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Drew Brees: A Rich QB With A Target On His Chest

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Drew Brees Charcoal Drawing
by Sports Artist John Robertson

If I made $60 million over six years to play football for the New Orleans Saints and was starting to run out of time, the last position I would want to play is quarterback — even if I was Drew Brees playing in the Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday. I would like to keep my teeth and legs in one piece. You would not find me walking onto a field with Indianapolis Colts’ tandem defensive ends Dwight Freeney (who will probably start) and Robert Mathis while saying, "Catch me if you can." Because they can catch me, and I would not want to walk away from each football game having to ice my whole body. There are easier ways to make $10 million a year.

I fully understand guys that take the money and run. But Brees just stands in that pocket – waiting. Drew waits like a hunter waits for a charging elephant to get close enough before firing off a shot. Me? I’d be out of that pocket so fast. I am not hanging around for 312 pounds of the Colts' defensive tackle Daniel Muir to come plowing through the Saints’ line. No way.

I would not assume that middle linebacker Gary Brackett is too small to be effective. You may not know this: although the male lion is larger and is the king, it is the lioness that eats first. Brackett has the same great instincts and is "hard-nosed" enough to dominate. Whether it is blitzing or covering a receiver, he can intimidate a quarterback.

There are safer activities than playing quarterback in the NFL. For example, jumping off a bridge with a big rubber band tied to your ankles or free climbing the face of El Capitán (look mom, no rope). There must be a better way to finish off the last couple of years of a $60 million contract. If it were me, I’d want to be on the sidelines sending in hand signals as a back-up quarterback or, if I must be in the game, I’d like to hold the ball for the placekicker.

Why is Drew Brees out on the field taking the hits? He likes to throw the football. That's what he is about. Runners run. Kickers kick. Fighters fight. Quarterbacks throw. Brees leads and others follow. I watch.

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  • Chris


  • Chris

    Poor painting and an even worse article. Obviously have no clue what Drew Brees stands for nor his VOLUNTEER efforts to rebuild a city. More research needs to be done, and the only expertise is the study of Donkeys, because that is the group of peers of the author.

  • Tom

    I guess this is a complementary piece on Brees? The title suggests otherwise, along with the repeated plugs for Colts defenders.
    Also, why would Drew Brees, one of the shorter QB’s in the league, underestimate anyone else because of their size?

  • Audrey

    This is the dumbest article GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!

  • Yo Maw

    is there a point to this article? Saints will not only win but dominate.

    Who Dat Bitches.

  • Erin

    You also need to do your research on the King of the Jungle. It is the lioness who hunts but the King eats first! Saints will smash those bums!!

  • Ethen

    How can you say he underestimates anyone? If anything Brett Farve underestimated the Saints Defense last week, after getting hit 10 times, Peyton Manning, as good as a QB he is, doesn’t run often either, and Peyton falls like a baby before he can even get hit. Drew Brees loves football, and he has good soul THAT is why he’s out there and not doing hand signals like whimpering weak soul like yourself.


    Chris you are absolutely right. Nonsense! Or to put it differently – non-liner writing. That is why you think the article is worse than the painting. (By the way, it is a drawing not a painting. Painting is done with paint.) I do know what Brees stands for and admire him both as a quarterback and as a humanitarian.

    I had a different title for the article, Tom, but an editor for the site changed it. The title I had was,” A Cool Brees Forecasted for the Super Bowl in Miami” with a sub title’ Regardless of the Score or Situation Drew Brees Exudes Leadership” That may not be the best of titles but it gives a better idea of what I had in mind. “Cool” in the title meaning that Brees is cool and calm in the face of tough defensive players of the Colts. And maybe the editor did not like the pun on the Brees’s name. Nonsensical. Tom – I did not say Brees underestimates Brackett. But the consensus of sportswriters and pundits is that Brackett is small for the position. Brees is smart enough not listen to the critics.

    Erin – Knowing that the lioness hunts for the pride I did not reference it. But the male lion does not eat first because the lioness eats first at the kill. She will even eat before her cubs. “The health of the hunters is the primary need for the survival of the pride and they are the first to consume the prey at the site it is taken…However, if nearby the hunt, males have a tendency to dominate the kill once the lionesses have succeeded and eaten.” ” The source for the quote is from Wikipedia. Look up lion.

    Ethan. I did not say anywhere in the piece that Brees underestimates anyone. Someone’s comment said that. If you read it again you may come up with your own thoughts about what I said. You are right about Brees and I try and make that point in the writing. The title miss-leads and I disagree with the editor changing the title and thereby changing the meaning of the writing. Whimpering I am not. I just do not pretend I am like those football players. I do not project their talents onto myself and think I am capable of playing the game if I were only given the chance. I am also a realist about taking hits – having taken quite a few in my life. And evidence and damage of those hits show up in my writing.

    So, the question is “What is the point of the dumb article?” I admire football players no matter what team they are on and that I do not, nor have I ever had the mental or physical skills to play the game. All I can do is watch the football game (like you do) and enjoy the competition and the drama. Can I write? No – not very well. Do I care? I am like all of you who have commented on this opinion piece. I do not mind sounding stupid. Can I paint? (Or draw) I make a living at it. Very few artists do.


  • To Mr. Roberts I say, “Touche!”

    Also: None of your detractor/commentors had the courage to leave a link. They show their character by choosing to remain anonymous.