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Drive-Thru Abortions and Abused Women

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In the quest to remove any and all obstacles and delays in the race for a woman (or girl) to get an abortion, abused women have been forgotten. Abusive men were coercing women against their will to get abortions. Bringing down the full force of constitutional law to make it not only constitutional to kill one's unborn child, but to be able to do so as fast as possible,  has made it possible for women to be abused in the process.

First, Planned Parenthood apparently covers up obvious cases of abuse. Bill O'Reilly recently made news for getting in a medical records controversy about underage girls getting abortions. While the scandal is about how O'Reilly got the records, what has been overlooked is how underage girls are getting impregnated by presumably overage men and there are no reports made. Kansas, like most other states, requires all cases of suspected child abuse be reported to authorities. Planned Parenthood has argued in court that such requirements violate the privacy rights of those underage girls. The result is that these girls are left to be abused by overage men.

Second, women are coerced to get abortions. I know this because I personally know women it has happened to. Other testimonials and stories are freely available in the news and on the web. By eliminating even the most sensible restrictions such as parental notification (note that is not parental consent), a woman can be rushed to have an abortion and no questions will be asked. This is a boon to men who don't want to pay child support, don’t want to "lose face" for having a child, or want to cover up for their crimes of impregnating a minor. Coerced abortions are a problem.

However, laws such as HB 5882 in Michigan are a profoundly bad idea. Instead of going after coerced abortions by preventing them, it makes it a crime for a man to even be involved in the decision-making process in any way except for complete deferral. It's another attempt to separate men from children. "Constitutional" law says men have no say in the decision to get an abortion. This law says they aren't even allowed to speak on the subject. Considering the current state of child support laws and custody laws, apparently the only thing men can contribute is their paycheck and all other effort is disallowed.

Sure, the law could catch men who engage in coercion. However, how such violations would ever be proven is a problem since it is entirely a "speech crime." Further, "battered woman syndrome" suggests that the women most in need of protection are least likely to seek help and the redress that such a law would allow. In short, more innocent men would be prosecuted than true domestic abusers who ought to be nailed to the wall.

The problem is not that there are no laws to punish coercion, there are. The problem is the weight of the Constitution being brought down to rush women through abortion mills without question. Planned Parenthood has no incentive to slow or stop abortions while they get paid to perform those procedures.

Taking the typical image the pro-abortion crowd likes to use, imagine an abused woman (or girl) who has an abusive boyfriend or family. She discovers she is pregnant and she knows her family or boyfriend will be livid once they discover the pregnancy. She is lonely, scared and has no place to turn. In come the knights in crimson-stained armor, Planned Parenthood. They pledge to help this young woman and bring her into their clinic. They abort the child and send her on her way. The problem is they send her right back into the abusive situation she came from. The problem wasn't the child, the problem was the abusive relationships that remain unaddressed until the next time she gets pregnant and Planned Parenthood wants to make a buck.

It is the failure of "constitutional" law that leaves these women prey to abusive and coercive relationships. The solution is not more bad laws but to rethink the culture of drive-thru abortions.

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A political activist and security expert.
  • Zedd

    Arch sez: Margaret………… with all due respect your argument about abortion being a non issue if men could get pregnant is absolute horseshit.

    And you have found a way to support your statement how…..?

    Let me guess the left is telling lies about men not being able to get pregnant. Rush knows a dude whos pregnant right now…..and HE DIDN’T have an abortion. Right?

    Margaret: One cramp and the entire human species ends. God knew what he was doing.

  • Zedd


    Stop it. Your making me really flushed. Your post is embarrassing.

    Son, you don’t even know what Planned Parenthood is. You are just mouthing off something you heard. People go there to get annuals, and birth control for a nominal fee. If you went to one today, you would see a waiting room of a mixed variety of women from all economic, age religious and ethnic backgrounds. It’s clean and pretty in there. If you took a poll, they would be in there to get birth control pills mostly. Some would be there to have a pap smear and others would be experiencing “female related” symptoms like itching, burning, discharge, smell…. You know embarrassing stuff that they may even be too embarrassed to go to their doctor about.

    They cater to people who don’t have insurance because of job loss or it just hasn’t kicked in or because they have a pre-existing condition that their insurance won’t cover, etc.

    When you go in, abortions are the last thing that is represented. I didn’t even know they performed abortions for a while. I knew they advocated the right for one….

    They have women nurse practitioners who are very knowledgeable and you just feel like you can tell them anything.

    So what you are going on about sounds really crazy and just naive… like the old geezer down the street who constantly has his fist up at passers by, with posted signs all over his lawn about the second coming, the Umalati and rock lyrics.

