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DVD Review: Blues Company: Keepin’ The Blues Alive

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I was surprised to hear the Blues Company had been around for more then 25 years (and performed more then 3000 gigs). Not only I, but also everyone else that I talked to, including some real lovers of the Blues had never heard of them. Perhaps that is because they are a German Band.

That being said, with my real interest in Blues, I was drawn to watch the bands new DVD, Keepin’ The Blues Alive (release date: Oct 25, 2005) not once but three times in one sitting. I love the sound of those electric guitars, horns and harmonicas behind a great singing voice.

This DVD was filmed at two Blues Festivals, (B & W in Halle – Nov 1, 2003 and S & R in Lahnstein – Sept 27, 2003). The videography was excellent. I enjoyed watching and listening very much, with one exception. I chose English as the language to view the DVD in. Problem was that while all the songs were in English ( as they were even in the German option), the comments between songs were not. I had no idea, except for a few rare words, what was being said and therefore my listening enjoyment of the DVD was brought down some.

As for the DVD extras, the biography was interesting, but be prepared to read small print on your television screen, as there is no audio for this segment. The interview section was interesting and informative. Finally the photo gallery was interesting viewing.

rating: 3 out of 5 stars

and that’s the way I see it! and now for your thoughts…

Kevin Surbaugh, of Topeka, KS is editor of KevinsView.com and is an ordained minister who spent 2 years with the ministry of Jesus People USA, which runs Cornerstone Festival in Western IL and operates Grrr Records at its headquarters in Chicago, IL.


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