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Drugs, Hollywood, and Islamofascists

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We are reminded by W.E.B. Griffin in his new book, The Hostage, that drug money sourced primarily from the insatiable American pop-drug culture continues to find its way to bad ends. Well established leaking of cartel money to South American communist insurgencies is now observed to have morphed -– to include Islamofascist organizations whose objectives are similar but reach out to finance underground cell activity in the U.S.

So there we have it in a nutshell. Consuming drugs by snorting coke, smoking cartel weed, or shooting cartel smack most likely supports the enemy that wants to kill us and end our way of life. Nothing new — the link between drugs and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan is so old and so worn that we forget it exists. But the links to the southern hemisphere of this continent are worrisome to the extreme. There is the common border. We share time zones. The U.S is a catch basin for the South American overflow. Venezuelan heads of state freely flaunt their links to Iran and Islamofascism in general under the motto of “…the enemy of my enemy…” The enemy is at our gates and we provide them with money to breach our defenses and kill us. If it sounds like sheer madness consider the sheer congruence with the distortion in our current national mores that would allow it — nay, foster it.

We live in a land that wages a war with no call to sacrifice to defeat the known enemy. The war we wage is unlike any other we have fought. There is no call to sacrifice anything, be it money in the form of taxes to pay for it, rubber or scrap metal collections, war-bond sales, gas stamps, or ration coupons. And there is no cessation of our consumption of massive amounts of drugs which defines the pop-American drug culture and that underpins substantial layers of our national economy. We are a nation of highly visible contradictions that would convince any enemy that we can be overcome. Defeated in the medium-term. Killed off, one by one.

So here is a call to those who lead the culture. We know them as Hollywood film stars, directors, producers, film distributors and hangers-on. We know them as the leaders of the hip-hop culture, the rappers, the night club owners, the blingeratis. We know them as NBA 3-point shooters and MLB home-run hitters. We see their faces and we want to be them and have their lifestyle, consume their drugs and share the booty.

The call is for them to join the war effort. To fund and drive a massive campaign to stop using drugs. To step forward and tell the country that to do drugs is to fund the enemy who is killing us and wants to close out our way of life. A massive effort that may well change a culture which supports them and their mystique, but goes far to focus the minds of millions on the war and our mortal enemy who is at the gates and has the means, motive, and opportunity to snuff us all.

Here’s to you “Puffy” Baldwin, Mr. Samuel Cool Jackson, to every rapper that dreams of bling, to Lindsey Lohan, to Tim Robbins, to James Gandolfini, to Shaqille the “Shaq”, LeBron James, to Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriquez — the call is to you to lay it on the line. Your power is immense and to ignore it is to tolerate it. If you do, then this war will at least begin to look like the other ones we have waged, sacrificed for as a nation and won. Sacrificed for and won — how remote that sounds.

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  • gonzo marx

    ok..let’s have a look

    most weed is grown here in the startes, with some coming from Canada…good old fashioned Prohibition capitalism…but homegrown

    Afghanistan supplies a huge chunk of opiates(heroin for the most part) so the point of the article is spot on there…

    kids, don’t do heroin…

    waitaminnit…aren’t we in Afghanistan..i mean our troops…and didn’t we divert a shitload of our resources both Intel and military away from there for Iraq?

    yep, we did

    didn’t that allow the warlords and Taliban remnants to go back to paying farmers to grow poppies, since their economy was never rebuilt and it is their best cash crop…

    yep, once again

    ponder that one folks

    as for coke…kids, don’t do coke..it’s bad…mmmm’kay?

    that one is purely south american, funny it ani’t really grown in Venezuela…ya can’t lay coke growth on Chavez…

    no, ya have to go to Columbia and Peru for the big boys on the coke scene…agani, poor peasants growing the best cash crop they can have

    it’s not like the US has some kind of comprehensive policy to help those folks find a better crop to grow, or that they can stifle the market here in the states…

    again…anyone for a History lesson on Prohibition?

    the ONLY thing to come from the good olde alchohol Prohibition?

    organized crime

    as Thulsa Doom told Conan…
    “contemplate that upon the Tree of Woe”

    nuff said


  • you are off the mark on opium and taliban. they had little tolerance for growing opium, and it was enforced harshly = death?…its probably one of the few things which was positive about them.

    opium farms are back, now.
    that leaves the demand side and those who wanna do business, and the ground reality of afghanistan.

    also, apart from political statements by US officials about poppy taliban, which means there is more hype than reality in this, i thought contrary to what americans are being made to think, most of afghan poppy supply was to europe…

    taliban and poppy do not go together. so i dont know where your whole argument stands…no they are/were not something like the mafia or a cartel. all negatives dont band together…


  • Great comments drawing good factual accounts of the Taliban, Afghanistan (especially the point about Afghan opium reaching Rotterdam first with not much reaching US ports) and the shifting nature of the links betwen drugs and terrorism.

    The point remains that we continue to use drugs as a society– of all varieties from heroin to opium to cocaine and weed– without questioning the links of money and funds flow to terrorist endeavors. We have given up asking our cultural idols who benefit most from a cycle of drugs and entertainment to take a stand against drugs and terrorism. Its a small price to ask them to pay to maintain their status. We have historically asked our celebrities to assist in the war effort by selling war bonds, visiting troops in hospitals, giving pro bono USO shows — what pray tell have they done to support the troops and the nation in this war? Take a stand,dear celebs, against drugs and see where it goes. It may well change the world. Poldark Maximus


    Sitting here in Iraq and watching a TV show about celebrities and other pop culture inanity really gives me a sense of perspective.

  • pm [#3] :

    its a very thoughtful idea for celebrities to do this. the drug culture is a kind of extremism. an individualistic extremism which is part of society closely related to freedom and also escape. the opposite is a kind of moderation between extremes – thats hard to imagine in hollywood…. but its worth doing!


  • KABUL, Apr 25 (IPS) – Agitated poppy farmers in western Herat province say they will not destroy their crops unless the Afghan government provides them with alternative sources of income.


  • Asswad

    Those who think baseball should be drug tested, player fired for using???? Should also expect Snoop Dawg/50 Cent, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn and the rest of the entertainment industry with so much to teach my kids to do the same! If you dont, you suck.