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Drudge’s Anti-blogger Bias

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Today’s large font headline on Drudge screams “Shield Law Sponsor: Bloggers ‘Probably Not’ Considered Journos”. Note that the bill in question is not law yet and the words of the sponsor aren’t particularly binding in the absence of express language in the bill.

I wish I had noticed where Drudge plastered last Thursday’s headline (which he linked) that the Delaware Supreme Court, whose opinion is law at least in Delaware, ruled that bloggers can remain anonymous in most circumstances. I doubt it was plastered as largely.

He reported the adverse-to-bloggers decision in Apple vs. Does but I looked for and never found the report that the California appellate court is willing to hear argument about whether to overturn it.

Maybe I’m being too hard on Matt Drudge but let’s not forget his famous quote:

In the end I really don’t care what I’m called, as long as it’s not blogger.

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  • Coming from Drudge, that’s pretty damn funny. I mean, come on, Matt Drudge, do YOU think you’re a journalist? The closest he came to being a journalist was when he worked the CBS gift shop. But I guess posting unfounded rumor that for some inexplicable reason is eaten up by nutty right-wingers is considered journalism in some circles.

  • RJ

    Drudge was essentially the first big-time “proto-blogger” so one would suspect he would be big at hyping a growing phenomenon he helped create.

    It seems his counter-intuitive disdain for bloggers is a bit of a mystery.

  • In Drudge’s defense, that blogger headline was the same from E&P.

    Also, Fark hates being called a blog too.

  • Gore is a liar!!! Drudge invented the Internet!!!

    Drudge!!! Drudge!!! Drudge!!! 2008!!!

  • 1Potato

    Left winger tirades always sound great at the beginning of a thread. I love watching them sputter out when confronted with vigilant conservatives – unlike on college campuses where there is no opposition allowed.


  • Right winger tirades always sound great at the beginning of a thread. I love watching them sputter out when confronted with vigiliant liberals – unlike on the Fox News Channel where there is no opposition allowed.


  • The confidential sources issue is much more interesting than the the Drudge link’s font size.

  • >unlike on the Fox News Channel where there is no opposition allowed.< O.K then... How about Colmes on Hannity and Colmes???

  • “How about Colmes on Hannity and Colmes?”

    Ha! That must be a joke. Hannity is the alpha male in that duo. I don’t even know why Alan stays on the show.

    I’m reminded of the scene in “Outfoxed” where Rupert Murdoch is asked about his liberal talent on Fox News as part of some sort of FCC hearing. Murdoch immediately says “Alan Colmes!” and then after thinking a second can only offer up Greta Van Susteren as evidence of Fox New’s huge pool of liberal on-air personalities.

  • Hannity is stands out because he doesn’t make an ass of himself and he is ivolved in other areas such as his Radio show.

    Fox may be run by mostly Conservatives but their guests are mostly from the left. And the leftist guests always get the last word. That is why FoxNews is the closest news channel to Fair and Balanced.

    Now tell me about the conservative pool of CBS or NBC or CNN.

  • I don’t hold much admiration for Drudge whatsoever anymore. His opinion means squat to me. Anyone who sells out to the pop-up advertisers ranks very VERY low in my world.

  • I don’t know why this is a left/right issue. It seems to me that the blogger/journalist debate doesn’t fall squarely on either side. Journalists from the left and the right tend to fall on the bloggers aren’t journalists line.

  • 1Potato

    I say American universities are run by liberals and your response is that FOX news is biased to the right?

    There is no comparison on any level.
    1. Universities have a captive audience, No one has to watch TV, or listen to talk radio – let alone a particular station. But to succeed, most need to go to college.

    2. TV is market driven. Mostly liberal network news and conservative FOX are there because people watch, advertisers buy, and the audience, presumably, buys their products.
    It’s not a conspiracy (whereas in universities it kind of is).

    3. Most univerities are wholly or partially government funded. Fox is a private company.

    So there is no comparison. Universities, I think you would agree, have higher ethical standards than TV programs.

  • Alethinos

    Ahhh… Blogger Matt… Is he still wearing the fedora? I stopped reading him when his ego leaked all over my desktop…


  • Try my site. I’ll only post once. http://www.dilby.com It’s a Drudge Clone I’ve been doing for about 2 years.

  • Harry Potter


  • Harry Potter

    Anyone is oppositing blogger?