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DVD Review: Beauty & the Briefcase

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Hilary Duff is all grown up, but she still has that adorable Disney Darling appeal. In Beauty & the Briefcase, Hilary stars as Lane Daniels, a freelance writer looking for her big break at Cosmopolitan Magazine, her bible. If it sounds a little familiar, it is! It’s a younger, less risqué version of Sex and the City (with similar intro music and voiceovers). Lane uses her best friend’s connections to land a pitch interview with a tough editor, Kate (Jaime Pressly) who decides to give Lane a chance when they both discuss the lack of love in the fashion world, their conclusion – join the corporate world, where all the men are, obviously. And so the research begins, in the name of love.

Lane lands a job in business with a nice boss, Tom (Michael McMillan) after she beefs up her resume a little with skills she does not possess. And now her search must begin. Lane goes on multiple dates with men in suits, including Seth (Matt Dallas, has a great fashion sense) from her new job, but they all fail to meet her dream man check list (which is a little unreasonable). Then one night she miraculously meets a guy, music producer Liam, who meets all her dream guy criteria. But he is not from the corporate world and Kate from Cosmo tells Lane to ditch Liam for the sake of the story. Lane quietly continues seeing him and soon she finds out more about Liam and it’s not a pretty picture! Lane does have one friend in the office, her boss Tom. He continues to stand by her despite finding out that her resume isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Could he be a potential man in a suit for Lane?

Lane soon realizes that her relationship requirements are just a little too extreme and that’s when she finds love, in an unlikely person.

Overall, Beauty & the Briefcase is a cute story about love. Hilary Duff’s younger audience will appreciate the wholesome factor even though there are a few sexual innuendos.

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