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DVD Pick of the Week: 8/30

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We have been on quite a role over the past few weeks. The recent release schedule has made my choosing a DVD very easy. This week is a little different though. This week my pick is a film that I have not yet seen, but have been eager to for some time. I know it has been released in other countries, but I have not tracked down the ideal version. Now I can just go for the domestic release.

What is it? Oh yeah, I haven’t told you yet! This week’s pick is Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior. This had a brief engagement at the theaters, sadly none near me. I know going in that the story is terribly thin, as is the characterizations. What has me excited is watching star Tony Jaa in action. The brief clips I have seen have floored me. This guy is the real deal, and could be the heir apparent to the throne of the martial arts greats that have come before.

I may be setting myself up for a disappointment, I hope not though. If anyone has seen this, please let your thoughts be known! I look forward to checking this out.

Also coming this week:

  • The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition. The musical comedy classic, released with the theatrical cut for the first time. This is a must have.
  • Clueless: “Whatever!” Edition. This still holds up as a good movie that stands apart from it’s teen-com brethren.
  • House, M.D.: Season One. Surprisingly strong medical drama, features a great title character played by Hugh Laurie.
  • Kontroll. This looks interesting. A Hungarian film about ticket inspectors in the subway systems. The description I read makes it sound better than that.
  • Monster-in-Law. Eh, not really interested in this one.
  • Sahara. Sort of National Treasure 2. It wasn’t terribly smart, but it was a fun romp.
  • Thriller: They Call Her One Eye (Vengeance Edition). An inspiration for Kill Bill, this is a larger print run release of a limited edition last year.
  • Tommy Boy: Holy Schnicke Edition. I knew it would come sooner or later. I always enjoyed this goofy little film.

That’s it for this week.

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