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DVD Review: Boathouse Detectives

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Seven year old Anna McKenzie lives with her evil stepmother. She overhears her stepmother making plans to send her away to boarding school and her dog off to the pound while she goes to the French Riviera. She plans on using Anna’s inheritance to live a wealthy life without having to care for Anna.

Anna writes a letter begging for help, ties it to a helium filled birthday balloon, and sets it free outside a third floor window with a hope that it will reach her grandmother. The balloon and the letter is actually discovered floating in a pond by ten year old Gage Harris. He gathers all his friends together and using clues they try to find Anna and reunite her with her grandmother before her stepmother sends her away to Europe to boarding school.

Gage and his friends try to use clues like a partial address on the envelope, the size of the dog based on his paw print, Anna’s name, etc. to figure out who she and her grandmother are. They enlist the help of one of their friends who is a girl, and she manages to convince the local genius kid to help with the clues.

In the meantime, Anna’s grandmother is trying to get custody of Anna. However, Anna’s evil stepmother is fooling around with the lawyer who handled the paperwork for Anna’s inheritance and custody and they’ve faked the papers to show that Anna’s stepmother has custody when she doesn’t.

This is a great family adventure. The movie is high energy with lots going on, and it will keep your child’s attention easily. Because it’s Dove approved, there is no reason to worry about sex, language, drugs or anything else that might be inappropriate for children. Definitely a fantastic family movie.

Boathouse Detectives stars Ella Harris (Dangerous Parking), Mason Johnson (The New Twenty), Oscar Hoggan, Cameron Phelts, McKenzie Richard, Stacee Riekhoff and Darren Ewing (Mischief, Unacompanied Minors). It is being released March 15th by MTI Home Video and is Dove Family Approved 5 out of 5!

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