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Dumpster Bust Radio #4: Pods Are Mod, Since You Asked…

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Hot off the digital press:

Dumpster Bust Radio: Podcast #4

We’ve scrapped the Featured Story this week so that we can bring you even more things that you didn’t know you needed to know but then found quite necessary to reside in your informational medulla-type storage capacital recesses. And other stuff.

Oh, and we’ve upped the ante on Featured Song: two for your money this week to titillate your fancy, or fancy your titillation. Your choice: I assure you.

DB Radio #4 Presents

Look out for the Traffic Report, updated throughout the show.

Pods Are Mod
Delve into some of the best podcasts out there at present (Keyword = The Duke).

Featured Song #1
“Sympathy” by Froppo

Hooked on the Net
Salon.com’s “Since Your Asked…” advice column, by Cary Tennis.

Featured Song #2
“New York New York USA” by Maininblack

Cathode Ray Fray
We delve into the best of the week in TV.
This week, we take a closer look at The Apprentice.

Track Listing for Dumpster Bust Radio #3

Dumpster Bust Radio always has RIAA-free music playing in the background to complement the Featured Songs, which is when you get a break from my tortured vocal yodeling.

Track #1 (Show Intro) “Black Star” – Apash
#2 “Hydate” – Hoodooh
#3 “Achtung (…hier kommt der Schlocker)” – Schlockmaster
#4 (Featured Song) “Sympathy” – Froppo
#5 “Time is Near” – Vital Message
#6 (Featured Song) “New York New York USA” – Maininblack
#7 “Ethiopian Dream” – Anyma
#8 “Blue Bird Tatoo” – Circe Link

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  • Looking forward to it my man.

    I think the updated traffic report will be very useful for my 6-minute commute 🙂

    I think I voted, and if I did it was for you on the P-Alley

  • woohoo! i forgot it was monday, would you believe??? downloading now, man.

  • eric, i loved this. i don’t even know what to say about it, the whole thing just gelled, man. those skit bits were great. the traffic report, aw man, that was great.

    the only thing i would offer in some sort of critical manner is that there’s a bit of a pause between you introducing the bits and then the bits themselves. a second or so of “dead air” as it were. maybe that could be tightened a tad?

    but that is, honestly, the biggest nit i could find to pick. thats one vermin-free head of hair right there.

    and the music was brilliant.

    just great, man. i hope to get the mondo thing recorded tomorow. i been up to my neck in bullshit this week.

    great stuff man.

  • Looking forward to the next Mondo show as always, Duke.

    I agree on the second delay thing — a bit to long at times. With the time I had to put this show together, I wound up being really pleased. I feel like I’m finding a pretty good style: now it’s just finding and developing good content and refining things little-by-little.

    Really glad you liked the music, too: that’s one of the first comments I’ve heard about that element.

    I’ve got yet another long-ass trip out into the SoCal desert tomorrow, so I may end up recording bits and pieces of a new Traffic Report for Show #5!