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DVD News: The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Series

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Some people were Batman geeks; other people were obsessed with Ninja Turtles. My childhood infatuation was with Ghostbusters. I had the Proton Pack, the trap, and even the Ghostbuster’s firehouse complete with oozing slim. So I am compelled to let everyone know that The Real Ghostbusters cartoon will be released this November. All 147 episodes! I can’t believe there were that many. I remember getting up every Saturday morning to watch this show.

I was sent a promo DVD that contained a couple episodes and short documentary that will be included on the set. The animation has been digitally restored, but still retains that nostalgic look that I grew to love.

This cartoon was smart too. The first episode on the promo disc was called “Take Two,” It’s about when the guys go to Hollywood to make a movie about their Ghostbustin’ story.

Venkman: “So who did you get to play us? Robert Redford?”

Studio Manager: “We couldn’t get anyone that famous.”
Winston: “Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis? What is this? A law firm.”

Something like that I wouldn’t have understood as a kid. But, it made me laugh now.

The sample documentary also showed a lot of promise for this set. They gathered together writers, cartoonists, and directors. Pretty much anyone that was involved with the show is interviewed. It was interesting to see some of the concept drawings for the monsters they used for each episode. Some of them I remember scaring me as a child, and looking at them now I know why.

This is a very extensive set, and because of that, it is also pretty expensive. You can preorder this for $179. While it probably won’t be able to fit into a lot of people’s budgets, this set looks to be one of the finest assembled for an old cartoon.

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