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DVD Review: American Pie Presents: The Book of Love

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It’s been 10 Years since the original American Pie premiered in theaters, that movie spawned two more theatrical sequels before three direct-to-dvd films came out every December from 2005-2007, well get ready for another slice of the pie with American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.

This time out we have another set of friends Rob (Bug Hall), Nathan (Kevin Horton) and Lube and (Brandon Hardesty) who are all trying to lose their virginity. Rob has a crush on Heidi (Beth Behrs) who is looking to lose her virginity “to get it over with” Rob is hoping he’ll be the one she chooses, gives her bad advice which cause her to run to the library to do the deed. Rob follows and accidentally ends up torching part of the library, which activates the sprinklers, during his punishment of cleaning the library he comes across The Book of Love (seen in the first American Pie film) having been damaged in the flood.

He then goes to his friends with the waterlogged book and they decide to use the book to help them with women, after a series of bad events they realize they can’t pick and choose certain passages, they need the entire book which was created by one Noah Levenstein (Eugene Levy, who continues his streak of appearing in all of the American Pie films).  Mr. Levenstein tells the boys of the books origins and then helps them contact all the past contributors to recreate the book.

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, feels similar to the original film with the theme of friends trying to help each other lose their virginity and the importance of friendship. The movie also has the sex, nudity, and gross-out gags you’ve come to expect from the franchise as well as another Stifler (John Patrick Jordan) who is a complete hornball-jackass. It comes in two versions, rated and unrated along with a number of extras.

“Deleted Scenes” has a number of scenes cut from the film, including more gross-outs and nudity. The strange thing is there are a few plots that start in the film, but never get a resolution; unless you come here.

“From the Set” contains alternate takes on lines, and lots and lots of nudity, which is what we’ve come to expect from the American Pie franchise.

“Gag Reel” is a short featurette with your standard goofing off, botched lines and crack-ups.

“On the Set” even though it starts with the claim that it wouldn’t be your standard making of piece it is your standard making of piece and not very interesting.

“Just the Tip: The Love Manual” gets advice from the cast and crew on the subject of romance and includes old chestnuts like sense of humor, confidence and more as well as suggesting positions to try.

American Pie-cons” this featurette has all the cameos seen throughout the film, including Christopher Knight, Dustin Diamond, Tim Matheson, Kevin Federline, C. Thomas Howell, Curtis Armstrong, and Bret Michaels.  The featurettes combines interviews, lines that didn’t make it into the film and behind-the-scenes footage.

 “American Pie Trivia” has Kevin Norton asking the cast and crew multiple choice questions about the franchise.

American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is a decent rental, and with the return of the original concept the franchise should be retired. With seven films in the franchise there’s enough “slices” for everyone.

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