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DVD Review: Assault of the Sasquatch – Run Before It’s Too Late!

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I should have known it was going to be a long night when the movie opened with a bunch of redneck guys setting bear traps with pizza. When they actually caught a sasquatch in the bear trap, I was fairly certain this wasn’t going to turn out to be one of my favorite Sasquatch movies. Filled with sexual innuendos and really crappy acting, the movie gets off to a fairly slow start with a lot of seemingly unconnected scenes.

Basic premise is that a bunch of rednecks are illegally trapping and killing bears. They catch a sasquatch accidentally and come up with the brilliant idea to sell it. They get caught by the police. The police unknowingly drive the truck containing the sasquatch into the city. Sasquatch gets loose and terrorizes everyone including half naked women in the shower. Add in a bunch of criminals also terrorizing the neighborhood with a lot of really bad language. Stir in a group of nerdy sasquatch hunters from the sasquatch society running around with a video camera and you probably get the idea of what the movie is like.

It should come to no surprise at all that the sasquatch, being male, is attracted to the very skimpily dressed blonde attacker with a switch blade, a mini skirt and a garter belt. Likewise, it shouldn’t shock you at all that she can do amazing karate kicks and knife slashes while skimpily dressed and wearing high heels.

All in all, don’t expect to be scared or educated with this one. The sasquatch is clearly in a costume. The acting is less than stellar. It’s filled with lots of swearing, very skimpily dressed girls and a bunch of gore. If that’s your thing, head down to the movie rental place and grab this movie before it’s gone. If not, try searching for another title.

Assault of the Sasquatch is unrated (although I’m fairly certain it would be R if it was). It was released originally in 2009 by Synthetic Cinema International. It contains several bonus materials including Don & Murph featurette; Booty Poppin’ Music Video; Theatrical Trailer for both Banshee!!! and Assault of the Sasquatch; Blooper Reel; and commentary by producers and director.

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