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DVD Review: Barney Learning Pack

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Lionsgate just released its Barney Learning Pack on October 26th. The Barney Learning Pack is a six DVD set that contains over four hours of fun, learning programming for your preschooler. There are six individual programs with each program on its own disc. Programs include: “Now I Know My ABC’s,” “Rhyme Time Rhythm,” “Red, Yellow and Blue!”, “Numbers! Numbers,” “Let’s Play School,” and “It’s Time for Counting.0”

“Now I Know My ABC’s” is all about learning your alphabet. “B” is for Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ! Your preschooler will have fun learning ABC’s, colors, and more on this fun episode that was originally released in 2004. This program is 40 minutes in length.

“Rhyme Time Rhythm” follows Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop on a journey to the Land of Mother Goose where all their favorite nursery rhymes come to life. This episode is 57 minutes in length and original premiered in 2001.

“Red, Yellow, and Blue!” will teach your preschooler colors as Barney and his friends search for different colored objects. Originally released in 2004, this episode lasts for 30 minutes.

“Numbers! Numbers” will introduce you to Barney’s friend, Tony, whose box of numbers gets blown all over the place by a strong wind. Barney and his friends hunt for the missing numbers. This program lasts for 35 minutes and was originally released in 2004.

Your child can enjoy a day at school on “Let’s Play School” featuring a fun day at school with Baby Bop, Barney, and BJ. Originally released in 1999, this episode lasts for 50 minutes.

“It’s time for Counting” has your child going on a number search that takes everyone to the library for story time. This is the newest episode on the set and was released in 2006. It lasts 50 minutes in total.

If you have a preschooler, you are probably very familiar with Barney. I cannot tell you how many countless hours I’ve listened to “I love you. You love me….” I know you can finish the sentence right? Honestly, four hours of Barney may be a bit much for many parents, but if your children are like mine, they’ll sit transfixed in front of this lovable, purple dinosaur for at least long enough for you to make dinner. His energy and enthusiasm are catchy and you just cannot be unhappy while watching Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop sing and dance across the screen.

Honestly, I enjoyed all the episodes on the learning pack. There’s a great variety of educational themes from colors to numbers to ABC’s. Like other Barney episodes, there is always an emphasis on being a good friend. I love that each episode is on its own DVD, so that you can put in one episode at a time for your kids and let them watch it to completion without them thinking you’re turning it off before it’s over. This is going to make a fantastic Christmas DVD present!


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  • My kids love Barney. What’s interesting for me is having seen all these episodes with my nine year old, and now revisiting them again with my two year old. No matter how many years pass, Barney never gets old.