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DVD Review: Avatar the Last Airbender – Book 2 Earth, Volume 3

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Avatar the Last Airbender Book 2: Earth Volume 3 was released on May 22, 2007. This is the second season for this incredible show. During the first season, I was a little turned off by the Asian characters being voiced by seemingly American actors. But in the middle of the season, with nothing else on, I tuned into an Avatar marathon and I began to overlook the annoying contrast been the character's voices and appearances and became immersed in the series.

For those who don't have cable or anyone who refuses to tune into Nickelodeon, the series is centered around Aang, the last airbender and the avatar. As an avatar Aang has the ability to manipulate air, water, fire, and earth, whereas most people only have the ability to manipulate one element. The fire nation has declared war on all of the other nations (water, earth, and air) and it is up the avatar to stop the war. Aang is joined on his journey by Katara (a waterbender), her brother Sokka, and Toph (an earthbender).

The series is by far the best animated series on television and it's better than most live action series on television, period. Not since Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack and Samurai Chaploo has there been a better developed cartoon.

Of course, Volume 3 picks up where Volume 2 left off and contains five approximately thirty-minute episodes. My favorite episode was the last one on the DVD, "Chapter 14: Tales of Ba Sing Se." This episode is a complete departure from the usual story lines and animation style as each character is given his or her own little mini-episode. The blurb reads "Follow Toph, Katara, Uncle Irog, Aang, Sokka, and Momo as they each learn a unique lesson about life in the Earth Kingdom's biggest city."

Special features on the DVD are lacking but most kids never go to the special features section of DVDs anyway. But if the creators are looking for ideas in the future, here are a few features my daughter likes in DVDs: how to draw the characters, and mini-games. It may be difficult and expensive to add the mini-games to all five DVDs, but Nickelodeon already shows how to draw the Avatar characters in their commercials so that shouldn't be too hard to add on.

To make up for the lack of features on the DVD, Nickelodeon added an exclusive mini-comic book. This DVD came with "Divided We Fall." My nine-year-old daughter loves comic books so that was a good addition. But the DVDs are in a series. This was the third one. So you have no choice but to buy the complete set of DVDs if you want to get the complete comic. Even for an incomplete comic it was pretty interesting and just as action-packed as the cartoon.

If you believe television is seriously lacking good TV shows, check out Avatar, the Last Airbender — it will change your mind.

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  • Lance

    The show Avatar on nickelodeon is probably the best animated cartoon out right now.
    Its jokes are the funniest and i cant wait for the next season to air

  • Jade

    This is the greatest volume yet I just love sokka hes So hilarious.