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DVD Review: Bianca Beauchamp – All Access

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French-Canadian model Bianca Beauchamp is known throughout the world for her work in the latex fetish genre. She first gained exposure over the Internet, with the creation of the website Bianca's Latex Lair. Since then, she has appeared not only on the covers of fetish magazines such as Marquis and Skin Two, but also in more mainstream publications like Playboy and Maxim.

Bianca Beauchamp: All Access follows Beauchamp's unconventional adventures during a whirlwind three-day bash. She plays host at Montreal Fetish Weekend, launches a book with long-time photographer/collaborator Martin Perreault, parties with her friends, and chows down on poutine (French fries drenched in gravy and cheese curd).

The design concept of the video is novel and fun. It’s inspired by silent films, featuring clinky piano music and scene introductions set in old-fashioned fonts. The film was shot by Perreault, who has worked with Bianca for more than a decade. The closeness between the cameraman and his subjects makes for a much more natural experience for the viewer, which is nice.

What’s really appealing about this video is Bianca’s joie de vivre. Powering through an intense three-day jaunt with a camera on her heels, she goes through a few stressful times, but gets through them with a sense of humor and without taking herself too seriously. She is open and honest about her fears (no one showing up to her book launch, wiping out in her teetering heels in front of her fans).

On her way to give a kick-off speech, she is nervous about addressing the crowd and even more concerned when she realizes she doesn’t have her notes. Later, after the notes have been recovered and the speech is safely in her past, she makes a big production of pulling the cards from the obvious anatomical hiding spot and chucking them into the trash can. Then, she announces, it is time for food and booze.

The girl knows how to have fun. She is charming and sweet, and seems genuinely amazed and grateful to have such a devoted flock of fans. She laughs and jokes with her friend and hairstylist, “The Richard,” and with the parade of fetish partiers at her home and in various venues. Even if you’re not into the whole pin-up thing, it’s hard not to like Bianca.

You needn’t be an existing fan of the latex/fetish scene to enjoy this candid look at a bubbly, fun-loving, sex-goddess-next-door. However, if you find that kind of thing offensive, this unrated video is not for you. It’s certainly not pornography, but it is highly suggestive, showing excerpts from performances at Montreal Fetish Weekend that would make your grandmother blush. For now, these folks are sociological deviants, but as Bianca likes to point out, the latex/fetish scene is growing in popularity.

The two-disc set includes the original All Access documentary as well as several bonus features. The 28-minute Film Premier Featurette revisits Bianca months after the original footage was shot, as she attends the Montreal premier, characteristically bemused by the fealty of her fans. Also included are 35 minutes of deleted scenes, two short films, half an hour of television interview footage, cast and crew profiles, and a photo slideshow.

If you’re into the latex scene, you will love this video for its insider’s peek at one of the hottest lives in fetish modeling. If you’re just an open-minded soul who’s not offended by expressive sexuality, give it a shot. You’ll appreciate the documentary’s unpretentious style and Bianca’s genuine charm and love of life.

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  • Thank you Amanda for such a wonderful review of the DVD. Bianca and I very much enjoyed reading it and we are positively thrilled at such a positive review. I am very happy that you enjoyed the way the film was presented, the choice of music (kudos must go to Creative Commons Music composer Kevin MacLeoad who was a great inspiration for the overall rhythm of the edit of the film!), and the overall feel of the film. We did this film for fun, and we’re happy to witness such a nice reception from critics. From the bottom of our heart, thank you. – Martin Perreault — PS. wanted to send an email, but had to resort to posting the comments because I couldn’t find a link to reach you. Cheers!

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