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DVD Review: Ayaka is Your Angel

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New gravure video producer, Studio Happy Chicken Pink, has released their second title, Ayaka is Your Angel, for American audiences. In their first effort, Sundae Girl, we saw the film crew getting things right and though the results weren't outstanding, it was clear they were on the right path. Do Japanese Idol fans looking for the next big thing have something to crave with this one? Or does the sophomore title fizzle?

To put your worries at ease, I have to say that Ayaka is Your Angel trumps the original Happy Chicken Pink release in every way. Ayaka Uchiyama is hotter, the content is better, the production quality is sharper, and all around the video is far more entertaining. Oh, and it's uncensored as well!

Like the publisher's prior release, Ayaka is Your Angel comes broken up into sections, or viewers can select the play all feature. The available scenes on this release are: Bed, Bath, Shower, Hostess 1, Hostess 2, and Angel. When using the play-all selection, the disc begins with a little conversation with Ayaka prior to the good stuff. She appears out of thin air and starts spouting some stuff about how she's an angel who will make your wishes come true with her magical powers. Some effects are tossed in for good measure, and soon enough the bedroom scene gets underway.

In this opening bit Ayaka is lounging in a bedroom with her hair all messed up with a sexy just-rolled-out-of-bed look. She's wearing a button-down shirt that's partially open and sporting some vibrant blue contact lenses. At first she seems a little uncomfortable and frequently looks away from the camera for apparent guidance on what to do next. Luckily Ayaka loosens up a bit and has some fun candid moments with the camera as she attempts to do cute things and strike funny poses. This leads into some sultry writhing on the bed as she snuggles up under the covers and takes off her clothes, though all we really see is her adorable smiling face.

Another brief angel stint segues into the bath scene, which features Ayaka slinking into a tub with little more than some appropriately placed flower petals. As she soaks in the bath the petals wash away and there's some brief nudity, but that's not really the highlight here. There's something relaxing about the scene and Ayaka really seemed to have a good time. Keeping up with the water theme is the shower piece, though considering she goes from wearing nothing in the tub to a bikini to rinse off in, it feels like a step back. She still seems more comfortable for the camera though, and the scene is quite sexy.

From this point the quality of Ayaka is Your Angel waivers a bit with a rather disappointing hostess scene, which features her at a bar eating something that resembles General Gao's Chicken. Sorry, but that's not sexy no matter how much sauce she lathers on her lips. Luckily the second hostess set improves upon matters with some sultry lingerie. Then it ruins the mood with Ayaka whipping out another plate of chicken and wiping sauce all over her body. The release does turn things around by the end with a final sexy bit involving lots of flesh.

Ayaka is Your Angel is presented on DVD with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio and has been enhanced for anamorphic playback. The picture quality with this title is leaps and bounds ahead of what we saw with Sundae Girl. Quite honestly there's no comparison. The picture is brighter, sharper, and more detailed in every way, and there isn't a bad scene in the bunch. Some bits might be a tad soft and grainy, but at least the softer moments seemed purposefully filtered. Contrast is another highlight with some nice artistic style that really works in many cases here (the "bath" and "angel" scenes being the standouts).

The sound quality in Ayaka is Your Angel hits with 2.0 Dolby Digital as the only source. This release features Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. The dialogue is kept to a minimum and is mostly relegated to the angel sequences that bookend each scene, but it helps to break things up. Gravure videos typically just feature music, and apart from the brief pieces of dialogue, this release is no different.

Ayaka is Your Angel clocks in at 58:36 and includes additional bonus content as well. A making of featurette (17:32) is included with plenty of behind the scenes antics, little bits of dialogue between the camera man and Ayaka, and more eye-candy. Ayaka seems to have a great personality that will definitely win people over, though a bit of an oversight left the making of feature without subtitles so those of us who aren't fluent in Japanese are left in the dark. There's a bit more bonus content in the form of an addition five minutes or so of the shower sequence, but this one feels more like addition behind the scenes material.

Studio Happy Chicken Pink's second release, Ayaka is Your Angel, is something gravure fans (or anyone who likes hot Japanese girls) will want to pick up. If this release is any indication then we have a lot to look forward to from the publisher, and from Ayaka. Sure this title stumbles a bit, but the good far outweighs the bad, and it leaves you wanting more in the end. Those interested can consider it strongly recommended.

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