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Dubbya’s May Sweeps: Can Bush’s Immigration Reform Speech Pull Him Out of the Ratings Doldrums?

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No matter which side of the fence you’ve perched yourself upon, you’ll have to agree that George W. Bush doesn’t know how to work a room anymore. Gone is that “they can run, but they can’t hide” bravado, that aircraft carrier-straddling “mission accomplished” swagger, only to be replaced of late by performances that can be charitably described as “wooden.”

Nowhere has his decline as a performer been more apparent than in Monday night’s much hyped immigration reform speech. Reeking of flop sweat and with all the passion of an automaton, Mr. Bush announced his “five point plan” for immigration reform. Despite a cherry position in the Monday night line-up — not only the lead-in for Prison Break but also Deal or No Deal ferchrissakes, the President barely mustered a monologue that would not play in the most boorish of venues.

In a program that sorely needed a grand opening, Mr. Bush chose instead to offer a tired, but safe, cliche — “We must secure our borders.” One could almost hear a collective moan when he uttered those words. But the President was undeterred by the sigh, and continued with a half-hearted proclamation that he is sending 6000 National Guard troops to the troubled US-Mexican frontlines to assist US Border Patrol officers. Hoping to reel the audience in, he added that we have more than enough troops to win the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the soon to be announced addition, Iran — plus, deal with natural disasters, and secure the border, too.

While he hoped that declaration would give new emphasis to the buzz phrase “army of one,” the audience saw it as meaning we will eventually have one soldier in every country on the planet. One must build empires by whatever means are available, after all.

In the second act, Mr. Bush tried to catch a second wind with abysmal results. He trumpeted out his “guest worker” initiative, with his tired line that they do the jobs Americans won’t do. The audience merely shook their heads at this point in the performance — it echoed that Archie Bunker mentality of the seventies, or worse, that “good nigger” racism of the early sixties.

Reeling from the hisses from all quarters of the venue, Mr. Bush attempted a comeback by using his tired old saw about corporate America benefitting from a workforce bereft of any rights, and, by extension, Americans would somehow reap the harvest through lower prices at the retail level. That was small consolation to the portion of the audience that couldn’t afford to boost the economy because they could not find a job. Patriotism is either linked to crisis or an empty wallet.

In the final act, Mr. Bush attempted in vain to validate his performance by recounting the story of a young illegal immigrant who is proudly serving this country, not his native country, because he was so damn proud to be in this country. The audience was not impressed, despite the mom and apple pie slideshow that accompanied the little tale.

They’d heard it all before.

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  • JP

    Actually from my side of the fence, he never knew how to work one to begin with.

  • If this speech was supposed to win him support, based on polls about popular feelings on immigration he took the absolute wrong track. Bush took the high road and proposed reasonable solutions, but apparently the public mood is more vindictive and less sensible, so it might hurt him more than help him.


  • Bliffle

    Cheaper labor seems to be the answer to all problems. In order to regulate the cheap labor from mexico we’ll use the cheap labor of the National Guard.

  • Heloise

    What a sucky idea to use temporary help to fix the border patrol!! That is truly the thinking of business today…everything is temporary and expendable.

    Bush too is temporary and expendable. He has less than two years left in office. I say its time that Americans get a backbone and find a third party to challenge the Dems and Repubs.

    It’s like the oil lying crisis. We can make an impact by demanding flex cars, rejecting the hybrids expensive lie and not buying gas. Car pool, bike and walk.


  • DazeyMai

    But, Heloise, can we survive another 2 years of his incompetence along with a wimpy Congress (unless November elections change things)? I shudder when I think of the harm he has done, not only to America, but to the entire world in only 6 years.

  • Heloise

    I guess you are thinking of either a) impeachment or b) taking back congress. Am I right? Well, look at the hand they dealt Bill, I mean Clinton. They tried to impeach the man for oral sex in the oval office. Well, they could have impeached JFK for the same thing, only they didn’t know it was going on. That’s the conservatives for you.

    But the liberals are even more stupid than the right wing conservatives. They don’t even have a sex angle to get old Bush on. So what’s left? If a man is not a womanizer, then he’s probably just an mean drunk. I think Bush fits the latter, but he is reformed. So, can the Dems get Bush on his old driving record? Just kidding.

    But seriously maybe they can link him to the Enron scandal or to the fact that businesses have been allowed to skirt the law when it comes to hiring illegals. When I think of how I thought it meant something to be an Amerian applying for a damn job I never got in the first place, but just the thought that I was an American a legal citizen of this place and that if I WAS NOT LEGAL that I would get in trouble for saying I was or for having forged papers.

    Little did I know that a whole bunch of people behind me who did get THE job did just that. I think that is the unkindest cut of all how employers have sold out the American public in terms of jobs that we should have. I mean I see hispanics leaving office buildings all the time. You mean to tell me they only do jobs that AMericans don’t want? I don’t think so.


  • Heloise, the reason Bush proposed using the national guard on the border is that it takes time to recruit and train border patrol agents. Did you not even see or read the speech?