  • Arch Conservative

    “It makes you look crude and well of very humble and chaotic beginnings where you wern’t socialized properly.”

    Oh really?

    Do you have any idea how your defense of an organization like PA makes you look?

  • Zedd

    Arch Conservative

    Even in an anonymous setting like a blog site, your social class is apparent.

    Please don’t curse at people in that manner. Especially strangers. It makes you look crude and well of very humble and chaotic beginnings where you wern’t socialized properly. Or like a drunkard. Only you would know which applies.

  • Arch Conservative

    Yeah the Catholic church actually has someone genuine remorse and regret when they harm someone unlike PA.

  • zingzing

    *bending over to kiss archie’s ass.*

    at least pp ain’t the catholic church.

  • Wow. Um, ArchCon,

    I’d go see those abortion doctors if I were you. They might be able to remove the sand from your vagina.

  • Arch Conservative

    Margaret………… with all due respect your argument about abortion being a non issue if men could get pregnant is absolute horseshit.

    As much as some people might like to claim…this is not an issue of men wanting to control women. It’s an issue of not murdering babies so the mother’s lifestyle won’t be cramped. And if you doubt that the concern is indeed for the baby let me ask you a question……How often do you hear about pro life advocates telling a woman who isn’t pregnant what to do with her body?

    One would expect any cliche of today’s feminists to 100% bullshit though, talking out both sides of there mouths the way they do. They’re all for the empowerment and equality of women until one woman dares not behave like an ultra leftist moonbat. Then the so called feminists have no use for that woman. Excuse me but here comes an analogy that most modern feminists would find sexist and politically incorrect Margaret…… but today’s feminists are as useless as TITS ON A BULL when it comes to helping the avergae American woman.

    “Someone can just call you something like that for no apparent reason….. WOW!!”

    NO Zedd I called you that because you were sticking up for Planned abortionhood and pushing their propaganda and had I known you were a woman I would have made my insult more fitting and called you a dumb bitch instead of a jackass. Jackass seems to have a male connotation to it.

    I guess you have no problem with an organization that lies to 13 year old girls, covers up the grown men that impregnated them, and then does everything they can to keep the girl’s family from knowing what’s going on while they give her an abortion.

    We’re talking about an organization who sells T-shirts that say “I had an abortion,” on them as if it were something to be proud of with no thought to the life that was taken at all. It’s fucking sickening and anyone who stands up for this vile organization can kiss my ass.

  • Clavos


    I was not offended.

    “Jackass” is not profanity; it’s the term for a male donkey.

  • I am reminded of the feminist cliche about how, if men could get pregnant, abortion providers would offer drive-thru service.

    Now, abortion might not be the choice that all, or even most, pregnant men would make if faced with an unwanted pregnancy, but it is quite reasonable to believe that abortion would be a non-issue if the proverbial reproductive shoe was hypothetically on the other foot.

    Mr. Bambenek is a master of non sequiturs, which is an essential skill to have if one endeavors to support and defend untenable positions and premises.

  • Zedd


    Dish what? I don’t use profanity.

    Also that was tounge and cheek… for the most part.

    The truth is women don’t call each other such things. It is an educational experience and weird because it wasn’t warranted.

    Listen I post for fun. I’m recuperating and need something to keep the ol’noggin going. I certainly dont curse strangers out.

    Btw I meant no harm by the last post. I hope you weren’t offended.

  • Clavos

    zedd 21,

    So, you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

    I’m not surprised…

  • Zedd

    Arch Conservative

    Sez: Bzzzzzzzzz ….wrong again Jackass.

    Wow!! I have never been called that before. It makes me feel sorta cool in a way but also iky and flushed.

    I keep reading it over and over again and I cant believe that you just called me that out of the blue. Wow!! Guys live in a brutal world. Someone can just call you something like that for no aparent reason….. WOW!!

    Thanks for letting me experience being cursed at by a complete stranger for no reason, especially in such a vile way. Its NEVER happened to me before. Seriously. I’ll TRY to sleep tonight… Oh the nightmares!!

  • Zedd

    Dave Nalle

    That was humor…. I was picking at Clavos. You missed it. Or was it a left wing conspiracy to keep you from seeing the yuck yuck of it all?

    I would think that the “ha ha ha” at the end of the post would sort of give it away?

  • Zedd


    Thank you!

  • zingzing

    “Face it….the only thing planned abortionhod cares about is profiting from infanticide.”

    yes… that’s why they offer sliding scale payment options, birth control, counseling to women/couples (family planning, adoption information, etc.) and tubal ligation to men.

  • Arch you simulate the sound of a vibrator quite well, you must have a lot of practice with one!

