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Dumpster Bust on TV: Adam Carolla to Get His Own Talker

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Carolla of Loveline and Crank Yankers and The Man Show fame is heading back to Comedy Central, this time to get his own half-hour, nightly talk show. He’ll likely take over the slot vacated by the cancellation of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and therefore be paired with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, one of Comedy Central’s top shows.

It was sad that Tough Crowd got canceled. It was raw and had its down moments, but overall it was a bright spot in late night comedy. Quinn’s gruff but endearing camaraderie with an often goofy band of fellow comics — kibitzing and talking trash over the news of the day — was a great and innovative concept, improving upon Bill Maher’s work on Politically Incorrect with its penchant for snoozer guests and uneven forays into serious analysis. Tough Crowd went for laughs first, but it often hit home with a satirical zest only matched by the modern king of that art: Jon Stewart himself.

If anyone should replace Quinn with a new show, it is Carolla. Somewhat marginalized by his long-time status as late night co-host of radio’s Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky, it’s easy to miss one of the funniest and sharpest comedians working today. The trick will be to harness Carolla’s sharp wit and ability to take almost any topic and develop an outlandish rant (recent example: the Jews are a fire-retardant people; the reason? They manage to light eight candles during Chanukah whilst possessing long curly beards, untucked shirts, and long flowing prayer shawls with nary a fire), so format will be key. The Man Show was testament to this: while at times funny, it stifled Carolla’s ability to let-it-fly. I also think that losing the amiable but less talented (as showman and live comedian) Jimmy Kimmel will allow Carolla to further shine.

In other potential good news, Norm Macdonald is developing a half-hour sketch comedy show for Comedy Central. If Macdonald can pull off the deadpan sarcasm and straight-faced lunacy that he honed over at Saturday Night Live, there could be good things afoot.

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  • DisgruntledViewer

    I don’t seem to get either of your thoughts of how “brilliant” or “entertaining” Adam is on the radio. Ok, Adam may have put himself on the map with a few good lines back in the early days of ‘loveline’… I used to listen to it several years ago or so when it used to be all about taking calls and Adam dishing out a choice quip here and there (especially towards the retarded callers). Now it should be called “The Adam Carolla Bitchfest Extraordinaire”. For one reason or another he’s become so embittered and all he does is think of topics to bitch and whhiiiiiiine about in that ultra-annoying nasal, donkey-bray-like voice of his….

    I’m also not sure how the tv show format can be equally compared to that of the radio…On the radio, callers come to him and virtually hand him material to talk about, and he would give his take on the topic, (which is supposed to be) resulting in a humorous zinger. And not only would they come to him, they would come to him with situation so outrageous (“I dyed my pubes green. HELP!”, etc.), how could ANYONE NOT have the impulse to heckle the caller??

    However, with his ‘too late’ show, HE has to go to find the MATERIAL , he’s on his own to find his own crap to talk about…Also, has no one or nothing to hide behind. No radio station wall, no Jimmy Kimmel to save him from the dud jokes, no QUALIFIED opinion of a medical PROFESSIONAL to paraphrase…He’s pretty much on his own, and you can see how talented he is (or isn’t) by himself.

    Speaking of reviews, I read the forementioned article and took note of the remark that even Adam’s own wife didn’t believe the audience reactions to Adam’s monologue punchline fizzles were real, but was canned laughter….OUCH!!!

    My local paper, the L.A. Times wasn’t so unkind, but thier overall reaction was a yawn and a “we are not amused”

  • If his TV show is as bad as you say, I hope he pours his energy into his new radio show. Thank the Gods I live on the West Coast. If I was still in New York, I’d be subjected to Diamond Dave Lee Roth… can’t see that making it over the long haul.

  • MatthewMedici
  • This may or may not add any relevance to the argument, but I just happened upon Maxim magazine online, and discovered they had a review about, guess who….It appears they pretty much share the same sentiments as disgruntled viewer and I. If you’ve never watched the show before (as I recall, you said you hadn’t) this gives you a pretty nice overview. His debut episode was described as “stillborn”. I think that sums it up quite well….the link to the maxim article is the url under my name

  • Radio and television are very different mediums. I love Howard Stern on the radio, for example. He’s gotten me through years of rough commutes. But I was never that into his TV stuff — it just didn’t work that well for me.

  • MatthewMedici

    I agree with DV about the crappiness of “too late”. DV’s also right about the show getting progressively worse BY THE NIGHT. His comic material for that show was like dropping a barrel of radio-active waste. Once HazMat was called in and Adam quit with the “JOKES”, he took a hint and focused only on the guests…the final ingredient in just about every late night talk show format….and even THAT isn’t working for him. The guests look pained and awkward to be there….like they’re sitting through an audit or something. Even a drunk Steve-o couldn’t ease the awkward tension vibe.

    And the comment about Carolla scavenging writer’s wastebaskets for comic material?? LOL.
    ….That could perhaps explain his horrible
    “PERMA-STOOP” posture.

    Although Berlin also has a point about his radio show. The stark contrast between the two really has me scratching my head. I can’t figure out why his tv show sucks so hard if he has an entertaining radio program????

  • DV — Have you heard Carolla on the radio? He’s simply and flat-out brilliant night after night on Love Line. It may well be the best medium for his talents. I never got to see Too Late, not having the Com Central at present.

  • DisgruntledViewer

    I can only agree with you about the loss of ‘tough crowd’…It had some occasional rough spots as far as the humor, but that raw nature was just part of it’s charm….Not like Adam Carolla’s show which is a flatliner from beginning to end. “Too Late” is a title riddled with so much irony for him, only someone as stale and unfunny as Adam couldn’t see it….perhaps in hindsight he could but now…it’s….well, you know…

    Jeez, ‘too late’ shows the rest of the public what I’ve known all along: Adam carolla is one of THE UNfunniest dimwits in hollywood(who the hell keeps giving this guy work in entertainment?!?!?)

    Enough of opinion, here’s some evidence you can see for yourself: When ‘too late’ began, Adam had a LIVE audience…And the struggle Adam had to keep them awake during his monologue was VERY evident. It clearly showed the audience wasn’t sure where/when to laugh. It got worse by the day….So much so in fact, Adam got RID of the live audience…Still, adam struggled through his monologue, unable to even amuse himself. There were often times he’d have a “what the hell was I thinking? That joke STINKS!!” expression on his face as he would read them off the prompter, slogging through the monologue. Conveying to all that it’s ALMOST as painful for him to sit through as it is for YOU. So, then he got rid of the monologue. It’s still an unbearable heap to watch. Now he goes straight for the guests, who also appear to be having a horrible time being there…AND(as if watching the show alone isn’t punishment enough), he has the NERVE to ridicule the TWO viewers who actually bother giving him a call on his show!!

    Adam Carolla is semi-watchable when he sticks to his normal comedy creating routine: scavenging the wastebaskets of hack staff writers.
    However, when it comes to improvisation/writing his own humor, it’s clear to see: he sucks harder than a Transylvanian hooker!!!