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DVD Review: 40 Year Old Virgin

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The comedy “40 Year Old Virgin” hit DVD racks on December 13, 2005. In this film, Andy (Steve Carell) is – as the title reveals – a 40-year-old virgin, a dorky and naive stock manager at an electronics store who spends all of his money on comic books, video games and unopened collectibles. He does, however, live in an apartment on his own, which certainly helps to dispel the myth that all career nerds live at home with their mothers.

At first, the other guys at the store (comprised of Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and Romany Malco) think he’s either gay or a serial killer, but after they find out about his little “secret,” during a guys night out at a bar, they take Andy’s love life into their own hands and tutor him on his quest to become a bona fide sex-machine. Despite their many lacklustre attempts to transform Andy into an overnight Casanova, his sexual prowess is completely unaffected until he meets Trish (Catherine Keener), a very beautiful single mother with a soft spot for the childish Andy.

The film has lots of locker room/bathroom humor and from a Christian perspective is disgusting. The film is however funny and has one redeeming quality, however I cannot speak of that quality without giving away the ending. Among the funny scenes include a scene of “know how I know you’re gay?” shtick between Rudd and Rogan, which is I am sure will establish a new trend among college men everywhere.

rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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