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DVD Pick of the Week: 5/31

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This is a rather slim week, and being so I have decided to get a little creative with this week’s pick. I could have gone with one of the bigger releases which I am looking forward too, but rather I am taking a different route.

I only recently became aware of this title, and I really don’t know a heck of a lot about it, but judging by the title It’s going to be right up my alley. This week’s pick is The Stink of Flesh. Now with a title like that, how can you go wrong? I am always up for a good zombie movie, and some of what I have been reading about this one is quite good. I still haven’t uncovered much of the storyline, although I read that it is good. Plus, it supposedly has a good deal of blood, which is something else it has going for it.

It was written and directed by Scott Phillips, making his directorial debut. Phillips was the also the writer of a film that I am a big fan of, Drive. A martial arts actioner starring Mark Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison, and Brittany Murphy.

Back to the movie at hand, I just checked out the trailer, here, and it seems to have been shot on video with a low budget. On the other hand, it looks like a campy good time!

Other titles to look for:

  • Boogeyman. I had no right enjoying this movie, but I did, and I do not deny it. It is a goofy horror film based around jump scares, and it worked for me.
  • Complete James Dean Collection. Includes special editions of Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden, and Giant. I’ve never watched any of these, this may be a good opportunity to rectify that.
  • Danger Mouse: Complete Seasons 1 & 2. I have vague memories of watching this as a kid. A spy spoof with the title mouse and his sidekick (hamster?).
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Complete Third Season. Ramping up towards the release of the movie remake, the third season is here.
  • Essential Steve McQueen Collection. Includes Bullitt, The Getaway, The Cincinnati Kid, Papillon, Tom Horn, and Never So Few. I’ve been wanting to see Bullitt for years.
  • Samurai Champloo Vol. 3. The revisionist samurai anime from the creator of Cowboy Bebop marches on.

Until next week.

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  • I can’t wait to get The James Dean Collection and the Steve McQueen Collections… MUHA

  • I’ve been wanting to see Bullitt and East of Eden for years. The McQueen collection sounds great… but no Great Escape?

    It seems wrong to throw the Duke Boys (no offense Duke, The) in with McQueen and Dean… but them young fellers sure did get themselves into a lot of good-natured mischief, didn’t they?

  • Great Escape was an MGM release and was part of a box they put out a couple of weeks back with The Magnificient Seven, Thomas Crown Affair, and Junior Bonner. This release is a Warner set.

  • Nice job, Chris — excellent to know. Man, McQueen’s got quite a body of work. There are some unbelievable films in there.

  • Thank you. The studios have been doing a great job with some of their boxes recently. I’ve only gotten a few, often I’ll pick and choose. I got Rebel… and will probably get Bullitt, but don’t have an interst in the full boxes. Whereas I got both of the Marx Bros sets last year, the Alfred Hitchcock signature, Errol Flynn signature, and want to get the Controversial classics set. Warner in particular seems tobe at the top of their game, plus they have a huge library!