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DVD Game Review: Jurassic Park Explorer

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Assistant Reviewers:

CheyAnne — 13-years-old
Casey — 7-years-old

As a mom, I love that this game is played on the TV and not on the computer. I spend enough of my time trying to wrangle the computer away from the kids. I like that I didn’t have to download anything to my computer. I like that by simply putting a DVD in the TV and utilizing the remote control, the kids can play a game. The age on the package says 8-12 year olds, but my second daughter is 7 and she loved the game and it was plenty easy for her to play. And my other daughter is 13, and while she probably wouldn’t run into the house to play it, on a long summer day she popped it in the TV and cruised through the scenes.

Both kids loved the game and the 17-month-old just stares at the dinosaurs roaring. The “easy” choice didn’t keep the 13-year-old as involved, as it did for the 7-year-old, but I caught her playing with it just the same. If you have a dinosaur lover in the family, this is a must have.

It’s easy enough that my 7-year-old can do it by herself, and again, that’s another huge selling point. I love it when she gets engrossed in something and doesn’t need me to help her through something. This game actually gives many levels of play and many different scenarios, which add to her problem solving skills, in my opinion. She is making the choices and she is the one in charge. She loved it.

It’s a fun way to get educational dinosaur information into a child without books. Casey loves dinosaurs already, but this just adds to her knowledge. She’s doing a really good job with it too.

We loved the movie (Jurassic Park – which we still have on VHS) and now we get to play the game. If I had anything negative to say, it would have to be that between “scenes” the lag time is a little long. Kids today are a bit faster on the uptake and going from one scene to the next is a little slow. Other than that, it’s a great game to have in the house!!

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