  • Arch Conservative

    “As for Planned Parenthood, their goal is to protect these women.”

    Bzzzzzzzzz ….wrong again Jackass.

    Planned parenthood’s goal is to maximize profit from abortions without consideration for anything else least of all the mental and physical well being of a woman once they have received payment for an abortion.

    This is evidenced by the lengths planned parenthood has gone to: cover up for grown men who have impregnated teenage girls without offering to help the girl in any other way than murdering her baby, prevent a young woman’s family from being part of the decision of wether to abort or not in any form at all, deny the numerous studies which show having an abortion often has negative physical and mental affects on a woman, and attck pregnancy crisis centers which seek to counsel a women out of abortion and provide support for them after they have had their baby.

    Face it….the only thing planned abortionhod cares about is profiting from infanticide. That’s why I have no sympathy for the practicioners and enablers of infanticide who work for these wretched abortion mills that have been hurt or killed by an abortion clinic bomber. they have far more blood on their hands than any clinicn bomber.they had it coming!

  • If your abortion has complications, do they make you pull up past the window?

  • Zedd, the author of the piece is a man too. What’s your point? Are men not allowed to have positions on abortion or to find Bambi’s unpleasant ranting on the subject to be best addressed through humor?

    You’re a chick, right? Share your wisdom with us. Tell us you don’t find humor the best way to deal with this article.


  • zingzing

    i saw this post in the comments list. i knew it was john’s just from the title. the man has a way with hyperbole and loose connections. i’m just surprised that the aclu wasn’t mentioned…. or was it? well, he did take a swipe at planned parenthood, his other personal demon.

  • Abortions haven’t affected me.

    (That I know of.)

  • Zedd

    Hmmmm lets see how many women are commenting on this issue that affects them. You discussing stirrups and all…..Hmmmmmm

    Theres a Dave… no thats a man

    Theres a Mathew… no, a guy

    Theres Clavos….. Well sorta

    ha ha ha

  • Clavos


    Sometimes it’s faster to go inside and order an abortion to go.

    You want fries with that?

  • I want to know how to get these stirrups out of my car. They may be great for the drive-through abortions, but they make it hard to drive comfortably.


  • Clavos

    Soon, we’ll have online abortions: Microsoft is working on it as we speak…

  • I miss the good old days when a family doctor would come to your house and deliver an abortion with a speculum and a smile.


  • Sometimes it’s faster to go inside and order an abortion to go.

  • Zedd


    Lets just let everything happen. Don’t get a flu shot. Dont go to the emergency if you are having a heart attack. Lets just shut all hospitals down. Lets let everything that goes on with our bodies, GO ON!!

    I mean first its a pace maker, next we’ll be cyborgs.

    I mean if you get diabetes from bad eating practices, you should be stuck with it RIGHT? The same with a heart attack. Cancer? Too bad, you smoked, good bye. You get pregnant because of unprotected sex or a failed birth control system, oh well, you get to raise a human being for 20 years WOMAN and hope tht your partner will change a diaper ONCE and put a trycicle together ONE Christmas.

    You lack logic.

  • wdufkin

    Zedd, let’s try to imagine a world where every child born would be wanted by every person who knew it had been conceived and also lets not forget that it be born into a family of privilege. Each conception should also be permitted only if the goddess mother and sperm donor have above average intelligence. Perhaps you’d even perfer a particular race?

  • Zedd

    John Bambenek

    How are drive thru abortions performed?

    Are they any different from regular abortions?

    Are they done in cars

    Oh and BTW Bill O’Rielly needs to worry about abusing women on the phone… perv

  • Zedd

    John Bambenek

    It would be nice to see an article about the millions MORE women who are forced by abusive partners to get pregnant and keep a child that they don’t want to have.

    Looking forward to reading it.

  • Zedd

    John Bambenek

    I think the point of being an abuser is that you abuse.

    Whether is making people get abortions or making them drink water out of a toilet, it is ABUSE by an abuser. Whether its bashing their skulls in or burning them with cigarets, its abuse.

    You are trying to make a case against abortions when you are just stating that abusers are abusive to their partners.

    Should we now abolish toilets because thousands of women are made to drink water out of toilet bowls. Should we tear down all walls because millions of women are thrown against walls, daily…. we could go on.

    Nice try.

    As for Planned Parenthood, their goal is to protect these women. It would be victimizing these young ladies further to reveal to their parents that they THINK the teenager is seeing an older guy and that she got pregnant and had an abortion?? The teens would end up not going to a proper place for an abortion. They would end up in back alleys again not getting proper medical help and risking their lives and their chances of ever being able to conceive again. As a mom, I’d rather my child be alive and healthy.