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Drug Chics 101; Courtney Love vs Kate Moss – A Matter of Class?

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A blow by blow account of how to live with the junkie label.

Courtney Love has in recent years become the scratch pole of catty bitches (a human cross-breed with both male and females) hated and ridiculed not just for her heroin drug use (If only she’d taken cocaine she could have a cute Cocaine Courtney nickname like Kate Moss). No, she has been mocked more for how she acts while on them. Unflattering is the right word here.

Many of us remember the Transformations of Courtney – and there have been many. Stripper before we the public really knew her. Then as lead singer of Hole – she featured the talismans of scabbed knees, fright hair and a slung guitar. She became widely known, with her marriage to Kurt Cobain and the “Oh no Yoko” comparisons began. After his death she became even more famous and turned into a fashion(ista) widow. I ‘member a knockout Vanity Fair spread where she was gorgeous. (Pre-collagen) She allowed her outward beauty to come out and damn near earned an Oscar for her role in 1996’s The People vs. Larry Flynt. She’s smart and funny. Or was. I’m not so sure, now. The drugs seem to have caused permanent damage.

At this moment she is doomed to a life of ridicule because of how she acts.

Kate Moss is undergoing a different treatment, so to speak.

She’s a classy junkie. It’s all about the glamour. If you don’t maintain the glamour you don’t deserve to be a junkie.

Like Courtney Love, Moss is the mother of one daughter. A known drug-user for years (she always denied until a few years ago) Moss is a supermodel; the face and body she sells to companies for millions so they can make hundreds of millions.

With non-contested photos of Moss smacked on the front page of the Sept. 15 Daily Mirror – sitting on tables with god-forsaken real lines of blow, there was something so obvious it could no longer be ignored.

Let’s not pretend she was led astray by boyfriend Pete Doherty, who was, funnily enough, in Babyshambles, a band named or inspired by a low-octane “party girl’s” drink – Babycham. Moss, 31, has fleshed out – really – from her first few days when she was one of the first waif models on the scene. Not just thin, but wafer-thin.

As has been described, she handled and cut the cocaine like a seasoned dealer. Alcohol and marijuana are also part of the evening depicted in the Mirror. Not a good mix. Would it be better if she was dead?

She’s now in an American rehab but unless she finds a new, less harmful addiction, it isn’t going to help. It’s been her life for so long. She enjoys it all. What else is there in life?

In fact, in a later story (Sept. 23), The Mirror says the rehab is being done only because it’s expected: “She confided to brother Nick, 29, that she might enter rehab in a cynical PR ploy to save her career – “or it won’t look good.’ “

Chanel (not Cocaine Chanel) and other companies are terminating contracts. There’s an eye-opener. Pretty soon the only label Moss’ll have is the junkie label.

Can we feel sorry for her? Yeah, we could, but don’t bother. Save your sympathy, and even your empathy if you have a drug-past, for the millions of others who don’t have so many advantages; who truly may only use drugs to escape their past, and their future.

The stories of a celebrity downed by attempts to get high is as frequent as the number of daily drug deaths and behind-bars mandatory sentencing.

Robert Downey Jr. Drew Barrymore. Rush Limbaugh. Whitney and Bobby Brown. Ricky Williams. Because I’m not hooked up, I cannot supply an exhaustive list. It’s a long, jagged line even without including the string of 60s icons who died at 27.

Courtney Love immersed herself in an era of heroine chic but seemed to have it together artistically.

Coke is the steroid of the supermodel class. It’s overlooked but faced with the obvious, people in charge have to do something about it “or it won’t look good.”

Unbelievably, in that Daily Mirror article, Moss is quoted as saying she needs the drug for “escapism.” My heart bleeds. Not as much as her nasal cavity, but I feel ya. Right here where I live. Right here. Moss has led a relatively stress-free life and has only been in the news in a negative light because of drugs. Kate Moss is queen of the junkies, Courtney Love a tier below and all the common druggies should really not try and live up to the nose-wipe hype of the famous.

That’s how it is.

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  • Kevin Ives

    I like Courtney Love. Heroin suits her better than a Versace dress. She’s like Guns and Roses, she’s at her best when it seems like she is going to fall apart.
    I hope she does sober up though. Still, it was pretty funny when she threw make up at Madonna, and called her a slutty nurse.

  • Interesting stuff, Temple. I wish I could offer a meatier comment, but I think you’ve said it all, as usual.

    Selfish bastard!

  • willcodfish

    Who gives a damm about either ?? If you do, that’s stunning. Both are excessively fortunate classless white-trash.

  • harmony

    courtney love is as much as a junkie as kurt cobain was, but nobody says anything. she’s a crackwhore while he’s a messiah. right, whatever.

