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Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #10

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Where have you gone, oh DB Radio? Fear not, we’re back to the front-like, right here – just click and enjoy:

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #10

It’s a little bit of a best of this go round, with songs blasting out by the likes of Stucky, Pacemaker Jane, and’s own Aaron McMullan. DB Radio #10 seemed like a good time to step back and smell the digital roses. It also may (sadly) be the last show for a while, which lends a maddening poignancy to the proceedings, I’m sure you’ll find.

Or not. But hopefully you’ll enjoy as there’s an entire hour of founder and general guru Eric Olsen talking about media, blogging, podcasting, and even Michael Jackson. It’s the second part of the interview: raw and uncut for your listening pleasure.

As I point out on the show, huge and grand thanks to everyone who has listened to the show, given feedback and encouragement (much more than I ever expected!), or who has taken a moment to pop off a comment of an e-mail. Delving headlong into podcasting – my first experience in broadcasting – has been a wonderful experience. I’m hopeful that DB Radio will be back in some form at some point, but right now I’m trying to hone in on my various and sundry writing and editing duties.

For more on this and every other topic under the sun, check out:

Dumpster Bust: Manufacturing Miracles from Mind Trash, Since 2003

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  • Eric Olsen

    thanks EB, great stuff, appreciate being allowed to ruminate, pontificate and explicate

  • Eric Berlin

    My pleasure, EO — I’m glad I was able to (finally!) get this show produced and published in time for the 3rd anniversary of Blogcritics.

  • Temple Stark

    I’ll listen but wit a tear in my eye.

    Wait, I always do. sometimes it’s all out bawling. :-) And sometmes i reach for the gun. Heee. Just joking

    Downloading now.

    To help fill your new-found free time you could listen to my first podcast

  • Aaman

    It’s not a podcast unless there’s an RSS feed, as the guys at NASA found out

  • Eric Berlin

    Aaman, I usually advertise my RSS feed, but I didn’t here as this will (likely) be the last DB Radio for a while. However, my print content runs through it as well, so if anyone’s interested:

    Congrats on getting your podcast going, Temple.

  • Ronald C McKito

    Do you have any advice for a person like myself that would like to get involved in podcasting.

  • DJRadiohead

    Wow… I just realized I am behind. I am listening to Episode 7 right now. Good stuff, Monsignor Berlin.

  • Eric Berlin

    Ronald — Find something to say/play, find a format, listen to a bunch of podcasts… and then get yourself a microphone and you should be good to go!

    DJ — Thank you, kind sir! Sadly, the DB Radio is going on semi-hiatus, but I really do think it will be back in some form down the road…

  • Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    it’s 4:51, but i figured no, il just give a couple minutes of listen, what harm can it do? plenty harm! no, that infectious enthusiasm, the giggles, the conversation, the great tunes, the reggae, no!!! an tears, on account of dammit no, DB can’t leave me, but i understand that this hiatus is neccesary, and so the best wishes go with it.

    i SO need to sleep. but once a man hits play, thats it.

  • Eric Berlin

    Thanks much Duke.

    The more I ponder on it, I just can’t see DB Radio going completely away…

    Now get some sleep!

  • Eric Berlin

    And so I assume you dug on the reggae then?