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DVD Review: Body of Proof – The Complete First Season

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Body of Proof is a fresh new murder/medical mystery drama. We closely follow Dr. Megan Hunt who is the newest medical examiner out to solve the mystery behind unexpected deaths. This once aspiring neurosurgeon loses it all after a car accident that leaves her hands going occasionally numb. It’s a setup with a lot of conflict for a great TV show.

With little regard for rules or authority, Dr. Hunt will do anything she can regardless of what she’s told she can or can’t do to solve it. She will collect clues through examining the victim’s bodies, performing medical tests and interviewing friends and families by any means necessary. It’s an extravagant crime solving puzzle full of pieces that she must put together to determine if a person’s death is from natural causes, bad drug interaction, or foul play.

Starring Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives), Nicholas Bishop (Past Life) and Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager, Boston Public, Shark), the cast has a great chemistry that absolutely makes this show work and pop in ways that draws you in. Every episode is an intriguing mystery and I’m hoping some time soon, I can solve a case before Dr. Hunt. You’ll be easy entertained by one of the biggest new hits on TV and Season 2 is just around the corner. If you need a refresh or a catch up, the complete season one set will soon be available on DVD.

I have enjoyed every second of the first season. Which truly brings about my only true complaint about this show thus far: it’s a mere nine episodes. However, this is expected as most shows have a short first season these days. Regardless of that, if you love TV shows such as Castle, House and Law and Order, then you’re really going to enjoy Body for Proof. It truly brings a mix of all these shows and brings them together into an artful harmony that many others fail to do.

“Examining the Proof” gives us a look into the world of making a show like this. You get a glimpse at just a small portion of all the work and effort that goes into creating a successful medical mystery. From the many consultants they enlist to help design their morgue and autopsy rooms to training the actors how to properly hold a scalpel and cut making the wounds look real. For what little we get to see in this feature, you get a better idea of all the time that is invested every week into a single hour of entertainment. If you’re a big “How’d they do that?” buff like me, you’ll love this.

“If Looks Could Kill” follows the costume designer of the show and what she does to make every last piece of clothing we see look and feel real. The final feature is the always fun to watch blooper reel. My only true complaint here is the length. There could be more but I always feel there could be more with the blooper reels. What we get is well worth the time.

The first season of Body of Proof is excellent and wrought with mysteries you’ll find yourself trying to solve. You’ll enjoy every bit of this DVD and it’s priced accordingly for being a small set. Here’s to looking forward to another great season, and hopefully next time a lot more features and extras for our enjoyment. Body of Proof the Complete First Season will be available September 20th.

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