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DVD Review: A Song’s Best Friend, John Denver Remembered

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When I was growing up, John Denver was as much a part of my life as my mom and dad were. His music could be heard coming over the little am/fm radio in my bedroom. His songs were sung around the fire when I was off camping with the Girl Scouts. He was everywhere. And, with good reason.

Denver had the ability to turn a simple song into a warm embrace. A song meant comfort and home. It was a connection to nature or to a sense of being.

Remarkably, his songs stand the test of time.

The DVD, A Song’s Best Friend, John Denver Remembered, captures the singer-songwriter at his best. With loving words from Annie Denver, producer Milt Okun, manager Hal Thau, and many others, we are led on an enchanting tour of his world. Vintage footage and voice overs from Denver himself are included, making for a very intimate stroll down memory lane.

The sound quality of the DVD is exceptional, as is the video production. It’s a real treat!

After watching the DVD many times over, I couldn’t help but think of what John Denver might have contributed to music had it not been for the tragic accident that claimed his life. While we will never be able to realize that dream, this loving tribute is here to remind us that Denver brought us sunshine, beauty, and a passion for life with every song.

Whether you’re a fan of John Denver’s music or not, his legacy is collection of rich music with heart unlikely to be recreated by any of today’s artists.

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  • Which songs did you like. I find it really hard to think the man had much influence, though people did clearly love him.

    This feels like it should be in the Music category, but I’m not sure.

  • Wasn’t sure, Temple. It’s a DVD.

  • Nick Jones

    “Test flight, over water,
    makes me happy;
    plane crash, in the ocean,
    gets me high…

    This is for those of us who hated Denver’s commercial pop pap (along with Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, and Barry Manilow) when it originally came out in the Seventies.

  • B.Mc.

    How rude. JD wrote and sang of life, happiness and sadness; of growing,ie “Looking for Space”, the album “It’s About Time”. I haven’t found another artist that comes CLOSE to filling me up since his death. Lucky for you there were “off” knobs. You should have used them more often.

  • HW Saxton

    Right about the time of J.D’s death some
    dumb garage punk bands in L.A threw a wake for the seagull that was caught up in Denver’s plane causing it to crash. Man talk about BAD taste! I don’t like the guys music particularly but, sheesh that’s taking things a bit too far I’d have to say!

    Also I just saw Toots & The Maytals play
    about two weeks ago and they of course did “Take Me Home Country Roads” and it was almost a show stealer!!! It really got people moving.

  • Eve

    Too bad for people who cannot get the message and the beauty in John Denver songs, I feel sorry for them. They are probably too immersed in the craziness of this world to let their minds and hearts be filled with the beauty of JD songs. Most of these people don’t even know that John Denver was not only about music, but he was an active environemntalist and children’s welfare advocate. Did they know about all the good things JD did besides writing and singing great songs? They don’t know. If more people only learned to appreciate more the simple but meaningful things of life like a simple but beautiful song, the world would be much better.

  • Eve, this documentary covers JD’s many passions – even those not involving music.

  • Matthew

    John Dever was All of humanity.

  • fran

    john denver,harry chapin and jim croce…how I miss them all, simply the best!

  • Antnelson

    It seems to me people who “hate” JD, Croce, Chapin etc have a bit of a problem with facing sincerity. They encounter a singer/artist who sings directly to the listener and uses disarmingly honest language and what do the hardened cynics do? They run for cover in the cosy, “edgy” world of “cool”, with unfounded criticism thrown in. Personally, I found J Denver “cool” since I first heard him aged 8 or 9, and my opinion hasn’t changed – and I’m also a Dylan, N Young and “Americana” fan.

  • the directness and sincerity i like, the voice is what i can’t stand.