  • Heckler

    Dave, have you not read the laws that were passed? There were supposed to be thousands of new border patrol agents added, they have not been. And that responsibility rests in the Oval office, check the record.

    For all that some think that Bush took the “high road”, it appears that he did nothing more than pander to “his constituents”, the business people profiting frm cheap illegal labor.

    And if you don’t get that the entire 18 minutes of that speech was nothing more than a feeble attempt to distract the public from the other problems this administration is having, than you are either a bit naive, or part of the problem.

  • the reason Bush proposed using the national guard on the border is that it takes time to recruit and train border patrol agents.

    And why does it take so long? Because of all the ACLU inspired legal bullshit about not violating the “human” rights of illegal aliens. Cut through all that crap, and give the Guard some REAL authority to DETAIN and kick every one of these sovereignty violating fuckers back across to the Mexican side.

  • To answer the question of this piece…Somehow I doubt it.

  • DazeyMai

    I believe there are many legal reasons to start the impeachment process. I do hope the Dems gain control of the Senate and the House in November, but I am not optimistic that they will have the gumption or courage to do initiate impeachment proceedings. Actually, what I truly feel should be done is charge Dubya with war crimes. He is a disgusting liar. He took us into this pre-emptive (therefore, illegal) war with no strategy on how to win it and with no exit plan. He stands before the American people and tells us we are making great progress in Iraq. Any fool can see that we are losing that war. There is no way out! It boggles my mind that we can fly predators in Iraq by remote control from Chicago, but we can’t invent some device that will detect roadside bombs – the main killer of our troops. No wonder the entire world is laughing at us. Why can’t Bush stand up to the American people and admit he has made horrendous mistakes, apologize and resign because he is just not qualified to do the job.

    Clinton’s sex in the Oval Office was pretty sleazy, and I am sorry for the pain it caused Hillary and Chelsea, but comparing that to the deaths of almost 2500 troops and thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans, plus the destruction to those countries, the financial bind our country is in and the thousands of veterans who are coming home with horrible, permanent injuries….well, in my opinion, sex in the Oval Office seems rather insignificant.

    Of course, I believe Bush could be tied to the Enron scandal. The Bushes and Lays exchanged Christmas gifts and wrote personal notes back and forth – I saw them on some web site. Now, I realize that is not criminal activity, but those 2 were thick as fleas. Notice I said were!

    You are right! Too many jobs are going to illegal aliens – jobs that should be going to unemployed Americans. They not only get jobs our citizens should have, they are breaking us by demanding every freebie ever heard of in this country. I live near the Mexican border, and if terrorists are not entering the US at the border, I would be very surprised.

  • Dave Nalle

    I believe there are many legal reasons to start the impeachment process.

    And I imagine you believe in fairies too…oh wait, I just read the rest of your comment – you DO believe in fairies.


  • B.C.

    What in the world, DazeyMai, do you mean by pre-emptive strike, they flew planes into us reminds me of something Pearl something… Oh right Pearl Harbor, America’s entrance into WWII, are you saying FDR should have been punished for a pre-emptive (therefore, illegal) war or maybe Americas entrance to WWI with the unrestricted u-boat warfare should Wilson be punished for a illegal strike.

    Just because I can’t vote doesn’t mean I’m stupid

  • Heckler

    NO it doesn’t BC…but it does mean you don’t understand…

    repeat after me.

    al Qaeda flew planes into our building.

    We invaded Iraq.

    al Qaeda is NOT Iraq.

    Glad to be of assistance.

    And it’s way too early to start any kind of impeachment talk, let’s have proper investigations first.

  • B.C.

    al Qaeda is NOT Iraq.

    No, good point but once again I’m forced to bring up Pearl Harbor the Japanese army attacked us; the army is not Japan so why did we attack Japan. Al Qaeda is NOT Iraq but is in and possibly running Iraq that is why we attacked, the WMD’s were a stupid idea.

    And Stupid means the inability to understand

  • Heckler

    And you prove you hold stupid and uninformed opinions.

    To wit: the Japanese NAVY attacked Pearl Harbor, not to mention that a Nation’s army and Navy are part of the same countries military.

    As shown in the 9/11 Commission’s report, Saddam had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

    So, in conclusion, not only don’t you have a clue about military matters, or World War 2, but you haven’t got clue as to recent history, or the political make up of Iraq pre-invasion.

  • DazeyMai

    Get it, Dave? al Qaeda is NOT Iraq. Going into Afghanistan was the thing to do…but, Dubya was so eager to get Hussein’s butt, he could not wait to finish the job in Afghanistan…ergo – Osama is still alive and outsmarting us. I believe you are the one who believes in fairy tales.

  • DazeyMai

    B.C. – Why can’t you vote? Your comments indicate that you are too young – is that it? Japan attacked us and we appropriately retaliated. al Qaeda attacked us and we, in turn, attacked them in Afghanistan. If we had finished the job in Afghanistan, we would not be in the mess we are in today. Even as despicable as Saddam Hussein is, we had no legitimate cause to attack Iraq. What is even more shameful is the fact that we were not prepared and had no idea what strategies would be involved in fighting a war in the Middle East.

