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DVD Pick of the Week: 7/5

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This week has nothing that screams “Must Have!” But, I was still able to pick out a a film to recommend. This week’s pick is Bride & Prejudice. I saw it recently at a second run theater and found it to be a delightful musical/comedy.

This was my first experience with a Bollywood type production. Since had the backing of a US studio, and was shot in English, I doubt that it would count as a true Bollywood film. I found it to be a lot of fun watching these outrageous musical numbers involving dozens upon dozens of performers breaking out at every possible moment.

The story is about an American who accompanies an Indian friend to India to be a part of another friends wedding. While there he falls for one of the other wedding participants. What follows is a series of misunderstandings, musical numbers, cultural differences, and more musical numbers. It was highly entertaining, if a bit shallow. There are more serious issues at work that don’t really get the attention they deserve, but still have no problem recommending this movie.

Also out this week:

  • Fantastic Four: The Complete Animated Series. I don’t remember much of this series, but the series from the 90’s were decent coming out of Marvel.
  • Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 2 (Born to Kill / Clash by Night / Crossfire / Dillinger (1945) / The Narrow Margin (1952). I never did get the first box, but there is no denying how great Warner Brothers has been doing with their sets lately.
  • Gantz Vol. 6: Sudden Death. This has been a highly entertaining, violent, surreal anime series.
  • Hide and Seek. Despite a decent performance from DeNiro, and another good one from Dakota Fanning, this turns into a rather generic thriller with an ending that you see a mile away.
  • Monk: Season Three. This has been a consistently entertaining series with the perfectly cast Tony Shalhoub, and even survives the loss of Bitty Schramm, who was ably replaced by Traylor Howard.
  • Prozac Nation. This sat on the shelf for quite some time, and I have heard good and bad about it and it’s star Christina Ricci.
  • Point Blank. Remade in the 90’s with Mel Gibson as Payback, this was the original filmed version with Lee Marvin which I have heard good things about.

That is all. End Transmission.

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