equally love your Mother and sisters… 5 Points
    3) Kindred: You prefer the company of men as friends, you play basketall, go out drinking with your buddies leaving the wife at home… 7 out of 10 of your friends are straight men. 7 points.

    Example 1 total 13 points of a possible 30
    On a the scale of 1 to 10 with one being completely straight and 10 being completely gay, that makes you a 2.3

    Example 2
    A woman
    1)hormonaly attracted only to men 1 Point
    2)Emotionally only able to deal with men, can’t stand to be around her mother or sister, and avoids all contact with women as much as possible
    1 Point
    3)Kindred-she has no female friends, only male
    1 point
    Example total 3 Points out a possible 30

    On a scale of 1-10 she’s a 1-Completely Heterosexual.

    But I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • So be it WTF. If I can’t convince you, then in your eyes, I know absolutely nothing about it, I’m wrong, and have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  • WTF?

    Sorry, Jet, I’m not convinced. That woman who can’t stand to be around other women? That could be attributed to a ton of other psychological characteristics aside from her sexual orientation. That example means nothing.

  • Steve #40. Heterosexuality encoumpasses just SEX.

    You caught me at a typo, it should’ve read Heterosexuality encoumpasses not just SEX.

    Thanks, and thanks for fleshing out the concept so intelligently


  • WTF#39 From experience in life. I’ve met a woman who was so completely heterosexual, she couldn’t stand the company and sight of other women, to the point where she could only have a good time in male gay bars.

    We’re talking extreme degrees here people. Of course it sounds strange, because most of us are either near, but not at, either end of the scale.

  • Scott #38. We’re talking on a scale here, and completely hetrosexual.

  • My guess is that he’s basing it on this premise:

    Heterosexuality encoumpasses just SEX. (comment 36). But our orientation is tempered with other factors of our intellect.

    I’m of the mindset that the opposite of attraction is not repulsion but indifference, in regards to mating/sex. So I don’t think that a pure heterosexual being, motivated solely by the sexual impulse, is repelled by someone of the same sex, but just rather not aroused. On a primal level, possibly threatened but not repelled.

    I think when you get into being repelled by something, whether it’s the same sex or opposite sex, then you get into complex issues that are affecting the orientation, whether it’s inner desires you are combatting or something else.

  • WTF?

    Jet, your “definition” of heterosexuality is ridiculous. Where did you come up with that?

  • Scott Butki

    To be completely 100 percent hetrosexual, a man wouldn’t be able to stand the sight, or the company of another man.

    Yes, this is the point I don’t buy. Since when does heterosexuality mean a man can’t stand the sight of another man?

    By that logic homosexuals can’t stand the sight of women yet I know lots of women who hang around gay guys and vice versa.

  • No doubt about it, I gotta get that damned spell checker fixsed fisxked fixsed uh looked at.

  • A man can admire another man’s athletic ability without being homoSEXual, was what I was trying to stress.

    To be completely 100 percent hetrosexual, a man wouldn’t be able to stand the sight, or the company of another man. Heterosexuality encoumpasses just SEX. A man can admire Ahlold’s muscles, or be a judge at a muscleman contest, or love a baseball player’s skill on the diamond without being sexually attracted to him.

    Having posters of your favorite socker or football player, or WWF musclebound wrestler up on your wall doesn’t make you gay by any means, but if you were completely hetrosexual, you wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of them.

    To be COMPLETELY hetro, would mean not having anything to do with the same sex, and in that area we all fall into the middle somewhere.

    Before you dispute that, if you were offered one million dollars tax free to have all-out no-holds-barred sex with the man of your choice at the local gym for only ten minutes, would you do it?

  • Scott Butki

    I find it interesting how many
    guys think it’s funny to write variations on Brokeback – buttback, etc.
    Wonder if that is showing insecurity or just a juvenile sense of humor or what.

    That said, I think you’re overreaching, Jet, when you suggest that guys watching guys in sporting events suggests some kind of gay leanings or interest of heterosexuals.

    Now I can’t recall if that comment by you was in this thread or in the other one about this movie.

  • I wonder how many identities “Truth hurts’ has.

    By the way, when I googled Brokeback mountain a couple of days ago in the news tab, this came up about 8th, it doesn’t now, but I thought it was really cool.

  • Nope that’s just carpul tunnel syndrome, or is it corpal, no carpel


  • peope = my right wing moment!

  • Why is it that the more right wing and fundamental you go, the less capable you are of spelling?

    It glorifies a way of life which is destroying our society.

    It shows pain and loss and discrimination and a form of oppression. What exactly does it glorify and how? Oh yeah, I forgot you didn’t watch it but are prepared to tell us what it’s about.

    way to errode the fabric of American society.

    Gay people have been in existance long before America was founded. Gay people were part of America since the beginning. Gay peope are just as much a part of the fabric of this country as fundamentalists. The change is that we just no longer remain quiet about who we are and no longer look upon your prejudice and uneducated spelling habits in silence now but are willing to tell you to your face to shut the bigotry up. That’s really all that’s changed.

  • Okay, I’m reading words like unnatural, travesty,
    sodomy, and homosexuality. Not words that’d come out of the mouth of someone willing to give the movie/DVD “a chance”

    Had you seen it and not liked it, and you were been as openminded as you cliaim, I’d see rational reasons why you didn’t like it and I’d respect your opinions.

    However by you spewing such hate language, I doubt you’d spend the $17 “just to give it a chance”

    Therefore, I’d conclude you never saw the movie, and are some born-again freak just wanting to get his/her/kicks posting a phoney comment.

    Just remember that if your erection lasts more than 4 hours, you should consult a physician immediately.