    Oh well, impeachment or not – Bush is well on his way down, down, down.

  • Heloise

    By the NUMBERS USA that is: The Bad Bills

    Here is what’s going on. And as I told you with AMNESTY there could be over 50 millions new people here (mostly unwanted) by 2008 election if the bad bills go through.

    1. What SENATE LEADERS have planned

    Senate Majority Leader Frist (R-TN) and Minority Leader Reid (D-NV) have come to an agreement that they say will ensure that the gargantuan increase in immigration will pass the Senate before Memorial Day.

    They are claiming that they have 70 of the 100 Senators (far more than the 60 necessary) to ram through the amnesty bill.

    But they claimed they had enough votes before Easter but failed then.

    Nonetheless, it is extremely troubling to see the Senate leaders of both Parties falling all over themselves to thumb their noses at the majority of the American people. What they are doing makes so little political sense that it is difficult to know what they think they are doing.

    The bill they are pushing would:
    offer citizenship to most of some 12 million illegal aliens

    at a minimum double legal immigration from 1 to 2 million a year

    open a foreign guestworker program of 400,000 a year at first but increasing by 20% every year

    2. What PRES. BUSH has planned

    The President is asking for network Prime Time to address the nation Monday night on immigration.

    There can be no doubt that it is timed to try to help the amnesty get through the Senate.

    Nonetheless, our White House sources tell us that they don’t think Bush in his address will push the amnesty (or legalization) but will focus on enforcement measures.

    This would likely be the same sleight of hand that Bush has used for years. He talks about enforcement as a way to build more momentum for massive importation of foreign workers through many means. After a few years of saying that he is absolutely against giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship, Bush is now widely reported to be backing the Frist/Reid amnesty that does just that.

    Our sources inside the Department of Homeland Security and the Senate tell us that none of the increases in enforcement funding just voted or the promises of increased enforcement by the Administration are intended to make a difference in actually slowing the flow of illegal workers into U.S. job markets. The moves apparently are all window-dressing to help wavering Senators believe that it is now safe to vote for an amnesty and massive increases in legal immigration.

    Some of your NumbersUSA staff just returned in the last week from several days on the Arizona/Mexico border. They witnessed major movements of illegal aliens and drug supplies as a routine occurrence and without U.S. government interference. In talking with U.S. border officers and Native Americans who protect their reservation from foreign intervention, our staff concluded that this Administration is leaving the border just as open and vulnerable today as before the 9/11 attacks. in this email:
    1. What Senate leaders have planned

    2. What Bush has planned

    3. Our Congressional Allies Working Overtime to Thwart Frist – Reid – Bush


    5. Don’t wait for my Action Alerts
    actions in brief:
    1. TODAY: Go to your personalized Action Buffet corkboard and send all faxes you haven’t yet sent.

    2. MONDAY MORN: Check your Action Buffet corkboard as soon as you can turn on your computer to look at PHONE action notes so you can ring the phones of the Senate off the hook before leaders there can do their damage.

    3. MONDAY: Check our Vote Day page regularly for all details of exactly where the Senate battle is. We update that page as often as four times an hour if there are changes in conditions. All amendment votes are posted there ASAP.

    Click here for VOTE DAY page …
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    3. Our Congressional Allies Working Overtime to Thwart Frist – Reid – Bush – McCain – Kennedy – Hagel – Martinez

    Like most of the battles that we ask you to engage, this one will be uphill.

    But we have a host of allies in Members of Congress who are working overtime to strategize and prepare for the battle. Rest assured that your NumbersUSA Capitol Hill Team is in the middle of most of these strategic sessions. We will prompt you at each step of the fight as each new action is needed.

    Obviously, we can’t give you the plan because there would be no way to do that without risking tipping off the open-borders opposition. But the requests we make of you will be guided by that plan.

    One of the brightest spots has been the firmness of our allies in the House to say to the President and the Senate that they are not budging on their insistence for the enforcement-only H.R. 4437 they passed in December.

    After we and other immigration-reduction groups heavily promoted the recent Zogby poll showing overwhelming public support for the House bill over the Senate amnesties, we were ecstatic to see a letter go out to all House Republicans touting the poll as a reason not to give in. The letter was sent by Rep. Sensenbrenner (R-WI and chair of Judiciary), Rep. Peter King (R-NY and chair of Homeland Security) and Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO). The latter was especially a powerful sign because of his service in the middle of the House GOP leadership.

    Be sure to review the results of that Zogby poll before you start calling Senate offices Monday. It will give you a supreme sense of self-confidence. Find it at:


  • Hoping to reel the audience in, he added that we have more than enough troops to win the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the soon to be announced addition, Iran — plus, deal with natural disasters, and secure the border, too.

    He didn’t say that.

  • eddy

    if everyone goes into this only looking for problems, that is all you will find. at least Bush is trying to help the economy. most of the points were not that bad. there are problems and i’m sure that you all know that, but he is making an effort. really look into it and suggest solutions of your own to someone up top. don’t just complain because i am sick of it. try or shut up about it.