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DVD Review: Bob the Builder Lunchbox Gift Set

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Can we watch it? YES WE CAN! Now, not only can your little ones watch their favorite Bob the Builder episodes, they can tote their lunch or snack in this adorable lunch box, which is actually a soft-sided insulted lunch bag. I can’t think of a better way to send your child off to school on their first day than with a few beloved characters such as Bob the Builder and all of his friends.

Enclosed within the lunchbox are three Bob the Builder DVDs, each 45 minutes of "can we fix it" fun! The DVDs included are:

Celebrate With Bob, which I found particularly enjoyable and fun.  It has stories about a dance contest ("Buffalo Bob"), a broken computer ("Bob’s Day Off"), a really messy office ("Bob’s Big Surprise"), and a surprise birthday party ("Bob’s Birthday"). Along with these full-length episodes are four mini-episodes. Celebrate With Bob is one of those DVDs that the entire family can sit down and enjoy together.  My 2-year-old son, 7-year-old daughter and I all cuddled up together and giggled our way through the antics of Bob, Wendy, and the delightful construction crew.  It was cute to watch the interaction between Bob and Wendy during the dance contest episode — the bit of shyness, though they have worked so long together.  Also on this DVD, viewers get a glimpse at some of Bob's off-the-job enjoyment such as his passion for bird watching — though during his day of leisure, he is interrupted many times by work- related emergencies (which will be no surprise for fans of Bob the Builder).

The Big Game DVD includes episodes where Wendy covers for Bob when he falls ill ("Wendy’s Busy Day"), Wendy covers up a few painting blunders ("Wallpaper Wendy"), some soccer field mayhem ("Wendy’s Big Game"), and a bit of fixing up after an accident in wet cement ("Wendy’s Tennis Match"), as well as an additional four mini-adventures. How wonderful it is to have the hard-working Wendy with featured episodes on one DVD!  Though not an experienced viewer of Bob The Builder, I have noticed that Wendy can easily be taken for granted though she is always one to be there to pick up any slack or come to the rescue when needed.  It is for that reason that fans will especially delight in The Big Game as well as the fact that this particular series of episodes focuses on sports such as tennis, soccer, and mini golf.

The final DVD included in this delightful gift pack is Can We Fix It? (the catch phrase known far and wide by many a child and parent!). On this disc, viewers will be entertained with a hectic harvest time adventure ("Bob’s Barnraising"), muddy gloppy fun ("Mucky Muck"), crazy, golf course building excitement ("Wendy Plays Golf"), and lost and found fun ("Magnetic Lofty"). As with the other DVDs, this one also contains four mini adventures that are sure to bring a smile to young faces.

The fact that the focus of Bob the Builder is teamwork and working together makes this particular series an enjoyable one.  Often times programming geared toward children can be a bit "out there" containing no substance at all.  Therefore it is wonderful to have a series such as this that is not only entertaining and fun, but has an excellent lesson behind it.  Children will laugh, clap, and later play act using what they saw on the episodes as well as their imagination.  Parents and caregivers can feel comfortable knowing that their children are being entertained with quality viewing with Bob the Builder.

With tons of construction and friendship fun, this Bob the Builder set is sure to be a huge hit with boys and girls alike. The packaging is adorable and simply hard to resist; the DVDs each contain beloved and hit episodes of Bob and the gang. In addition, each DVD is individually shrink wrapped, so can easily be turned into several gifts — what a fun idea for grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone with little ones!

Bob, Wendy, Dizzy the cement mixer, Lofty the crane, Muck the bulldozer, and the whole gang will make for a delightful family fun night as well as a bit of much desired quiet time.

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