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DsiWare Review: Tetris Party Live

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The videogame of Tetris has been around for decades. It is one of the most popular and longest lasting games out there and has been brought back again and again in various formats for various platforms. A simple game of flipping colored falling blocks so that they interlock together and form a complete line across, this is a no-brain drain sort of a game. Though many claim it highly addictive game – myself included.

Just what makes Tetris Party Live different and unique? The ability to download via DsiWare is an excellent extra for those gamers who are always on the go, is an excellent one. In addition to the one player mode and one player vs. CPU mode, Tetris Party Live is a great way to play online with other Tetris lovers and players around the globe. This option takes Tetris gaming to an entirely new level and challenge of play. Those who love the ability to voice chat? Well, with Tetris Party Live, you can voice chat to your heart’s content all while playing.

What kinds of game modes can you expect on this one? When playing in solo/single player, Marathon can be played in an endless mode or best time/score to clear 150 lines. CPU (computer battle) is a fun game where you clear lines and send lines to your computer opponent, causing their screen to freeze and making them work twice as hard to stay on top of things (don’t forget, they do the same thing to you!). Competitive mode allows gamers to play online games via the Nintendo WiFi connection. In this mode, there are several varieties of games to play as well as the ability to take on 4 players from around the region, as well as your friends. Battle Mode and Duel Space can be made very challenging with this many opponents against you!

Additional fun options on Tetris Party Live include the ability to turn Ghosts on and off, change backgrounds from a variety of choices, select avatars from 15 different types, as well as a surprising range of sound and musical audible backdrops. For lovers of competition, party play and just plain old colored block stacking fun, Tetris Party Live is a definite must-have!

Tetris Party Live is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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