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Dual Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan Claim Lives

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Pakistan’s deputy superintendant of police, Mr. Javed Iqbal was killed in the explosion of a remote control bomb which also killed his driver, his security guard and three other men only a few yards away from police headquarters in Lukky Marwat in the district of Swat, NWFP.

This happened on Thursday. On Friday the slain DSP was being given guard of honor by the police and more than 600 mourners were gathered to offer funeral prayers in the school building of the same town when a suicide attacker blew himself out and killed more than 50 people, wounding 70 people. Those killed included the son of the slain DSP and a number of other policemen. Analysts say, this is the result of earlier Lal mosque fiasco and army action against the militant followers of Mullah Fazl Ullah in the Swat region.

The troubled North West frontier province of Pakistan has become a routine target for the militants now. The past week also saw a suicide attacker killing a Lt. General of the medical corps of Pakistan Army. Lt. Gen. Mushtaq was killed in broad daylight in the busy district of Rawalpindi when a militant in the guise of a beggar blew himself by colliding with the staff car of the officer. This has created many questions in the minds of the government and the public alike. Lack of security has emerged as major concern and is presented as the test for the newly elected parties, the PPP and PML (Nawaz) who have joined hands with a local, moderate party of NWFP, the ANP (awami national party) and vowed to establish and empower democratic institutions in the country to effectively counter these measures of mayhem which have flourished at an alarming rate in the recent past.

Intellectuals and analysts confirm the worst fears on the part of Pakistani public that these suicide attacks and subsequent senseless loss of life have come as a heavy price for the Musharraf – USA alliance in which places like DamaDola and Bajour were hit by missiles causing the deaths of several innocent children. The war on terror is viewed with all kinds of suspicion and people believe its only playing in the hands of American politicians and the US army, because the local population has suffered huge losses since it was launched a few years ago.

With no clear winners of losers in this war, the government of Pakistan must set its priorities straight and take some solid and urgent steps to control this situation which started in NWFP and tribal belts in the north on the Afghan border. Violence is spreading rapidly to other parts of the country and threatening to turn into a civil war.

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  • Ms. Keighley (qing-jao)

    Violence does indeed appear to be spreading. I can only hope that bhutto’s party might succeed in bringing democracy and peace, though I am aware that the chances of this are slim. “The war on terror” seems but to have stirred up more chaos. I’m afraid that much blame must certainly be attributed to a very foolish man in a great white house. I think for years to come, our children will be forced to clean up after the failings of politics. It is very sad indeed.
    Thank you for your informative article. I am so glad that I was able to read it! Please continue to write.
    -Ms. Keighley

  • Democracy? hm.. “The War On Terror”? its actully The War For Terror. And Democracy means.. Power Belong to Rich and Evil People. And this is the Trust!

    Well, trust me every single person in Pakistan who is struggling, including me. Only Wants Peace. And Trust me Every Single Person in Pakistan who you think is working for Peace are actually the Evil Doers! I wish I could type all the truth here.

  • Dr. Afaq A. Qureshi.

    Dear Mr. Sharif. Many thanks for your comment. I personally think that this is the time when the whole truth should come out. Have we gained anything in past so many decades by keeping this truth ‘under cover’?. Good day 🙂