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DVD Review: Barney: A-Counting We Will Go

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In perfect Barney style, young children will be introduced to the world of counting and numbers from 1-10, in Barney’s newest release, A-Counting We Will Go.  I have to say that I love this title and think it is very catchy. 

As a mom of two children, an eight-year-old girl and a newly turned four-year-old boy, Barney is nothing new to me.  However, I have lost touch a bit with the big purple dinosaur for a few years.  My daughter loved watching this singing and dancing dino, while my son, not so much.  Once I showed him the cover, he was more than willing to sit with mommy and take a gander.  We cuddled through the majority of the nearly one hour video and were both fairly entertained.  I thought the way that Barney and his friends introduced the numbers 1-10 was a great.  With repetition, and lots of fun singing, dancing and playing, children will be intrigued learning this beginning set of numbers.  

Barney’s young friend Baby Bop is desperate to learn how to count. With the help of Barney, the children, and video-taped “audience” children, she easily learns, most proud of herself in the end, when she is able to play hide and seek along with everyone else. 

For children, counting is a fun (and often challenging) activity and there are several ways to integrate numbers and counting into everyday activities.  In Barney: A-Counting We Will Go, many such ways through songs and games allow children and parents to take these lessons and ideas beyond the TV screen. One activity involves setting up a make-believe store, using coins to make simple purchases, such as all hats cost five coins.  To complete the episode, the entire gang throws a number party that has everyone laughing and loving the wonder of numbers.

HiT Entertainment is widely known for its excellent educational and entertaining works, bringing both fun and learning to an incredibly vast audience range.  Be it Bob the Builder, Barney, Thomas the Train or any of several other beloved characters, parents can rest assured that they are getting quality programming. 

Also included with this DVD is a 64-page Barney Color and Activity book, which reinforces what is brought to life upon the screen in A-Counting We Will Go.  There are several pages to color, as well as matching activities, mazes and connect-the-dots puzzles.  Easily hours of fun, the pages can easily be copied to enable continued learning fun.  There is also a bonus feature included on the DVD: “Counting in the Garden,” a game that will bring tons of interactive fun to you and your child.

All in all, Barney: A-Counting We Will Go is an excellent video, instills learning in a very clean and fun way.  This is sure to be a huge hit with any Barney fan!

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