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DVD Review: Bee Movie: A Very Jerry 2-Disc Special Edition

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The animated feature Bee Movie was Jerry Seinfeld's first major project since his series Seinfeld wrapped up. The title is a play on the expression "B movie".

Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld) is about to graduate from Bee College and enter the work force, but he bristles at the prospect of doing only one job for the rest of his life. He wants to explore the outside world before settling down, and what he would really like to do is become a pollen jock, one of those bees who get to go outside the hive into the real world. After a series of mishaps he meets Vanessa (Renee Zellweger). A forbidden friendship develops, forbidden because the bees says they shouldn't talk to humans since the end result is usually the human trying to kill the bee.

Through his friendship with Vanessa Barry discovers that humans have been stealing the bees' honey and profiting from it. This leads Barry to sue the human race to get the honey back. He wins, but the ecological consequences are disastrous, and they lead into an eco-friendly message.

The movie was highly enjoyable, even though it was just Seinfeld being Seinfeld (as Jerry even says in the commentary, it's him as a bee). My nine year old, my fifteen month old (when she was paying attention), and I all had a good time watching this movie.

While the movie was good, what makes the 2-Disc Very Jerry Edition great is that it's packed with extras.

Disc One contains:

Audio commentary by Seinfeld and the creative team, which does drag a bit here and there, but when Jerry leads the discussion it's lively and entertaining.

Jerry's 16 TV Juniors – 16 short, extremely funny TV promo spots that were designed to whet your appetite for the movie. These spots might be the best extras on the disc and spotlight Seinfeld at his best.

Alternate endings and lost scenes. There are many deleted scenes in various forms of development, and you get to see the various attempts at an ending.

Original live action trailers. The film's original live action movie trailers are shown; they lead into the idea that maybe the film should be animated instead, but they're very funny and showcase Seinfeld's humor and talent.

Jerry's flight over Cannes. This was where Jerry and company staged an elaborate press event, which had him, in a bee costume, flying overhead announcing the movie to the press.

Inside the Hive. This contains behind the scenes interviews with Jerry and the voice talent of Renee Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, Chris Rock, and Patrick Warburton.

Disc Two contains:

"We Got the Bee" Music Video

The Tech of Bee Movie. This takes a look at what went into the animation process and is quite informative.

Dreamworks Music Video Jukebox. This section, especially the Shrek video, was a favorite of my fifteen month old. It features music videos from each of the Dreamworks animated feature films.

Pollination Practice Video Game – a DVD semi-interactive game aimed at kids, which my nine year old enjoyed.

Meet Barry B. Benson – Jerry presents his alter ego through a series of interactive questions.

The Ow Meter. This feature has a pain meter representing various species of humans and bees, which are each rated on a 1-5 scale.

The Buzz About Bees. This is a short documentary about bees that stresses their importance in the Earth's ecological balance.

Also included is DVD-ROM content, which features the game Be A Bee, a demo of the official movie computer game, and numerous printable images of characters from the film.

Bee Movie is a fun animated film that the entire family will enjoy.

Grade B+

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