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Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #9

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Welcome to another edition of Dumpster Bust Radio. DB Radio is a podcast that combines Big Picture talk about the issues of the day (everything from politics to movies to what I did over the weekend) with indie music by some of the best unsigned artists on the scene and interviews with musicians and innovators.

This week is no different as I present Part I of an interview with blogosphere innovator and BlogCritics.org founder Eric Olsen. Since this is a BlogCritics-centric episode, I also provide a gem of an unplugged track from our very own Duke de Mondo (AKA Aaron McMullan). Finally, I give some background on the mystery surrounding the origins of the NT3 (The Nick Trampani Trio).

So, this week on DB Radio:

* Interview with Eric Olsen of BlogCritics.org – Part I
* Featured songs by The Duke and Matthew Long (another DB Radio favorite)
* Story Time: The Nick Trampani Trio

How can you beat that?

But first, you can access Dumpster Bust Radio by clicking here. A left-click on your mouse will allow you to listen right now on your computer. A right-click will allow you to save it for later or for easy transport to an mp3 recorder. I recommend listening in the car, which is the geek-cool activity of 2005, according to Dumpster Bust Magazine.

Track Listing for Dumpster Bust Radio #3

Dumpster Bust Radio kicks it with podsafe music playing in the background to complement the Featured Songs, which is when you get a break from my tortured vocal yodeling to enjoy some of the best independent and emerging artists on the Planet.

Track #1 (Show Intro) “Black Star” – Apash

#2 “Achtung (…hier kommt der Schlocker)” – Schlockmaster
#3 “So was willst du?” – Schlockmaster
#4 (Featured Song) “I Do Believe You Are the Devil”— Aaron McMullan
#5 (Featured Song) “So Blue” – Matthew Long
#6 (Show Outro) “Blue Bird Tattoo” – Circe Link

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  • You should convert the site feed to an html link for easier subscription.

    That book you’ve linked to sounds real interesting

  • You should convert the site feed to an html link for easier subscription.

    How would that work, exactly?

  • The way you put in other links – click the URL link in MT, put the URL into the textbox, put in your URL desription between [a href=”…”] and [/a]

  • Okay, but that would that really do for you — linking to a site feed? Isn’t the piece of info you need the site feed itself? In other words, don’t you have to basically copy and piece a site feed URL into some kind of aggregator or platform?

  • I see what you mean – you still need to plug that URL into a podcast software.

    Except of course, since this is also the RSS feed for your site – it’s going to enable click-subscribe in Firefox

  • Your tech skills far exceed mine, good sir…

    How do you enable click-subscribe in Firefox?

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Listenin now man. lookin forward to that story!! an holy shit, how bizarre to hear that peculiar name spoken by an american accent!!!!! say no more

  • I felt as though I did the story of the NT3 very little justice. I think it required some prep time that I didn’t give it. I’ll have to re-think that story down the road.

  • man, i think this may be your best presentin yet. it’s totally off-the-cuff, totally “blathering” as you put it, but it just works so well. that conversational thing you got nailed. and the ammount of gigglin is wonderful! makes me wanna giggle! an you SO need to put some of those NTT numbers on a future show. the EO interview is pleasing mine ears at this second…

  • apologies, NT3

  • Thanks Duke. I’ve gone through an arc through the first nine shows, I think, of finding my way and I feel like I sound more like “me” the further along I go.

    I have some NT3 outtakes from an ’04 get-together at a North Hollywood recording studio. I’ll have to dig it up…

  • excellent man, just excellent is all. LOVED the interview. hah, EO never fails to lighten a fellas mood – that giddy enthusiasm just gets a fella smilin, and that Matthew Long number is fantastic. kinda T-Rex meets Beatles vibe goin on.

    wonderful show man. fantastic.

  • Eric O – speed demon talker.

    I’m downloading now and looking forward to it.

    Barry Campbell has a pretty hot podcast too. He’s a contributor here, as well.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks guys, just floating down that stream of consciousness wherever it may lead

  • We’ve added a layer of editors such as yourself … (fake-sounding laughter – though not fake)

    in the interview, Eric Berlin did a great job of interrupting “Let me hop in right There” and getting to what he wanted to know (and what he thought the audience would want to know) – not only following everything the person wanted to say. He’s done the same thing in other interviews.

    Sometimes a speaker doesn’t realize he’s blathering and gone way off the point and meandering. It’s a fine line because sometimes the meander can be far more revealing of the subject and their personality. If personality rather than information is your reason for interviewing, then it’s good to let them go.

    EB: What’s unique about the site for readers?
    Good question.

    Revelation: Eric O is at the site hours upon hours. Talked about the ebb and flow of the personality of the site, related to two things – influx of Christian book reviewers and just recently more “liberal” left-leaning views.

    He knew the former would fade away, “a lazy river wending this way and that. I’ve seen it change.”

    It may have faded away – but it was still a painful recovery period, like a lobotomy.

    I wonder if the contributors didn’t come here what the traffic would be like? Stray thought?

    If you want to know about Blogcritics – this is the place to go. Looking forward to part II.

  • Thanks Temple — hope to have Part II of the print interview alongside DB Radio #10 up by Monday or Tuesday.