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This isn’t going to mean much to a lot of you, but the latest edition of the Mulistate Bar Exam (MBE) was misgraded. This means some people who thought they passed didn’t. The MBE is one day of multiple choice on six subjects of law. There are two hundred questions with answers that vary only slightly. This means some people who thought they passed didn’t. Click here for the full story. (Hat Tip: Instapundit )

Fear and Loathing. Just reading that story caused me to flash back to that cold day in Feb. 2001 when I was sitting in a cavernous hall at The Myriad filling in little ovals, hoping against hope that I was getting the answers right and wouldn’t have to sit through this again. Baseball cap pulled low, OU hooded sweatshirt that couldn’t keep me warm from the chill of sweat pouring from everywhere, hand slightly shaky from the coffee I had been drinking since 6 that morning, furtively glancing around at my fellow test takers to see if they were in as a bad a shape as I felt. Good times.

There are some things in life we are grateful are over. Passing your drivers test for example. There are some things in life we fall down and kiss the ground because we never have to do them again. Watching any movie Chevy Chase made after 1990 for example. And then, there are those things in life that we achieve a kind of fugue state about and forget we ever did because the experience was so harrowing, retaining only bits and pieces of flash memories that wake us up in the dead of night in a cold sweat.

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