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Drug-Test Politicians – All of Them

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  • bliffle

    You are right, of course! The congress is the most important employees group in America when it comes to public safety. If a transit worker is drunk and a train crashes maybe a hundred people die, but if a drug-addled congressman, haunted by the devils in his lurid drug-induced nightmares, votes to start a war and send thousands of men to war and to unleash unholy weapons with horrific destruction on civilian populations, he can cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and the disabling of tens of thousands, as well as the deaths of hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians.

    Who is crazier? Who is a greater danger?

    There is no possible defense against drug testing politicians.

    • Christopher Rose

      Bliffle, the vote of one member of congress isn’t enough to send the USA to war.

      I think the routine drug testing of anybody should be illegal.

      • bliffle

        Wow! Outlaw all drug testing? A long time ago I might have agreed. But now we are too pressed in on each other to allow the kind of individuality that the sparsely populated USA of 100 years ago could provide.

        Seems to me that the growth of the population from 100 million to 300 million is very bad. It’s forced people who don’t like each other to rub shoulders.

        But if we’re to support the enormous fortunes made from population growth we have to make concessions.

  • bliffle

    But politicians shootup on their favorite drugs in groups, so it isn’t just one congress-drunk doing it. And they pitifully strive for attention and love by exhibiting conformant behaviour. Just like the executives at a typical business conference.