  • Grace

    Who paid you to write this odd ball comparison? One is a super model and the other is an actress, rock star, and stripper. Courtney Love was busted for cocaine use when breaking into her former boyfriend’s home and Kate Moss has been known as a herion chick model for years so the girls are possibly similar in their drug use. However, Courtney Love has not only exposed herself on national television and allowed a man to suck her nipple at Wendy’s and photographed doing so, but also she has been actually convicted for drugs and two violent assults on a audience member and a woman sleeping on her former boyfreind’s sofa. Kate Moss has not been convicted of any crime violent or non violent. Additionally Kate Moss is only 31 and Courtney Love is 41 and has apparentlly, according to her mother, has been given drugs since she was four.
    It is my understanding that models have been using drugs for years. How else do these women stay so painfully thin without dieing? When one’s knees are larger than one’s thighs and one did not just leave a Nazi concentration camp then one must be doing drugs. Angelina Jolie played a super model from the eighties who had caught AIDs while using herion and of course died. Niether drugs and rock and roll nor drugs and models are shocking or unusual. Elvis died on the toilet from a heart attack from constipation from the over use of pain killers. Even President Kennedy was on a list of presciption drugs that would keep even the the most addicted model or rock star sedated. Drugs have nothing to do with class they affect all people. Some people preform better than others on drugs.

    Kate Moss is from Croydon England which is not known to be very classy. Courtney Love’s mother ditched her at the age of seven and grew up following the Grateful Dead with her father and stints in institutions. These woman are very unusual unique people to pull themselves out of the places they were brought up in. Neither women should be ridiculed nor belittled for their drug use but pitied and helped. They are both extremely successful woman. They both have kids who no matter what are better off and better taken care of than most of the peolpe in the entire world thanks to their mother’s careers. Not every one can be a Kate Moss or Courtney Love for if they could they would.

  • Meg

    Thats exactly fuckin right Grace just cos u have money an a couple of poeple know youre name does not mean you dont have anything to escape from – look at Marylin Monroe. Both these women are awesome -fact.

  • Like It Matters Who I Am

    Speaking of sympathy/empathy for the lesser well known …

    Kate Moss should be extremely grateful she wasn’t busted in Bali, Indonesia. Michelle Leslie, although not a household name, was a very high profile and successful Australian model. That was, until she was arrested in Bali, Indonesia about 6 weeks ago. She was busted by cops with 2 ecstasy tablets in her purse, whilst on her way to a party.

    Remember this wasn’t trafficking, dealing or even smuggling. Nonetheless Ms Leslie, who is only 24, now faces up to 15 years in a delightful Indonesian prison, all for possession of 2 ecstasy pills.

    Now, of course Ms Leslie was incredibly stupid to have these pills in her possession in Bali (especially so soon after 27 year old beautician Schapelle Corby, who also went to Bali on holiday, made worldwide headlines for getting sentenced to 20 years jail there, allegedly for smuggling pot).

    Nonetheless, I think it’s all well and good for people to say: ‘respect the laws of the country you’re in’, but 15 years for two E’s?

    Charles Dickens did write ‘The law is an ass’ for a reason. It can be, sometimes.

    Sorry for the tangent. But you did mention that we should feel sorry for or feel empathy for the lesser well known.

    Personally I think the ‘war on drugs’ is unwinnable anyway and I feel sorry for them all … that is, Pete, Kate, Courtney & all the extras you never hear of too.

  • Morgan

    I prefer Love in all her scabby-knee, fiery glory to the vapid Kate Moss any day. I can’t see what use Moss is to the world, but to look at and entertain us with her bad habits. While Courtney has actual talent and gave us one one of the greatest albums in the history of rock – Live Through This. And at least two other solid, semi-great ones. After Kate Moss looks fade away and no one gives a shit anymore, Courtney’s art will still be kicking around. Talent trumps class, seems to me.

  • Morgan – I’m with you. I loved Hole from the beginning

  • TheRazerBladePrince

    Okay first of all Courtney Love is not the sharpest knife in the cupboard but shes diffently a good artist she has her faults as all of us do, she hasn’t found a good way to deal with them yet, As well as Kate Moss what state would fashion be in if it wasn’t for her she is a amazingly bueatiful and smart. Your all just fucking losers find something better to do with your time then judging celebrities with more talent then you could ever hope to posses

  • dfg


  • Lala

    Kate Moss inspires anorexic girls and has a weird face, by the way.

    Courtney Love didn’t give us Live Through This, Kurt Cobain and Eric Erlandson did. The latter was the mind of Hole, not her.

    TheRazerBladePrince, how much do you know about people who judge celebrities to state they don’t have any talent? Everybody has more talent than Kate Moss for that matter, anyway.

  • pinkfuzzybear

    please, courtney did not write her music, mostly whoever she was sleeping with did. she’s completely worthless & only became famous after her husband SUPPOSEDLY committed suicide (yeah, right)