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DVD Pick of the Week: Match Point

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This week brings with it one of the worst of 2005, as well as a couple of the best. Of course, that is my opinion, and like any critic worth his salt, my opinion is the right one. I don’t want any of you to forget it! I’m only kidding; you can dislike my choices if you want.

This week’s pick is Woody Allen’s Hitchcock-esque, Match Point. This was a great movie, and not what I had come to expect from Woody. I have only seen a few of his films, mostly the more recent ones, and I thought I knew what I was in for when I went to the theater to see this one. I was way off; my limited experience was rearing its ugly head.

The film was no romantic comedy. There was no nebbish little man to be seen. Rather, the film was old-school in structure, but feels right at home in the modern setting. The film moves along at a deliberate pace, meaning slow, but a slow that will keep you enraptured until the end. I have to say that I did not see it going in the direction it did – very good movie.

Also coming out this week:

  • Aeon Flux. This is here as a warning. Do not see this, it is awful.
  • American Dad: Volume 1. Not quite as good as Family Guy, but still pretty funny.
  • Casanova. Never saw this one, but don’t recall it getting much good word. Heath Ledger stars.
  • Elevator to the Gallows. The debut of Luis Malle is a movie that I would really like to see. A three pronged story that branches off after a murder gone awry. The movie gets the Criterion treatment.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This has been much delayed, and the recipient of much acclaim. Can’t wait for this.
  • Odyssey 5: The Complete Series. I remember seeing a taped episode of this short-lived science fiction series and thinking it looked pretty good, now the entire run is available on disk.
  • The Replacement Killers: Extended Cut. Does this really need an extended cut? Not sure, although I do remember liking the movie.
  • Shopgirl. Steve Martin proves he still has it. This was an interesting film, looking forward to seeing it again.
  • 3 Extremes 2. I had no idea there was a sequel to this, much less one so soon. But who am I to complain?
  • Tristan and Isolde. This, while not perfect, was a lot better than I expected it to be.
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