DVD in Seven Seconds

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New Internet speed record announced by scientists:

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, said the feat, doubling the previous top speed, was achieved in a nearly 30-minute transmission over 7,000 kms of network between Geneva and a partner body in California.

    CERN, whose laboratories straddle the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, said it had sent 1.1 Terabytes of data at 5.44 gigabits a second (Gbps) to a lab at the California Institute of Technology, or Caltech, on October 1.

    This is more than 20,000 times faster than a typical home broadband connection, and is also equivalent to transferring a 60-minute compact disc within one second — an operation that takes around eight minutes on standard broadband.

    Using current technology, a DVD — or digital video disc — film of some 90 minutes length takes some 15 minutes to download from the Internet. [Reuters]

This is faster than poop through a goose, and we all know how fast that is.

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