  • Truth hurts, if you really want something to sink your teeth into, you should try my article on bigotry and fundamentalists.

    It’s a hoot!

  • Odd, I’m not hurt, you’re not telling the truth

  • Truth Hurts

    This movie is a travesty. It glorifies a way of life which is destroying our society. Their is nothing good about homosexuality. It is unnatural and destroys the innocence of those people who choose to participate it this disgusting perversion. I watched the first half hour of this movie just to see what everyone was talking about, I nearly fell asleep before I threw up at the sodomy scene. Good work homosexuals….way to errode the fabric of American society.

  • That’s because I like reading my own stuff, just ask the arch conman.

    Oops, I guess I just did it again.

  • RogerMDillon

    You should certainly comment less on your own posts.

  • Nope, you’re doing just fine….it’s all good

  • Well exxxxxxxxcuse me.
    Should I write less to give everyone else a chance?

  • btw Jet…you have too many threads going here, I can hardly keep up!


  • I noticed the pierced ear too … LOL

    damn details!

  • John wrote:

    Why should it? It looks like a true honest face to me. Wow, ll times. That’s great!! I wanted to see it more, but some of my friends wouldn’t let me. I will with the DVD though. It definitly was robbed of the academy award for “Best Picture” though. Oh well, it is for me and always will be.

    Actually friends kept showing up at my door to take me, to try to cheer me up. I’d just gotten out of my 9th surgery in a year and a half from nearly being beaten to death during a robbery.

    After about the 7th time it got too distracting, because I was noticing all the inconsistancies I started noticing because they did it on a shoestring budget like,

    Heath’s empty pierced ear

    The log that Jack puts on the stump to split that disappears

    When Jack and Ennis ride to the mountain in his red pick up truck, there’s only one person in the truck… unless Ennis is bent over out of sight of the window… hmmmm

    Glad you enjoyed it

  • See my related article on the AFA vs this DVD!

  • If I’m to believe everything I read about Sam Walton, I don’t think he’d be “spinning in his grave.” It seems to me that anything to get a product out that the people want at a reasonable price was his motto, and obviously people want this or they wouldn’t be buying it…

  • Dear Hellbreeder, “Cultlike”, hmmm, yeah, I guess you could say that, but then gays get so few entertainment venues that they can relate to, that when one comes along, many grab hold tightly.

    We go to straight love stories on film all the time, and can identify with them, and finally one comes along that straights can watch and see our trials and tribulations, and we can proudly point at it and say, “that’s us!” “that’s our struggle”.

    Most gays, don’t lisp, or mince, or wear dresses, and unless we told someone, you’d never know we were gay, but the religous right, paints us as child molesters, recruiters to keep our “kind” going, and evil, that we can’t be allowed to just be loving, caring, people.

    The truth is 99% of gays are everyday people, earning livings, paying rents or mortgages, cussing in traffic, and loving or being loved.

    If Jack and Ennis had been given that luxury, back in 1963 or today even, they wouldn’t have had to marry women they didn’t love, and live lies in order not to lose the love of people they cared for.

  • Hellbreeder

    Getting a little cultlike there, Jet.

    But I’m impressed that WalMart is selling it. Another case of good business sense winning out over hollow moralizing. Sam Walton is likely spinning in his grave.


  • Personally, I’d empty my checking account for the original scripts used by either Heath or Jake! As long as they were autographed.

  • Let’s see…

    Can you imagine what the postcard marked DECEASED would go for?

    Jack’s black hat from the mountain

    The fur pelt from the wolf Ennis killed

    Ennis’ tan hat from the scene when they broke up!

  • #10 Micheal, as much as this movie has meant to people, I won’t be surprised if memorabilia starts showing up all over the place, I’d just be careful of it’s genuiness.

    Can you imagine how much the tent would go for?

  • You’re welcome Mike. Did you spot any protestors there, did you see the posters at the front door?

  • And thanks Wal-Mart.

  • Oh yes, the whittled horse. I would love to have that. I wonder if it’s up for auction. If some clever queen can come up with replicas and sell, it could really go. Think about it.
    Thanks for the fine review.

  • Thanks Joan. I’ve learned an interesting trick. If you order a DVD on line that hasn’t been released yet, they ship it so it’ll arrive on the release date. Department and video stores aren’t allowed to sell it till that date, almost always a tuesday. For this particular DVD the date was April 4th, but they usually over estimate how long it’ll take to arrive, so I actually got this DVD last Saturday.

    Just a handy hint…

  • Joan

    Lovely review!! Well written, balanced, and obviously done by a person who “gets” the film as intended!


  • I checked with a friend of my that works at our local Wal-mart. No protestors. Apparently what they’re doing is phone harrassing the managers about how dare they display posters (which are identical to the DVD sleeve) at the front doors where children can see them.


  • This if my first review and I appreciate the incouragement.

  • Brian

    Bravo for this beautiful film and your honest dvd ****** review, Jet! I’m on my way to Walmart for my copy and to make my purchase count!Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks so much for pointing that out. It was of course an oscar, the grammy will come later…I hope

    Lots of love

  • an emmy?? you sure about that Jet?

  • Wal-mart has decided to face down all the “pro-family” jerks who plan to phone harrass and picket them by selling this DVD in their stores. I’d suggest a counter attack-if you don’t get it on Amazon.com, I’d suggest a quick trip to Wal-mart to pick up a copy!

    There seems to be an error in the link, by the way that says it’s not available, it comes out tuesday april 4th…

  • As this was posted, I forgot the skinny dipping scene, why? There’s no contact between them, and even on DVD it’s out of focus.
    I highly recommend you check out the deals you can get on Amazon.com, just click on the images above. The soundtrack is great too… It won an Emmy!