  • Bob

    The music of John Denver profoundly affected and shaped my life. It caused me to move to Colorado in 1974 at 21 and spend 3 years in the mountains as a ski bum and musician. It influenced my outlook on life and helped me to become a better person. Yeah, I know, he wasn’t perfect. He drove a red Porsche in Aspen, filling it up from his own personal gasoline storage tank on his property in Starwood in Aspen. He drank and occasionally got drunk. He divorced. He grew older. But through it all, he remained true to his beliefs and core values, something few of us can say we did.
    I still perform his songs at 52, and guess what? A new generation of young, hopeful kids entering adulthood embrace the music and the message, and see hope for the future, and the pure beauty of life. I truly believe any of us would be honored to be able to leave behind a legacy like that, just from having lived our life. I yearn for another “Denveresque” individual to emerge to help shape the young adults of today who so desperately need direction. Maybe they’ll be lucky enough to discover John Denver and take away the guidance it provided me… A young wannabe-hippie wanting to contribute to the world and ultimately succeeding, and continuing to live a full, joyful and socially responsible life.
    Say what you will about the “voice”, the “packaging’, the “corniness”- John Denver was a role model for a confused generation, who left a bigger space when he died that the one he occupied when he lived. I miss him.

  • Pamela

    Liked most all of your comments, but you are wrong about the gasoline tanks. John never had any tanks at his Starwood home. The tank you are referring to was put in at the Windstar property and was intended to help the volunteers there to have gas to get there and back home. The media flap about it was so great that John had the tank removed before even one drop of gas was put in it. And btw, John’s Porsche that he crashed was yellow and the one that replaced it was silver.

  • Who found out where John Denver’s body was?

  • I loved John’s lyrics to “Leaving On A Jet Plane”
    and “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”. I miss John alot he was the world’s greatest and famous musician ever lived. I bet all the people on our planet Earth misses John to.

  • Ian K

    Mark Saleski must be either tone deaf or totally insane. You can’t stand John Denver’s voice??!! He was the best singer EVER! You are truly certifiable.

  • Evan

    Nick Jones if thats you from the Jonas Brothers get lost

  • Evan

    John Denver is a much better musicain then you

  • Evan

    i like the older artist like John Denver Neil Diamond Barry Manilow Elton John Billy Joel Cat Stevens the Carpenters Neil Sedaka Captain and Tennille Olivia Newton John Gilbert O Sullivan Jackson Browne Rod Stewart Harry Chapin Jim Croce Seals and Crofts Air Supply Phil Collins Christopher Cross Chicago James Taylor America Al Stewart England Dan and John Ford Coley Boz Scaggs and Bread

  • Evan

    Happy Valaintines Day John Denver Fans

  • John S.

    John Denver WAS the greatest singer, ever. I went to several of his concerts, and I will never forget him and the beautiful songs he sang. He put so much feeling into ALL of the songs he sang, like no one I have ever seen in concert. And to hear all the ladies sing along when he sang “Fly Away” was truly unbelievable… how much everybody loved him. Tears come to my eyes now when I think that my son will never see John perform as my wife and I did. I would have wanted for him so much to have been there with us. He loves John Denver now as much as I do. I have heard my son say he wants to move to Colorado when he gets older, as Bob who commented previously, did. We will be going to Colorado this summer to see the Rocky Mountain paradise, and I will probably feel the same way as Bob and my son feel after our vacation to Colorado. I will probably want to move there after I retire. It’s hard for me to fathom that John Denver is no longer with us. I feel this way even after 18 years from the time we saw him perform here in New Jersey. I miss him.

  • Evan

    okay Nick Jones youre not from the Jonas Brothers



  • Danilo

    Denver’s body was cremated and his ashes dispersed over the Rocky Moungtains

  • les cleaver

    i first heard john denvers songs when i was about seventeen and went to the cinema to watch a film called sunshine which featured his music,the next day i bought the album,evening with john denver.i started to learn guitar and have been in bands now for some 20 yrs, my favourite songs to sing are annies song and country roads,but i love whispering jessie,and wild flowers in a mason jar,he changed my life and its so great to hear how he affected people around the world,love you all.