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DVD Pick of the Week: 6/28

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This is a very slim week, at least for me. I have decided to pick a title I had never heard of prior to a few days ago. The title is Danger 50,000 Volts starring Nick Frost (of Shaun of the Dead fame).

It is a comedy series comprised of 7 thirty minute episodes, each one featuring Nick attempting to give viewers some useful information on how to survive fires, bears, frostbite, mines, lightning, hostage situations, and more! Now tell me that doesn’t sound like fun?

I really cannot write too much about it as I really don’t know much about it, save to say it looks like it could be hilarious.

Other titles this week:

  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004. A three disk set containing all of the episodes and specials leading up to and immediate;y following the election.
  • Crazed Fruit: The Criterion Collection. An Asian film, I know little about, but I love the title.
  • ECW: One Night Stand. I have heard this was a great show, now I can see it.
  • The Pacifier. Decent, if easily forgettable family fare. May be worth a rental.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: Seasons Three and a Halfish. Who doesn’t love a dumb cat and an asthmatic chihuahua?
  • Revelations. Rather dull religion vs. science mini series with Bill Pullman.
  • Dirty Mary Crazy Larry: Supercharger Edition. Peter Fonda and Susan George in a film that Taranino loves ane many others, including me don’t know. Maybe I should check it out.

That’s all. End transmission.

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  • ECW is awesome. Or, was… not sure about WWE’s reissue of ECW

  • I have heard nothing but good things about this show, I definitely want to check it out.

  • scott

    it’s amazing to see pro-war spokespeople claiming liberal conspiracy with regards to reports that the war isn’t doing well, when this war only got off the ground because the newsmedia wasn’t critical enough of the motives going in.

    both the new york times and the washington post have come out publicly admitting that they were not critical enough of the reasons for going into iraq; to say nothing of organizations like fox and cnn, which were even more placcid, though without the integrity to admit that fact.
    i was living in england when the war started, watching and reading european news, mostly the bbc, i then moved back to canada once it was going, where i watched all american news, and i was amazed at the credible stories negating the pro-war arguement which were reported to the rest of the world, but were not even mentioned in the states.
    whatever the reason, i’d say the right has lost their chance in saying that they’ve been getting hard done by in the media; many of the major newssources have been sitting on their hands through most of the war, and through most of bush’s entire presidency, so whatever the right’s opinion of the war is, the facts remain that it’s now gone on longer than anybody predicted, more people have died on both sides, it’s cost more than anybody said it would and it has been peppered with scandals such as abu ghriab, haliburton’s no bid contracts, and a massive insurgency, etc.
    the notion that it will all be worth it one day is still viable, as the country may in fact be better off once this settles, but to say that an opinion that things aren’t going well is part of a conspiracy is in itself a massive delusion.

  • WHat are you talking about? Are you sure you have the right post?

  • uao

    Drirty Mary, Crazy Larry is on DVD? Tarantino ain’t the only one who loves that flick; it’s my #3 favorite Peter Fonda vehicle behind The Trip and Easy Rider (which I really consider a Dennis Hopper flick), slightly ahead of Race With The evil. And Susan George is a babe. Left a big impression on me when I was 8; caught it again a few years back, and it still holds up. Vic Morrow as the copper in the chopper makes a good ‘villain’ and Adam Roarke and Roddy McDowell do what they’re asked to well.

    Supercharged edition, eh? What do I do? Click that there link?

  • uao

    edit: Race With The Devil, not ‘Race with the Evil’

  • I just picked up Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, based on the good word I’ve read about it.